Best Battery-Powered and Electric Grease Guns Reviews

Most machines are troubled with fittings which can get stuck or congested due to the debris that settles inside them. In order to get them working, a professional needs to release some lubricant into the fittings. However, for a more professional experience, one needs battery-powered or electric grease guns. These guns come with long hoses that will lubricate the essential places without any limitations. You can be fully flexible while working with it.

In this article, you will find the best-selling grease guns that have been the favorites of the workshop owners. So you will know what to buy without doing much research.

10. DEWALT 20V MAX Cordless Grease Gun

Grease Guns

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Your search for a powerful and worthwhile grease gun ends here. The DEWALT cordless grease gun will help you tackle stubborn grease fittings with ease. With a single battery of 20V, you can get a fair share of your work done. The high-powered pump can push out 5.0 oz lubricant per minute. The gun can employ 16 cartridges at once and requires a mere 20V battery to do so. As a matter of fact, the machine is driven by a powerful motor that can deliver around 10,000 max psi.

With the help of this hose, you can get into every nook and corner and get the most stubborn grease fittings lubricated.

Key Features:

  • This has a long and flexible hose, reaching up to 42-inches.
  • At the mouth of the hose, there is a speed control trigger. So, you can control the force at which the lubricant is pushed out of the opening.
  • The hose is also characterized by a LED light fitting that helps you locate those areas which are quite difficult to reach.

9. Milwaukee 2646-22CT M18 Battery Operated Cordless Grease Gun

Milwaukee 2646-22CT M18 Battery Operated Cordless Grease Guns

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This battery-powered grease gun set by Milwaukee is a game-changer owing to the many features that the machine possesses. It can help you reach the most difficult grease fittings with ease. Plus, also let you get the ideal amount of lubricant in to make the stubborn fittings work seamlessly. The machine has a powerful motor that can generate around 10,000 max psi. Besides, it releases up to 10 oz of liquid every minute.

Moreover, this comes with an air bleeder valve which makes the process of releasing the liquid swifter and smoother. Lastly, the 48-inches hose is flexible in nature which means it can reach the farthest and smallest grease fittings.

Key Features:

  • A speed knob is located on the body of the gun which can be used to alter the speed.
  • The machine has a capacity of 10 cartridges per charge.
  • Upon purchase, you will receive a Red lithium battery, M18/M12 multi-voltage charger, carrying case, shoulder strap, and gun.

8. Lincoln Industrial 18V Dual Battery Grease Gun

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Lincoln Industrial’s heavy-duty grease gun is a compact package of the motor, battery, and a hose pipe. The entire machine is powered by an 18V battery which can employ 10 cartridges at once. After charging once, the gun will last almost 30% longer than all its other competitors in the market.

A comfortable grip helps you carry the gun and lubricate all the stubborn grease fittings by targeting the perfect spots. Besides, the machine has a 2-speed transmission. Hence, allows you to control the amount of lubricant released and also assures high-pressure output.

Key Features:

  • It comes with a dual overload protection courtesy of the combination valve which quite efficiently purges any air trapped inside.
  • The body of this gun has the perfect casting for tackling heavy tasks.
  • In a minute the hose can release around 10oz. of lubricant as it is powered by a motor running up to 7500 psi.

7. Lumax LX-1175 Handyluber 12V Cordless Grease Gun with Battery

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The Lumax LX-1175 lightweight grease gun is the ideal mate for all mechanical professionals out there. It targets the grease fittings and delivers a medium or concentrated stream of lubricant with precision. The gun comes in a compact carry case that can comfortably fit all the parts. Therefore, make up the gun and make it easier for you to carry the tool around.

Besides, the barrel is covered with chrome plating. Hence, resists corrosion and the overall composition of the machine makes it lightweight yet durable. Lastly, the concentrated flow of grease will allow the user to easily rid any fitting of clunked-up debris.

Key Features:

  • Once the battery is fully charged it can harbor around 5 cartridges of lubricant.
  • The hose is ensured to generate 3.5oz of grease every minute.
  • It has a non-slip grip which will help you to carry around and use the gun in a comfortable manner.

6. Lincoln Lubrication PowerLuber 12 Volt Battery Grease Gun

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Lincoln Industrial’s rechargeable grease guns are a force to reckon with. They can give tough competition to any of the other similar machines that are making rounds in the market. The Lincoln 1244 is another brilliant invention by the brand. It weighs a mere 1.6 ounces and hence, can be easily carried around and worked with.

Besides, the machine and all its parts come in a compact case so that you can carry it around easily, anytime, anywhere.

