Best Portable Glass Electric Kettles for Office and Home Use

We want the best for our house. From furniture to the lighting fixtures, everything needs to be perfect. Even our kitchen deserves to be well-decorated and full of the latest innovations. Every day a new kind of invention is making our kitchen work easy. And one such worthy product is glass electric kettles that are changing the way you have been preparing your beverages. It looks elegant and will complement your kitchen counter plus it is even very much efficient.

Nevertheless, you must not miss out on the great products of the market today. So, we have gone through the list of glass electric kettle brands that believe in producing quality products. Keep reading to find out your pick.

10. AmazonBasics 1.7-Liter Electric Glass and Steel Kettle

Glass Electric Kettles

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AmazonBasics has something that would be the perfect addition to your kitchen to save time and money. The body of this electric kettle is of glass that is tough and highly resistant to scratches. It is also very non-reactive in nature and that means you don’t get added flavors in milk or coffee. Since it is non-reactive, you don’t have to worry about issues like rusting or corrosion either. Moreover, unlike other electric kettles, there is a blue LED light at the bottom that makes it look as if the bubbles are dancing inside it.

There’s no need to use the lighted glass electric kettle several times for serving your guests either. With a capacity of 1.7 liters, it can fill up a good number of cups easily so that you can serve all your guests with some hot beverages. You won’t be caught in a tangled mess either since the kettle isn’t attached to any wire and can be used as a regular kettle.

Key feature:

  • The modern look and compact format will only elevate your aesthetics.
  • You can even warm soup in it.
  • Having the auto-shut-off function, you can keep the beverage warm and yet keep the risk of accidents away.

9. COSORI Electric Kettle Glass Boiler Hot Water & Tea Heater with LED Indicator Light

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Cosori brings you a stylish and functional automatic glass electric kettle that has all the features you need. With this kettle, you would be able to boil water or brew your favorite hot drinks anytime you want. The most underappreciated feature of this kettle is probably its lid. It can be released open with the push of a button. That means you don’t have to touch the hot surfaces of the kettle when you want toad tea leaves or other ingredients inside this appliance.

For safety, it also comes with British Strix technology that shuts down the kettle for protection against dry boil. Having a wide mouth, there will not be any chances of spills.

Key features:

  • The kettle is rotated completely on the base and removed from any direction.
  • To prove its quality, its FDA compliant and even has ETL as well as CETL listing.
  • Cleaning it is easy since you can enter your hand into the kettle through its large opening.

8. Pohl Schmitt 1.7L Glass Electric Kettles – Glass Water Boiler & Tea Heater

Pohl Schmitt 1.7L Glass Electric Kettles - Glass Water Boiler & Tea Heater

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Pohl Schmitt offers you Swiss quality and excellence that can leave the competition in the dust without breaking a sweat. The cordless glass electric kettle hasn’t been made with cheap materials like plastic on the inside. So, you don’t run the risk of getting BPA in your beverage when you boil water inside the kettle. The water that gets boiled inside the kettle comes in contact with high-quality food-grade stainless steel and specially made glass.

Besides, the glass is of such fine quality that it can’t be scuffed or scratched easily. Since it is see-through in nature you can monitor the boiling process closely. Moreover for your safety, you also get Strix thermostat technology that would shut off the kettle 30 seconds after the water is fully boiled.

Key features:

  • Cordless design makes it more appealing and neat.
  • The powerful kettle can heat up water within mere minutes.
  • Its spout has a stainless steel filter so that you can pour tea into your cup without a strainer.

7. Hamilton Beach Glass Electric Tea Kettle – Water Boiler & Heater

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Hamilton Beach never disappoints with its products and will blow your mind with its advanced glass kettle. Its large capacity of 1.7 liters allows you to brew tea for yourself or for all of your guests. Don’t underestimate its capability due to its size. It uses 1500 watts of power to boil water at full capacity within a few minutes. There is also soft illumination from the base that lets you use the kettle without shocking your vision at night.

As a matter of fact, it is pretty fast, even faster than a microwave. However, the most interesting thing is the glass electric kettle’s filter which is of mesh. Hence, the impurities stay behind and you will enjoy only the freshest water.

Key features:

  • The Lip of the kettle has a mesh filter to eliminate the need for a strainer.
  • To make it a hassle-free experience, it is cord-free.
  • Stainless steel base with a brushed finish looks awesome on any kitchen counter.

6. Ovente 1.5 Liter Electric Hot Water Glass Kettle 

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Ovente offers you electric kettles that are elegant and look absolutely stunning with their streamlined design. It has the perfect combination of durability, aesthetics, and functionality to make it an instant hit across all demographics. At the base of the interior side of the kettle, there are blue led lights lining the perimeter. They glow up and create a halo when you boil water. This doesn’t just make the kettle more pretty, but also makes it more visible in the darkness. You can brew up some tea or coffee in the middle of the night without overpowering your visual senses.

