Top 10 Best Metal Gun Cabinets | Fireproof Gun Safes for Sale Reviews

A lot of people have passions that need proper care of. This is to make sure it doesn’t end up causing damage to other people. There are people who like to collect different kinds of guns and rifles. So, it is of utmost importance that they keep those items safely in their home. The gun cabinets are a must-have when you have multiple guns to deal with. And for that reason, we have found out top ones for you.

Having an outstanding design to serve the purpose right, each and every safe gun cabinet you see in the list is brilliant. And they never fail to live up to your expectations. Read through the reviews and features to know more about each.

Table of the Best Gun Cabinets Reviews

picture title
FCH Gun Safe Electronic 5-Gun Rifle Safe Large Firearm Safe Cabinet Quick Access Gun Storage Cabinet with Small Lock Box for Handguns Ammo┃Codes Memory Function┃Upgraded Package
Rifle Safe Gun Safe with Separate Pistol Case (Black)- 5-Gun Shotgun Cabinet for Rife with/Without Scopes and Hand Guns
Moutec Large Electronic Rifle Safe, Quick Access 5-Gun Large Metal Rifle Gun Security Cabinet (with/Without Scope) with Pistol/Handgun Lock Box
Bonnlo Electronic Gun Safe Large Firearm Rifle Storage Cabinet Quick Access 5 Gun Rifle Safe Cabinet with Small Lock Box for Handguns Ammo┃Upgraded Package Box
Steel Rifle Safe Large Gun Cabinet, Electronic Key Lock Keypad Security Quick Access, Up to 5 Shotgun Storage with Lockbox for Firearms Handgun Heavy Duty (Black-Password Lock)
Gearmart Fast Access Rifle Safe Large and Durable for 5-Gun Shotgun Cabinet (Larger Rifle Safe-Electronic)
INTERGREAT Rifle Safe Shotgun Safes for Home Quick Access 5-Gun Safe for Long Gun Firearms with Electronic Digital Lock
INVIE Large Electronic Rifle Gun Quick Access 5-Gun Safe Cabinet for Standing Shotguns with Electronic Digital Lock
LANGGER V Digital Rifle Safe Large Gun Safe Cabinet, Quick Access Fireproof 5-Gun Cabinet Shotgun Storage Safe Box with Small Lockbox for Handguns
Quicktec Larger and Deeper Gun Safe, Quick Access 5-Gun Large Metal Rifle Safe Security Cabinet (with/Without Accessory) with Separate Lock Box

10. FCH Large Electronic 5-Gun Rifle Safe Cabinet – Gun Storage Cabinet with Lock Box

Gun Cabinets

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Guns are not something people see on a daily basis. The rarity of these guns makes them all the more valuable for anyone who owns them. A lot of different processes go in when you are buying a gun then safekeeping it. And a good electronic gun cabinet is certainly of great use. Easy to program and install, this cabinet comes without the need for assembly. So, all you need to do it insert the batteries. Most importantly, set the keypad and go through the easy to follow instructions for hassle-free programming.

In terms of technology, this cabinet has become better. Thus, now if you set the password once, it remains like that. The memory function assures that your password remains the same even after inserting new batteries.

Key features:

  • There is a small lockbox on the inside where you can safely store a couple or more handguns.
  • Includes 4 bolts for mounting on the floor or wall.
  • It offers you a 30-day warranty to make sure you get full satisfaction with the product.
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9. Sooze Rifle Safe Gun Security Cabinet with Pistol Case

Sooze Rifle Safe Gun Security Cabinet with Pistol Case

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If you are willing to have a safe place for your favourite guns, bring home this outstanding gun cabinet with biometrics. Of course, with mounting holes in the back and bottom, you can attach this both to the floor and wall. In the package, along with the cabinet, you will get spare keys, anchor bolts, a cabinet and even 4 batteries. The entire construction comes with tamper-resistant and pry proof steel. So, you can rely on this high strength construction to safe-keep your firearms.

Also, it has smart biometric technology and you can keep as many as 100 fingerprints. Keep the rifles and firearms away from children and thieves in a safe and secure manner.

Key features:

  • With a separate lockbox for keeping handguns, bullets, and other nifty items.
  • Reliable lock mechanism works both by electronic keypad and keys.
  • Measures 13.8-inches X 13.8-inches X 57-inches to keep many guns safely in one place.

8. Moutec Large Electronic Rifle Safe – 5-Gun Metal Rifle Gun Cabinets with Handgun Lock Box

Moutec Large Electronic Rifle Safe - 5-Gun Metal Rifle Gun Cabinets with Handgun Lock Box

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Moutec has come up with this extraordinary metal gun cabinet with a lot of precision and care. So, there is no room to doubt the way they can keep their guns safe. Larger in size than the regular cabinets in the market, inside this you can store as many as 5 rifles easily. Just not guns, even scopes can be kept easily and securely always. People who own rifles also keep small handguns and bullets, so the brand has designed a separate lockbox for keeping those extra items.

At any point in time, if you are unhappy with the functionality and security of this, there is a 24 X 7 customer support service that has always got your back.

Key features:

  • Electronic keypad secures the door with a reliable lock mechanism.
  • This is instantly unlocked using a reliable code.
  • Mounting holes are pre-punched in the back and bottom for fast and hassle-free mounting.

7. Bonnlo Electronic Gun Safe Large Firearm Rifle Storage Cabinet

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Made with superior quality and extraordinary design, this is going to be for your service for the longest time and will keep your firearms in the best possible way. High-quality steel has been used for the entire body and no matter how much you use it; the cabinet is going to reward you with sturdy performance always. The safe in itself is quite large and has a lot of room to keep all your guns and rifles.

