Top 10 Best Full Size Memory Foam Futon Mattresses Reviews In 2021

No matter how many furniture we buy for our homes, if the place of relaxation is not of good quality, the fun is much less always. It is time that homeowners understand this and start looking into furniture and mattresses. As a result, they can sit and enjoy the tranquillity. So, futon mattresses will provide sufficient space to rest upon. It is not only cozy but also the perfect place to sleep for the night.

So which ones do you prefer? Still, thinking? Well, give a nice read to the futon mattress guide that leaves no information behind. Every single product is available on Amazon for you to look into and order. Know more about each of these by simply reading through the reviews and features.

Table of the Best Futon Mattresses Reviews

10. DHP Full-Size Memory Foam Futon Mattresses

Futon Mattresses

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A mattress is designed to deliver users with great comfort of sitting and relaxing in their favourite places. Like our beds and the chairs, if we install a good and soft mattress on the futons, space becomes cozier. On this mattress, you will get foam and polyester layering that sandwiches between the cover and coil. The comfort and support of this design delivers are outstanding. Plus, owing to the tufted microfiber cover, it feels plush even on bare skin.

Most of the standard and full-sized futon frames are compatible with this. Now, you will have immense relaxation every time you choose to sit or lie on this. Also, it meets the federal flammability standard of 16 CFR 1633 for the most reliable performance. Measuring at 75-inches X 54-inches X 6-inches, this futon mattress weighs 50 pounds and assures an impressive comfort.

Key features:

  • Indoor air quality is never hampered as the VOC emissions from this mattress are minimal.
  • PBDE, TDCPP, and TCEP free construction assure risk-free usage for long.
  • Uses independently encased coils for even weight distribution and superior support.
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9. Serta Cypress Double Sided Innerspring Full Futon Mattresses

Serta Cypress Double Sided Innerspring Full Futon Mattresses

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If you have a futon at your home which you wish to revamp and make it more usable, you should ideally get hold of double-sided futon mattress like this. From next time onwards, you will feel more comfortable sitting on it. And the mattress will even support for occasional lying down. The lace tufted design delivers unparallel comfort and support to your body. Next, as the mattress has 8-inches of thickness, it feels all the more amazing always.

On the inside, the 288 Bonnel innerspring unit conforms to body shape and reacts the way you will like it. The bottom and top of the innerspring have a beautiful combination of foam and fibre. Thereby making it more comfortable.

Key features:

  • The USA made mattress offers top-notch quality and serviceability guarantee.
  • Extremely low VOC emission takes care of the indoor emissions.
  • Uses foam that has been certified by Certi-PUR for safe applications.

8. Mozaic Full Size Twill Futon Mattresses

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Coming from Mozaic, this excellent looking cotton futon mattress is perfectly created with a poly-cotton blend. As a result, offers ultimate comfort and plush feeling. It even uses memory foam of the highest quality. Dual-sided memory foam that is of polyester is used in this mattress. Moreover, the full-size of it makes it compatible with most standard futon frames in the market.

The brand also offers you the option of futon frames that you can buy separately. It is 10-inches thick and never compromises on the support and comfort you expect out of it.

Key features:

  • The cover has construction using cotton twill tufting that feels extraordinary always.
  • The reversible mattress is used in the upright sofa position and flatbed position.
  • Handmade in the USA and follows the 16 CFR 1633 flammable standard.

7. Maxyoyo Japanese Futon Mattress Twin Size

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A 100% cotton cover to make you feel excellent every time you choose to lie or sit on it! This well-designed foldable futon mattress is the relaxation solution for new generation families. Filled with the right blend of cotton and memory foam, the mattress has a total thickness of 4-inches. Next, it has a gross weight of 10 pounds in total. Moreover, this complete package has more than just a mattress.

When you buy it, you will get a dustproof cover and a pair of bandage. As a matter of fact, it even comes with a storage bag of canvas material. As soon as you are done using it, you can store the mattress easily in the storage bag. Finally, use the straps to carry it around easily.

Key features:

  • Upgraded middle layer guarantees that your mattress will not collapse in any way possible.
  • It is used like a futon mattress, floor mattress, Japanese bed mat, and even a playmat for kids.
  • High resilience make prevents the mattress from losing its shape.
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6. FULI Japanese Traditional Shiki Twin XL Japanese Folding Futon Mattress

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An exquisite piece from Japanese craftsmen, every inch of this fluffy and comfortable futon mattress is soft, super comfortable. As a result, you will love spending time on it on a daily basis. This mattress measures 39-inches X 83-inches X 2.5-inches in total. Next, it serves as the right mattress for the most widely available futon frames in the market. The total weight of this mattress is 11 pounds. You as a homeowner will not face any struggle when you need to carry it around your home.

