Best Modern LED Floor Lamps with Shelves Reviews

Decorative furniture for your home or office is something people actually love to invest in. These pieces of art enhance the décor by good margins and leave an impression every time you have people over. But when this furniture is equally good in functionality, they become better. Storage shelves are already popular but floor lamps with shelves deliver that extra edge of beauty. And to increase the workability for modern homes and workspaces, a floor lamp with shelve is ideal.

Can’t figure out which one to buy? Check out the best floor lamps with shelves installations and fall in love with how these can spice up your lifestyle. Add them to your existing styling and elevate your favourite space the way you would love it.

10. Brightech Maxwell LED Floor Lamps with Shelves – Standing Light for Living Rooms & Bedrooms

Floor Lamps

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Floor lamps have always gained a lot of attention as it is a must-have for any contemporary space. From offices to cafes and even homes, people like keeping good looking lamps for their elegance. The three-tiered display you get on this brilliant looking lamp will give you the convenience of displaying your favourite items. It can easily keep vases, books, toys etc and the bright light looks great too. The 9.5W of LED used is bright and has a long 20,000 hours of life.

In addition to being bright and useful, it saves as much as 85% of power consumption. Thereby making things better in every possible way.

Key features

  • Extremely smart and modern, this light is compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant, and even Apple smart kit.
  • Offers a very smooth and comfortable warm light that will look good in any décor.
  • The LED floor lamp with shelves construction is of Asian wood.

9. Shine Hai Modern Standing Floor Lamps with Shelves and Storages

Shine Hai Modern Standing Floor Lamps with Shelves and Storages

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Long fast charging floor lamps with shelve that will perfectly blend in with your existing interior décor. Therefore, choosing this for your home or office will make the ambience better. This 3-in-1 floor lamp has a beautiful design and a wood grain appearance that suits all kinds of interiors. For switching the light on/off, there is a pull chain that not only does the job but also looks classy. It comes fitted with customized clips. Therefore, you can easily organize the wires and have a clean and clutter-free lamp for your home.

The amazing addition of 2 fast-charging USB ports is certainly a major talking point. Working at 5V/2A, on these ports you can conveniently charge all of your devices. Like most things we use, this requires charging. Therefore, it is a great way of organizing your living room.

Key features:

  • Features an E26 base, you can fit all kinds of bulbs including LED, incandescent and even CFL.
  • 3-tiered shelving for storing your everyday and decorative items the right way.
  • Has an Alexa app if you are choosing to use a smart bulb on it.

8. Catalina Lighting Modern Metal Floor Lamps with Shelves & Beige Linen Shade

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Indeed one of the most premium and beautiful looking metal floor lamps with shelves from the makers at Cataline. This elegant option is going to strike your attention the right way. Perfect addition for living room, bedroom or even your office, you can have this anywhere and transform it into something beautiful. Setting it up is a breeze as the multi-lingual instructions have got you covered.

No need to have any extra pair of hands or depend on tools for the assembling. Furthermore, this lamp doesn’t only look good but has smart features on it. If you are interested in smart homes, just get a smart outlet for this. And now, it will work via Alexa and Google home too.

Key features:

  • Easy to use and navigate 3-way rotary switch promises a no-brainer handling.
  • 60-inches long power for anywhere set up.
  • One year of warranty rewards you with reliability and peace of mind.

7. Simple Designs Home Etagere Organizer Storage Shelf Linen Shade Floor Lamp

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A beautiful standing shelf that you would love to keep beside your couch or bed. This is as elegant you would like, this minimalistic design is very true and appealing. As it is a floor lamp, you will get a warm and beautiful light that will set the mood in the evening. Extremely easy to use, it has a pull chain that works as the on/off switch for the light. Whenever you want just pull the chain and have it your way.

With the included installation manual, you can easily assemble and set this up in the preferred space of your room. Lastly, you certainly get 3 shelves that will help to easily arrange the display.

Key features:

  • Soft, warm, and beautiful glow are delivered cause of the well-designed linen shade.
  • The floor lamps with display shelves have a good height of 62.75-inches, capable of safekeeping tall things as well.
  • The square shelves measure 10.2-inches on each side.

6. HomeFocus Floor Lamp Light with Shelves

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A beautiful addition to your living space, this stylish and modern floor lamp with shelves has an incredible pattern. Apart from that, equally good build quality. It uses MDF materials for the construction of the entire frame and even the shelves. MDFs are a good option because they do not weigh as much as regular wood. However, has had impressive durability over the years.