Keep as many as 5 rifles in one place and if you have handguns to deal with, there is a dedicated lockbox on the inside of the cabinet. 3-4 handguns, bullets, and even cash can be safely kept inside this gun cabinet.

Key features:

  • The pre-assembled gun cabinet design just inserts the batteries and the cabinet is ready to use.
  • Memory function assures that you do not have to set a new password again and again.
  • 30 days of warranty ensures that you only use this cabinet of you are fully satisfied.
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6. Merax Steel Rifle Safe Gun Cabinets – 5 Shotgun Storage Cabinet with Lockbox

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Firearms are something people buy out of passion more than need and when they do, they tend to keep it nicely and safely. To store your rifles and handguns safely, this gun cabinet with the password will be an amazing solution. As a result, you can keep 5 rifles together in one place in a safe manner. The entire cabinet is done with great care and uses the highest quality materials for incomparable durability.

High-quality steel has been used and the impressive engineering enhances the overall strength and sturdiness. No matter how you are using it, the cabinet will stay tamper-free and pry-proof. For installing, you can easily bolt the safe to your floor and wall. There are pre-drilled holes at the back and bottom and with these, you will face no challenges if you are attaching it to your wall or floor.

Key features:

  • You can create a passcode to use the electronic keypad or use a key to open/close the safe.
  • The inside is padded with grey carpet so that your guns remain scratch-free and shining always.
  • There is a separate lockbox inside the cabinet to keep small handguns and bullets safely.

5. Gearmart Fast Access Rifle Safe and Durable for 5-Gun Shotgun Cabinet

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Indeed a dedicated space to store as many as 5 rifles safely and securely! The Gearmart cabinet is for people who love to have good looking guns at their disposal. Fitted with a rapid reaction digital lock system, only the people you trust will have access to this as it can only be opened with a security code.

In addition to keeping 5 rifles safely together, on this large-sized cabinet, you will get a separate lockbox. Therefore, keep your bullets, money and handguns easily on it. Solid structure and made using high strength material, tampering or prying it open is practically impossible in all scenarios.

Key features:

  • Quick success digital keypad lets you set your own security code.
  • Comes with a couple of back up keys that are safely hidden in the middle of the keypad.
  • With the help of the pre-punched mounting holes, you will face no issue setting it up in a floor or wall.

4. INTERGREAT Shotgun Safes for Home – Gun Safe for Long Gun with Electronic Digital Lock

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Coming from Integreat, this is the choice for people who hate to compromise the way they keep their valuable items. If you own guns, you need a proper place to keep them safe. Therefore, you can never go wrong with this outstanding choice. Set your own passcode on the digital keypad or use the keys to access whenever you need, it is both secure and modern.

From rifles, firearms, ammo, and other weapons, this can store all and the dedicated lockbox also can hold other valuable documents, cash etc. Moreover, you will get dedicated customer support that will get back to you for any issues within 24 hours.

Key features:

  • Premium steel construction and tamper-resistant inner edges offer superior quality of make and dependability.
  • Has the option of 3 deadbolts for safe attaching to the floor or wall.
  • Interior floor is padded for safekeeping your favourite guns away from scratches.
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3. INVIE Large Firearm Rifle Gun Storage Cabinet for Handguns

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Built with a lot of care and a superior level of engineering, you can ensure safe-keeping. Solid steel has been used for the entire construction. That means no matter what you keep inside, everything will remain safe and sound. The 3 deadbolts and protective edges enhance and improve the overall functionality you can expect out of it.

Long years of service are guaranteed and the firm construction assures the inside contents are going to stay safe and sound always.

Key features:

  • Quick access digital keypad lets you open and closes the cabinet door using a password.
  • Easy to install design, no extra pair of hands are needed for the assembling process.
  • Professional customer service for the ultimate satisfaction of the customers.

2. LANGGER V Large Gun Cabinets – Shotgun Storage Safe Box with Lockbox

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Certainly, one of the most well-designed and high-quality cabinets that you can buy today from Amazon. Well, this is made using high-quality powder-coated steel. While the steel offers outstanding durability and strength for years to come. Whereas, the powder coating protects the cabinet from unwanted chipping, corrosion, and rusting. Even better, the cabinet has pre-drilled mounting holes.

And with the help of that, you can fix it to the floor in the easiest fashion but securely. From guns, ammo, handguns, and even important documents, this can store all safely and easily.

Key features:

  • Electronic keypad lets you choose your preferred combination of numbers to safely lock it.
  • Carpet interior on the inside of the cabinet to prevent the guns from scratches and damages.
  • Small lockbox on the inside lets you keep pieces of jewellery and other important items.

1. Quicktec 5-Gun Large Metal Rifle Safe Security Cabinet

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This is undoubtedly one of the finest choices and has a top-notch design that will never fail to impress you. The larger and deeper size will give you an ample amount of space to keep as many as 5 rifles. In addition to that, the separate lockbox is an added benefit where you can keep handguns, money, bullets and other things. Tamper-resistant and pry-proof, the high-strength steel has the construction that is going to last and serve a long time without complaints.

Last but not least, it has a biometric lock to secure the door and keep it safe from unwanted people.

Key features:

  • Biometric lock can retain as many as 125 fingerprints with non-volatile memory.
  • The biometric scan takes just about 2.0 seconds for faster operation.
  • It is secured using 3-8 digits of long passcode.

So, your guns, rifles and other important stuff will be under complete protection when you get this gun security cabinet. Keep it safe and keep yourself safe!

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