Key Features

  • It consists of a 100V fast charger which quickly boosts up the grease gun. Hence, makes it ready to face the stubborn fittings of various machinery.
  • The gun consists of a 30-inches long hose pipe that is long enough to reach even the farthest fittings located in the tiniest cracks.
  • Two 12 Volt Ni-Cad rechargeable batteries are also added with the gun and battery kit.

5. Bare-Tool Milwaukee Cordless Grease Gun

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A gun like no other, it is a cordless gun that can put all its competitors to shame. The product comes with a hose storage section which will help you to carry it around anywhere with ease. The gun weighs around 7.2 pounds and although it may appear to be on the heavier side, it is extremely easy to work with and carry around. Battery or chargers are not added with the gun but can be purchased separately.

As a matter of fact, it is capable of releasing 7 cartridges per charge for all the convenience in working. It is 14-inches long and will let you function smoothly.

Key Features:

  • You get a perfect handle balance to work to its utmost capacity.
  • The powerful motor can generate up to 8000 psi at once and help you to get the fittings lubricated swiftly and perfectly.
  • The hose reaches up to 36-inches and can releases grease smoothly in a minute.

4. Lincoln 1262 PowerLuber Professional Battery Powered Grease Gun

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The cordless gun by Lincoln will help you reach every nook and cranny and rid the fittings of stubborn debris. Lincoln 1262 has the power to guide you through the process of releasing grease and targeting the exact spot. Hence, needs to be lubricated. It uses a 12 Volt Lithium Ion Battery to work at its optimal capacity.

Besides, the powerful high torque motor can generate around 8,000 psi pressure. An added benefit of this machine is that it contains a battery gauge. As a result, will help you track the battery level at every moment.

Key Features:

  • The machine can be adjusted between two different settings, a medium one and a concentrated one. In the low-output setting, it can release around 3.5 oz grease every minute whereas, in the high output setting it can release 10 oz of grease every minute.
  • An LED light is built into the gun to help you locate blocked fittings which may need lubrication.
  • It has a 3-point base that allows it to stand upright and keep away from the dust and contaminants.

3. UTOOL 7000 PSI Pistol Grip Grease Gun Set with 14 oz Load

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The UTOOL gun is affordable, easy to work with and a powerful grease gun. Hence, can help you take on the stubborn fittings in any machinery. The sealed casing along with the iron die-cast head makes the machine sturdy and capable of resisting corrosion. The gun can reach up to 7000 psi at once. Besides, the gun set can hold around 14 oz. of grease at one time which is enough to get a hard day’s work done.

Furthermore, the pistol grip coupled with the rubber sleeve helps you to have a good hold on the gun. 3 extra couplers added with the package will help you to tailor the flow of lubricant based on the kind of fitting you hope to target.

Key Features:

  • The machine comes with one flexible hose which can be attached to two different metal pipes.
  • An air bleed valve is present in order to release all the trapped air from the machine with a simple click of a button.
  • A six-month warranty is guaranteed with the purchase of this gun by UTOOL.

2. Lincoln Lubrication 1842 Powerluber Battery Grease Guns

Lincoln Lubrication 1842 Powerluber Battery Grease Guns

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Lincoln 1842 is a powerful gun that will help you get any machine to work faster and better. The gun runs on an 18Volt motor which is powered by a battery of the same voltage. This combination helps the grease gun work better than its competitors and helps you get the job done swiftly. It delivers the results which are expected and often surpasses expectations.

Furthermore, the machine has two different transmission settings to choose from. In one where the flow is low whereas in the other where the flow is much more concentrated.

Key Features:

  • The gun along with the other accessories comes in a case that makes it easier to carry it around.
  • The air purge valve lets out air that can get trapped in the hose or the motor while the lubricant is released.

1. Workforce MEGA POWER 12V Battery Operated Grease Gun

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No other gun can compare with this one by Legacy when it comes to compactness and weight. The 1.6-ounce gun is easy to carry around and work with. On the other hand, its lightweight does not deter its performance in any way. The gun is powered by a motor that releases a max 6000Psi.

Moreover, the same motor requires a battery of 12 Volts to get fully charged and ready to tackle some stubborn fittings. The gun can hold 14 oz. cartridges easily.

Key Features:

  • The gun has a heavy-duty die-cast construction coupled with a plated steel barrel. Therefore, heightens the product’s service life by making it strong and resistant.
  • All the items come in a carry case which also features a shoulder strap. You can easily carry the machine on your shoulders owing to this facility.
  • A flexible hose pipe, a quick charger, two batteries of 12 volts, and a gun are all the things that you will receive upon purchase.

Let the lubrication be perfect as the grease gun set will let you lubricate the perfect points. So, set your aim straight and do your task.

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