So now, you can have a whole standing light shelf that is lightweight in construction. Plus, it is sturdy enough for styling it the nice way. The whole lamp is certified by ETL for safety, meaning no risks of unwanted electrical disputes and damages.

Key features:

  • Uses a pull chain switch that is convenient to use and looks elegant too.
  • Energy-saving and safe for eyes lights have been used for your safety.
  • Uses an E26 LED that produces 3000K of soft warm light.

5. Albrillo Modern Shelf Floor Lamp – Tall Standing Lamp for Living Room & Bedroom

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It certainly has a vintage styling to take you back in time with a modern solution to make life better. The Albrillo floor lamps function extraordinarily. It has a clean black finish coupled with a timeless design that will set the whole ambience just about right. Indeed a perfect light that you would love to use for evenings when you are reading or enjoying the tranquillity.

Transform your ordinary room into something that you would thoroughly enjoy and love. Finally, the white hollow lampshade produces a soft warm light that is suited for doing most of the work.

Key features:

  • It has three layers of storage shelves where you can keep your favourite arts crafts and photographs.
  • This will stand steady and tall in any kind of flooring and carpets.

4. Artiva USA A808102DEX Infinity Floor Lamps with Shelves

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Indeed a beautiful looking lamp combo with shelves for storage. Here you will get two instead of one lamp for lighting up your space. There is one at the top and one at the bottom. As a result, the light is well-distributed throughout the area. In addition to that, the couple of large shelves provide innovative storage space. From decorative pieces to photographs and even some nifty items, you can elegantly style this furniture in any given space.

Furthermore, this is quite smart for modern families. You can use it with smart outlets and use Google Home, Alexa or Apple Home for controlling the lights. If not, then the pull chain on-off switch is equally brilliant for traditional use.

Key features:

  • Having a heavy-duty and sturdy MDF wood construction that will hold nice and steady.
  • The fabric shade over the light is quality strong and heavy-duty as well.
  • A sleek and modern approach enhances the overall décor brilliantly.

3. YOURLITEAMZ Modern Standing Floor Lamp with Soft Diffused Uplight

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Modern families like their furniture elegantly style and with a minimal mindset of crafting. Gone are the days when people used to buy chunky and big-sized items for their homes. This light and breezy lamp storage shelf have 3 flat surfaces for keeping good looking décor pieces. There are 15-inches of a gap between the shelves, thereby giving you the space for your tall statues.

Also, as it is of real wood, the quality of the frame is unquestionable. Therefore, without a doubt very strong and sturdy. Having a pull chain switch, you can easily switch it on or off whenever you wish. Moreover, it comes in two colour choices of white varnish and black varnish. Choose the one that will complement your room décor in a better way.

Key features:

  • It stands stable and sturdy on all kinds of floorings.
  • Backed by a one-year warranty that will help in easy exchanges if needed.
  • Takes less than 30 for completing the assembling process.

2. Kira Home Modern Wood Floor Lamp with Shelves & Honey Beige Shade

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A 3-tier wooden floor lamp that features open boxes for keeping decorative pieces! It has an all-black finish. In fact, this is the kind of item people buy when they like their house well decorated and nice. Completely designed in California, the quality is unmatched and you will actually love having something that looks elegant and has at par excellent build quality.

To make it easier for you, the brand offers a 1 year of warranty. Therefore, you can use this the way you like it. Furthermore, it is UL listed for safety. Lastly, one can use almost all kinds of lights with it that are widely available in the market.

Key features:

  • Compatible with a wall switch, a smart plug, and a timer for modern homes.
  • Produces a soft, warm, and ambient light that you will love in your house.
  • Houses a rectangle linen shade with a pull chain on/off switch.

1. Adesso Murray Tall Floor Lamp with Storage Shelves and Drawers

Adesso Murray Tall Floor Lamps with Storage Shelves and Drawers

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This is a functional decorative item that serves the purpose of storing your favourite items. Plus, it simultaneously lights up your space. Is entirely out of MDF materials, the frame is quite sturdy and has a lightweight construction. You can use all kinds of 150W bulbs with it and bless yourself with a soft glowing light perfect for a quaint evening.

Each of the three shelves has extra storage space with three drawers under them. Also, the drawers have elegant looking knobs for opening and closing them.

Key features:

  • Compact styling makes it well-suited for modern spaces where there is a genuine issue of space crunch.
  • Has a cotton lampshade that distributes the light evenly and in a soft manner.
  • Smart pull chain switch for easy switching on or off.

The idea of good interior décor in the modern era is how a modern and elegant looking piece of furniture. In fact, these floor lamps organizer with shelves is capable of multi-tasking and makes your life better.

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