Best Portable Electric Diesel Fuel Transfer Pumps Reviews

Fuel transfer is something that needs to be done in a safe manner. One must be careful that the flammable liquids do not cause any sort of damage or pose any threats. In order to ensure you can safely transfer fluid from one chamber to another, you need to have the best fuel transfer pumps to do the work. It might look extremely challenging to figure out the best pump for your needs. But our comprehensive reviews will help you choose easily.

Here you will find the top fuel transfer pumps that you can buy directly from Amazon. Thus, cut down on the extra hassles of researching and understanding. Only the finest options are provided in this list, making sure you are always satisfied with the device you got for yourself.

10. Fill-Rite FR1210G 12V 15 GPM Fuel Transfer Pumps with Discharge Hose, Manual Nozzle & Suction Pipe

Fuel Transfer Pumps

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A reliable fuel transfer pump with a discharge hose like this is very much needed for the process to happen smoothly and safely always. With this lightweight option, you will be able to transfer fuel all day long and use it in mobile applications. Having a portable speed motor, you will always get peak performance and outstanding suction lift. Also, if you are willing to add some useful accessories, you can do it without bringing down the pump’s flow rate.

Among the other beneficial features, there is an intelligent ring tone that tells you when the pump needs your attention.

Key features:

  • Works consistently while drawing less amount current, thereby enhancing the overall life of the battery and the pump.
  • Operates quietly always and keeps the noise level below 75dB.
  • The power cord is removable and the pump has an auto shut-off function. As a result, it shuts itself down after 20 minutes of inactivity.

9. Fill-Rite RD812NH 8 GPM 12V Fuel Transfer Pumps with Manual Nozzle

Fill-Rite RD812NH 8 GPM 12V Fuel Transfer Pumps with Manual Nozzle

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Having aluminum construction, this is a safe and reliable portable fuel transfer pump. You can certainly use this for transferring different kinds of fuel like gasoline, diesel, kerosene, and biodiesel. The overall low profile and small footprint make it extremely easy and convenient to use on a day-to-day basis. Also, the whole pump ensures that you can carry out the process of fuel transfer without having any hold-ups. This self-priming and thermally protected pump offer you a maximum cycle of 30 minutes. Now, you will be able to transfer the fuel very easily.

Also, the pump is small and compact. It hints that no issues with portability. Finally, it has been UL listed for safety while dealing with flammable liquids.

Key features:

  • Different kinds of mounting options to meet your needs. You can do bung mount, foot mount, or handheld to assure your convenience always.
  • The flanges are configurable; you can remove the bolts and rotate the flange to meet your needs.
  • Low self-weight of 7 pounds allows safe handheld operation easy grip and minimizes fatigue.

8. Fuelworks 12V 15GPM Fuel Transfer Pump Kit with Extensible Suction Tube and Manual Nozzle

 Fuelworks 12V 15GPM Fuel Transfer Pump Kit

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Does your profession need you to transfer fuel every now and then? Then the security lies in the equipment you use. From the house of Fuelworks, this pump assures quality performance and compatibility with flammable liquids. With a recommended duty cycle of 30 minutes intervals, the pump will work very smoothly if you give it cooling downtime of 30 minutes as well.

To prove its efficiency, each model goes through rigorous testing to ensure you face no struggle while using it. It is a self-priming volumetric pump that features a rotary vane combined with a bypass valve. Once you start using this pump for transferring your fuel, you will understand how easy and effortless the process is.

Key features:

  • Built with confidence, the pump gets a mechanical seal structure and a chamber made of heavy-duty cast iron.
  • The inlet is provided with a filter screen to make sure fuel with debris and dirt does not damage the pump in any way.
  • Uses a positive displacement brush motor with an impressive flow rate of 15GPM and 2400 RPM.

7. Fill-Rite FR700V 115V 20GPM Fuel Transfer Pumps

Fill-Rite FR700V 115V 20GPM Fuel Transfer Pumps

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Get yourself this transfer pump and make sure your fuel transferring needs are solved in a right. Listed by UL and CUL, this pump is safe and never poses any threat while handling flammable liquids as well. From gasoline to kerosene and even diesel and mineral spirits, this works fine with almost all kinds of fuels.

The 1/3 hp fuel transfer pump motor is quite powerful. As a matter of fact, it draws a maximum current of 5.5 amps when connected to a 115V supply. Also, on this, you will get a maximum lift of 8-ft, which is more than enough for most fuel transferring.

Key features:

  • Offers a total flow capacity of 20 GPM and the motor runs at a maximum of 1725 rpm.
  • The housing is of cast iron and promises a sturdy functionality that you can use for many years.
  • Features a buna-n mechanical sealing and O-ring that enhances the overall durability of the pump.

6. Goplus 12V Electric Gasoline Transfer Pump – Fuel Gas Diesel Kerosene Extractor Pump

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Certainly, a fuel transfer pump that supports padlocking for more security and safety. Now you can padlock the pump nozzle to the pump and guarantee a safe operation always. One of the most powerful fuel transfer pumps, this offers a huge flow rate that can touch 20GPM. Thereby rewarding you with more effectiveness in less time. Enjoy long years of consistent and smooth running owing to the innovative ball-bearing construction.