The durability of this kettle is also unmatchable since it is forged from thick heat-tempered borosilicate glass that is resistant to both scratches and stains. Unlike regular kettles, it doesn’t have plastic components on the inner side that come in contact with hot water. So it is much safer for you and your family.

Key features:

  • With auto shut off the feature, you can cut down on unnecessary waste of electricity and get more safety.
  • To let you use it without losing its efficiency, it offers a 2 year warranty period.
  • Graduations marked on the glass allow you to measure water without tools.

5. Culinary Obsession 1.8 Liter Glass Electric Kettle – Boil Cordless Electric Teapot

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Culinary Obsession presents to you a finely crafted electric kettle that has been made from stainless steel and borosilicate glass. As a result, it is much tougher than it looks. It is also free from 304 food-grade BPA and since the water comes in contact with glass and steel, you don’t get any unwanted flavors either. The kettle is also gauged so that you are rid of the pain of measuring cups while making a beverage.

To keep its function going in a hassle-free manner, the noiseless glass electric kettle provides a large 4-inches mouth. So no spills at all! Having the beautiful LED indicator lights gives a sophisticated look to it.

Key features:

  • Serving is easy since there are no cords dangling at the end of the kettle.
  • Having a capacity of 1.8-lbs, it can produce 7.6-cups of beverages.
  • You can simply detach it from the 360-degrees base.

4. Breville USA Crystal Clear Glass Electric Kettle – 23 Liters

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Breville has an awesome new glass kettle that will help you get a quick brew of your favorite hot beverage within mere minutes. No need to waste gas or turn on the high-powered electric stove just for boiling water. Do it in this powerful electric kettle of 1800 watts within record time. You don’t even need to measure the water. The graduations on the surface of the transparent kettle allow you to do it effortlessly.

As a matter of fact, with the boil-dry protection, the liquid inside will stay warm and not dry off. Finally, it even minimized the chances of splashing.

Key features:

  • Components that come in contact with the water are free from harmful BPA.
  • The handle is designed ergonomically for your comfort.
  • The base has space for storing a cord when you aren’t using the kettle.

3. HadinEEon Variable Temperature 1200W Electric Tea Kettle

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Another feature-rich electric kettle from HadinEEon allows you to change the temperature within narrow limits. The electric kettle has a concealed heating element. It consumes around 1200 watts of water to rapidly boil around 1.5 Liters of water within just 5 minutes. That means you don’t have to wait long for a refreshing drink. It also features 6 different preset settings for brewing different types of tea.

With the press of a button, you can boil the water to the temperature. As a result, it brings out all the flavor of your tea without burning the leaves.

Key features:

  • Superior stay warm feature keeps beverages warm for as long as 240 minutes.
  • With 6 temperature settings, you can definitely pick one for your own.
  • Make this purchase without any doubts in mind as it has a 3 year warranty period.

2. Aicook 1.7L Glass Electric Tea Kettle

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Aicook has brought to you an innovative electric kettle that will change your energy consumption habits in the kitchen. It is pre-equipped with five presets for making your favorite beverages. With the press of a button, you would be able to make black tea, oolong tea, or green tea with precision. Your tea leaves won’t be burned off and you would get the perfect brew. Interestingly, the kettle has temperature sensors that are highly accurate and put to good use.

The kettle is also made of superior materials like stainless steel and borosilicate glass. That doesn’t just make it durable but also gives it a premium look. You also get a keep warm feature that allows you to keep your beverage at the desired temperature for as long as 2 hours.

Key features:

  • Safety feature includes boiling dry protection that cuts off the power if water runs out.
  • The wide opening lets you effortlessly clean the kettle.
  • The tea infuser that comes with the kettle has its own lid so that you can fill it up with your choice of tea leaves.

1. CHULUX Electric Glass Kettle – Hot Water Boiler with Tea Filter

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Chulux stands out from the crowd with its vast array of rich features that you can’t find on any other product of its kind. The kettle can be used for boiling or warming water or milk and for brewing coffee or tea. You can adjust the temperature as well so that your tea leaves aren’t burnt off. After you have brewed an energizing drink, you can also keep it warm for 120 minutes. Hence, you enjoy the drink with your friends over a chat.

Finally, the temperature is adjusted with increments or decrements of 18-degrees Fahrenheit. So, enjoy the perfect temperature always.

Key features:

  • The height of the tea filter inside the kettle is adjustable for the perfect brew.
  • Having a capacity of 1.7l, you can make a lot of beverages at once.
  • With the LED indicator, you can keep a track of the process.

Not only are these helpful for warming or preparing your beverages or any other edibles, but they are even aesthetically pleasing. In fact, cleaning a glass electric kettle is even less troubling and you can save a lot of energy.

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