Best Heavy Duty Metal Floating Shelf Brackets Reviews

If you want to organize your belongings without messing up the look of your interior, the floating shelf brackets are definitely going to be the primary choice. These brackets remain hidden away from sight. Thus, they offer a floating appearance to your shelves. Moreover, they have extraordinary build quality and have a high load capacity. Still, it is pretty complicated to choose amongst the different types of floating shelf brackets as so many competitive brands are there.

But that problem is sorted as well because we have done all the extensive research for your own benefit. Hence, have a better understanding of each of these products.

10. Claimed Corner Heavy Duty Floating Shelf Brackets – Rustic Iron Metal Wall Floating Brace Support

Floating Shelf Brackets

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Claimed Corner offers you a set of industrial floating shelf brackets that have an innovative design. These are made from the best materials so that they can last you for a long time. The brackets are forged out of dense and high-strength steel. As a result, these also have a fair bit of resistance against humidity and other corroding elements. They may look rustic, but they don’t rust. The coating over them gives them a unique rustic look which also protects them from corrosion.

This rustic look also goes brilliantly with wooden shelves. Since they are heavy-duty, the brackets can easily support over 75 pounds of weight. That means even if you decide to fill up all the space on your floating shelves with different things, the brackets would hold out without an issue. You don’t need to rack your brain about compatibility either. These brackets are made to perfection and easily fit lumber boards you can get from your local home store.

Key features:

  • Fits three different common sizes of nominal boards.
  • With beveled holes, you get a clean look since the screw heads have a flush fit.
  • For extra secure anchoring, wall screws go deep inside the wall.

9. BATODA Solid Steel Blind Floating Shelf Brackets – Hidden Brackets for Floating Wood Shelves

BATODA Solid Steel Blind Floating Shelf Brackets

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Batoda makes something very clear with its no-nonsense design and high product quality. They want to deliver you the best bang for your buck. And it seems like these heavy-duty floating shelf brackets are proof of that. Most other brands provide you with brackets that have an extremely small footprint on the wall and hence less space for anchoring. Batoda solves this problem by making a bracket that is slim yet wide enough. Therefore, allows around four anchor screws for each bracket. Enhanced anchoring capabilities along with a solid and robust steel construction make these brackets a class apart.

It also translates well into numbers. While most manufacturers offer you 75 pounds of load-bearing capacity, these brackets beat that limit by 25 pounds.

Key features:

  • The slim design completely hides the brackets.
  • Supports a wide variety of floating shelves as long they have a depth within the limit of 7-inches to 12-inches.
  • A thick and solid rod with half an inch of diameter gives extra support.

8. Alritz Floating  Hidden Shelf Brackets – Floating Shelf Hardware for Home Decor

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These amazing steel floating shelf brackets from Alritz help you to create the best illusion within your home. When shelves get mounted over the brackets, the brackets aren’t visible anymore and get completely covered by the shelves. So, you and the guests visiting your home see an illusion of beautiful wooden shelves by the wall hanging in mid-air without any support. Each bracket is made from solid steel without cutting any corners in manufacturing. So, they have compelling strength and will not bend easily.

Finally, having the powder coating, will not form those stubborn rusts and there won’t be any scene of corrosion.

Key features:

  • Great for shelves with a depth of 8 to 12-inches and will fit perfectly.
  • Each bracket is capable enough to withstand the maximum limit of 75 pounds.
  • These items weigh only 2.3-pounds that seem to be weightless.

7. SSC Creations Floating Wall Shelf Brackets – Heavy Duty Powder Coated Stainless Steel Blind Shelf Supports

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SSC Creations offers you a phenomenal deal with its floating shelf support brackets. Each of the brackets is made from solid steel and anchors to the wall with the help of two drywall anchors and heavy-duty screws. This awesome combination gives you an extremely high weight tolerance capacity of 75 pounds for each shelf. That means you get a combined strength of tolerating 300 pounds of load.

Moreover, the brackets are completely hidden after you mountain the shelf. It takes no extra effort to install it and you can simply do the installation job.

Key features:

  • Comes with a free 9-inch spirit level for proper installation.
  • The strong screws will easily install it to the wall.
  • Stainless steel design along with powder coating makes the brackets rustproof

6. Evald Rustproof Floating Shelf Bracket Hardware for Raw Wood Shelves

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Evald always creates some of the best components for your home and these floating shelves are no different. In worst cases, your expensive and delicate art piece may slide off the shelf and get completely destroyed due to a slight bend on the brackets. That’s one of the reasons that Evald always makes their heavy-duty brackets with the best available materials. So, it does a rigorous quality check before anything reaches your home. Moreover, these steel brackets are made with constructed with extreme precision of laser welding. So, there are no weak links you need to worry about.