There is no need for repeated lubrication or maintenance as the pump runs smoothly on the ball bearings. Moreover, this is something that will not explode suddenly and it even has thermal protection.

Key features:

  • Indeed used with almost all kinds of fuels including gasoline, diesel, and kerosene.
  • The speed of the transferring process is 2600 RPM which is high and efficient.
  • The body of the pump is constructed using cast iron for enhanced durability and strength.

5. Goplus Electric Diesel Oil Fuel Transfer Pumps with Meter

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GoPlus is a reliable name that is well known to make quality products that can readily solve your problems in respective fields. When it comes to fuel transferring needs, this pump works amazingly well. In fact, it transfers all the fuel in the least possible time. With an impressive flow rate of 16gpm, the pump is extremely efficient. Plus, cuts down the amount of time you will need for moving the fuel from one place to another.

Coming with a 13-ft manual nozzle hose, you will be able to easily carry out the process when using this. Furthermore, the machine even uses an accurate meter that displays the value in liters in large digits. That means it is extremely easy to understand and read.

Key features:

  • The electric fuel transfer pump has a very impressive service life. Well, all thanks to the pump’s heavy-duty iron construction that is meant to last.
  •  Ideal for every situation, this is a self-priming rotary vane pump with a small size and lightweight body.
  • Gets the assurance of multiple protection measures to ensure a safe process.

4. Fill-Rite NX3210B GPM 12V/24V Continuous Duty Fuel Transfer Pump with Hose and Automatic Nozzle

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In need of a good and stable transfer pump and do not know which one to choose? Fill-Rite has designed this to meet your needs without any doubts or second thoughts. Fitted with all the latest innovations and technology, you will enjoy an effortless transfer process with complete surety always. There are leg levelers at the bottom to make it workable even on uneven surfaces. Plus, the secured and vandal-resistant funnel top channels promise will smoothly carry out the process.

With the convenience of remote switching, you can also work with tall above-the-ground tanks. The intelligent tones let you know when the pump needs your attention. And owing to the lightweight construction, the setup process will be effortless as well.

Key features:

  • Auto shut-off or power down after 20 minutes of inactivity guarantees safe working always.
  • Draws an extremely low amount of current so that the overall pump life is improved and battery power is saved.
  • Quick storage as you can remove the power cord and keep the pump safely anywhere.

3. Fuelworks 120V 20GPM Fuel Transfer Pump Kit with Extensible Suction Tube and Manual Nozzle

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For a quick yet secured transferring process, this explosion-proof and safe transfer pump will be your aid. One can tank or barrel mount it for ultimate convenience, the maximum flow rate this can record is a massive 20GPM. The 120V motor runs smoothly in all conditions. Plus, the pump comes along with a lockable nozzle holder, extensible suction tube, manual nozzle, etc.

With the 14ft discharge hose and 2-inches bung adapter, the overall process will feel more secure. With the heavy-duty cast iron construction, the mechanical seal assures top-notch durability and service.

Key features:

  • The pump got approval from CSA and the nozzle gets UL listing for a user-friendly experience always.
  • Superior level of operation assured by the built-in by-pass valve, thermal protection, and an inlet filter screen.

2. Fill-Rite FR701V 115V Fuel Transfer Pump with Discharge Hose, Manual Nozzle, & Mechanical Gallon Meter

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Having the innovative rotary vane technology, you can get self-priming benefits with it, While using this transfer pump for moving fuel you will enjoy an increased suction life, no loss of performance. With a by-pass float switch, now you can choose to work with both automatic and manual operation for more flexibility. The powerful motor has a total of 0.33 horsepower and also gets the confidence of thermal overload protection.

Moreover, you can use it for long hours at a stretch. Therefore, always make sure you are always satisfied with the overall performance of the pump.

Key features:

  • With a swift installation process, this pump replaces pedestal or submersible sump pumps.
  • Uses a digital inline turbine meter that displays important information like flow rate and the amount of fuel transferred.
  • Is used with biofuel as well if you get hold of the nickel-plated aluminum option.

1. Fill-Rite FR711VA Fuel Transfer Pumps with Auto Nozzle & Mechanical Gallon Meter

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Yet another well-designed and well-built fuel transfer pump from the makers of Fill-Rite. Made in America, this pump works well while dealing with a wide range of fuels including gasoline, kerosene, and diesel. With rotary vane technology, this advancement allows positive displacement. As a result, you are rewarded with an improved suction lift and zero performance loss ever.

Also, this offers consistent performance always along with self-priming abilities and hassle-free maintenance.

Key features:

  • Works at 115V output voltage and offers a commendable flow rate of 20GPM that everyone will love.
  • Mechanical Gallon meter provides you with important information and details always.
  • The discharge hose and auto nozzle enhance the overall working process.

Fuel transfer is a regularly practiced activity but needs a lot of precautions and care in order to avoid happening of any accidents. Though the use of the fuel transfer pump and tanks are always available to do the task, you need to be careful about the quality. So, be an informed consumer!

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