Indeed a twin XL size mattress that never fails to provide you with the right amount of relaxation in the home. It is high time you get something like this for you and your family. When you receive it, the mattress will come in a compact compression packing to serve you the right way.

Key features:

  • The outer fabric used is 100% cotton, meaning zero compromises with the overall quality and comfort.
  • Inner stuffing is done with 100% polyester material for better support and fluffiness
  • Three-layer volume mattress has sweat fast-drying capabilities as well.

5. Black Moon and Star Folding Futon Mattress – Japanese Floor Mattress 

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Yet another Mxyoyo floor futon mattress that makes your relaxing time better. As soon as you set this up on your futon frame, you will not stop going back in it to spend your time. The thoughtful design of it makes it suitable for versatile use at your home. These are like a tent mat, Japanese bed mat, or a play mat for your kids. 6 cm thick layer of cotton covers the mattress from both top and bottom. On the other hand, the middle layer is made of 5 cm thick memory foam.

No matter how you use it or wherever you use it, the comfort part will never be compromised. Owing to the use of memory foam, the support you will get out of it is excellent and very comforting.

Key features:

  • The option of refund or replacement by the brand if they encounter unhappy customers.
  • Package includes a dustproof cover, a pair of bandage, and a canvas storage bag.
  • Brushed cotton on the top layer feels premium even on bare skin.

4. Blazing Needles Vitality 8″ Microsuede Full Futon Mattress

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What makes the Blazing Needles mattress one of the easiest to decide options in the list? The way these mattresses are designed. Various kinds of colour options are available so that you can set up your room in a more vibrant fashion. There are so many options that any kind of interior décor would complement these futon mattresses.

In terms of the size, it offers you a total usable area of 75-inches X 54-inches and a comfortable thickness of 8-inches. Micro-suede fibre is used as the upper which feels as plush and premium as you can imagine.

Key features:

  • Three-layer of foam core/cotton for the ultimate level of support and comfort.
  • Batting design is unique and enhances overall comfort.
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3. D&D Futon Furniture Traditional Japanese Floor Futon Mattresses

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Bring home this excellent mattress and transform your home into an amazing relaxing lounge. These mattresses are plush, premium design and offer the right amount of cushioning every time you sit or lie on it. The overall comfort is a result of the good construction and use of super quality materials on the entire mattress.

On the inside, you will get white cotton batting fillings that never fail to deliver the balanced support to your body. Also, this has a construction in the USA by the best craftsmen. Therefore, you can already know how amazing the quality is going to be.

Key features:

  • Measures 27-inches X 80-inches X 3-inches, never failing to cover a large area.
  • 100% polyester cover feels nice to the skin always.
  • Choice of many solid colour options, find the one that you will love to have.

2. Blazing Needles Renewal Twill Futon Mattress

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Long-lasting comfort that can make anyone fall in love with sitting idle and relaxing in this. Now, set this mattress up in your house and never compromise on how you like to relax at your home. Measuring at 75-inches X 54-inches, it is a fantastic choice for most of the standards futon frames.

It offers a cushioning of 5-inches thick and makes you feel extraordinary on it. This certainly has twill design on it for ultimate relaxation.

Key features:

  • The United States manufactured and designed, best of quality is completely assured on it.
  • Medium-firm foam core combined with cotton batting delivers a superior level of long-lasting comfort.

1. Mozaic Queen Size Cotton 10-Inch Twill Futon Mattress

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This mattress from the house of Mozaic is undoubtedly one of the finest options of futon mattresses in the market. This queen size mattress measures 80-inches X 60-inches X 10-inches. Next, it provides you with top-notch comfort from all directions. Almost every different queen size futon frames are compatible with this mattress. And if you wish, you can even order the frame from Mozaic as well.

Entirely made in the USA, the quality is always superior and the handmade quality enhances the overall build quality. It even follows the federal flammability standard of 16CFR 1633 for safe and reliable use.

Key features:

  • The cover used is cotton twill tufted and is extremely comfortable.
  • The reversible mattress is used in sofa position and bed position easily.
  • Uses dual sided memory foam for an unmatched level of comfort.

Comfort is something that we look into whenever resting after tiresome works. The cushioned futon mattress will level-up the comfort game and justify it for you.

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