Due to the specialized construction and choice of materials, this floating shelf bracket’s weight limit is 75 pounds of weight at the very minimum.

Key features:

  • The whole set of brackets has a high load capacity of 300 pounds.
  • Compatible with a lot of shelves. However, they must have a depth of 12-inches and a thickness of 1.7-inches or less.
  • The 6-inch rods are powder coated for resistance against corrosion.

5. DAKODA LOVE Large Floating Shelf Brackets – Blind Shelf Supports 

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Dakoda Love never disappoints when it comes to shelves or shelf brackets. These floating brackets from the brand like its other products are made to perfection. It’s done with keen attention to detail from the stainless steel material, strong and resilient hardware to the end step of packaging. The best thing about these brackets is that they are welded by hands instead of machines. Next, it is thoroughly quality-checked by experienced craftsmen before they can get out of the production line.

Moreover, the brackets are checked for bends so that you get strong and rigid support for your shelves.

Key features:

  • A wide backplate gives extra support with dimensions of 5.5-inches by 1-inch.
  • Proudly manufactured in the United States for restoring all the trust and assurance.
  • For proper installation, it has zig-zag screw holes designed on it for a sturdy set-up.

4. Alise Stainless Steel Floating Shelf Brackets

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Alise offers you an awesome set of floating shelves that have been made completely out of steel. It has the geometry to support things much heavier than them. You get thick 3mm plates of stainless steel brackets bent at perfect right angles to support wooden shelves from underneath. Plus, the remaining is hidden for the most part. You get the perfect balance of strength, aesthetics, and stability.

Lastly, the steel is also of very high quality and not just sturdy but protected from corrosion with a layer of special coating.

Key features:

  • Daily tarnishes and scratches are well resisted by the triple-layered matte black finishing.
  • Has a 3mm thick material that is strong and has a great withstanding capacity.
  • Brackets can be installed on either the shorter or longer side against the wall.

3. MHMYDZ Heavy Duty Floating Shelf Bracket – Solid Steel Blind Shelf Supports

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MHMYDZ has created something amazing with these shelf brackets. These brackets enjoy traditional strength with a modern design that doesn’t compromise on aesthetics. That means you get ultra-strong brackets that can hold around 100 pounds of weight on their own. Besides, these aren’t visible after the installation of the shelves. The brackets are sneaky and make for good aesthetics in your home due to their slim design. Plus, they are strong since they are forged from solid steel with advanced welding.

Unlike other cheap manufacturers, you won’t see bends on these brackets. It’s all cause the 6-inch steel rods that go inside your shelves have a diameter of ½-inch. Nothing flimsy or bendable about that.

Key features:

  • The extremely lucrative deal offers you 8 brackets at the price of one.
  • You can buy them without any worries since they are backed by a 3 month warranty period.
  • Is certainly installed with basic tools at your home.

2. Wanna Kis Sturdy Floating Shelf Bracket Hardware for Wood Shelves Support 

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Wanna Kits offers you a solid steel bracket that is slim and compact yet sturdy and ultra-strong. Since the brackets are installed with wall plugs and screws you can install them over most places like a brick wall, concrete wall, or a wooden mantle. The steel rod also has a flush installation countersunk holes method and screws over the wall plates. Even the connection screw used for this purpose is extremely hard and sturdy.

With this set of brackets, you can easily keep plenty of things on your shelves. However, the weight must exceed over 50 pounds on each bracket.

Key features:

  • Comes with an easy installation guide with detailed and easy-to-follow instructions.
  • Brushed nickel support protects the brackets from corrosion.

1. BATODA Floating Hidden Brackets for Floating Wood Shelves

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Your expensive and elegant floating brackets would look truly beautiful when ugly metal brackets and accessories aren’t visible. Most manufacturers provide you with something that defeats this purpose. They either have a design where the metal components stick out like a sore thumb or have large and ugly square designs. Hence, can be seen in some cases. Batoda solves that problem with its innovative design. These brackets come in the shape of rods and can slide inside the mounting holes of your floating brackets. After your shelf goes on the wall, only your shelf is visible.

Installing your shelves with these is also easy and simple and requires simple tools like a handheld driller and screwdriver. With a set of 8 wall plugs and flat washers, you can get your shelves installed within a few minutes in just 4 simple steps.

Key features:

  • Steel brackets with silver color look amazing if they are exposed.
  • Incredibly lightweight and compact compared to other brackets.
  • Silver powder coating also protects from corrosion and damage.

One of the major flaws of brackets is that even when they are strong enough to bear the weight of shelves and their contents, they bend and completely ruin the look. However, the above-listed brackets are the best in the business and there will be no such complaints.

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