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The kind of furniture you use at your home determines how much space and comfort you have in your daily lifestyle. If you live in a small-sized apartment but have to deal with not-so-compact pieces of furniture, you are certainly going to face issues. Hence, take all the unnecessary stuff away and manage some space for yourself. However, a desk is a mandatory addition that usually takes up a considerable amount of space. For that reason, switch to floating desks. These allow installations in the wall and your floor space will be completely free.

In this floating desk review, you are going to know about those products that have been user favorites for a long time. So, read and make your pick wisely.

10. Haotian Folding Wooden Wall-Mounted Drop-Leaf Table Desk with Storage Shelves

Floating Desks

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Having a compact and small drop-leaf floating desk however can solve a lot of space-related issues. A wall-mounted desk with storage shelves and drawers not only gives you dedicated space to work but also some useful storage. Having a weight capacity of 20-kg, you will get all the detailed instructions included in the package. Interestingly, you can do self-assembly when buying this.

The construction of MDF delivers a top-notch quality that you can always depend on and rely on.  This modern set-up can fold to free-up extra space.

Key features:

  • Although weighs just about 28.6 pounds, this comes in parts for making assembly less tiring.
  • You get drawers apart from storage compartments to beautifully place everything.
  • Thanks to the drop-leaf feature to help in proper organization.

9. Prepac Kurv Wall Mounted Floating Desk

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The beautiful-looking wall-mounted floating desk will elevate the interior decors of your home or space. This desk has been designed to make sure it looks premium anywhere and everywhere. Featuring a modern and shiny black laminate, the finish is stylish and the desk is very durable for the long run. As it uses the brand’s innovative cleat system, this desk can be wall-mounted at any given height.

Once assembled, the Desk measures 42.25-inches X 31.5-inches X 19-inches. This becomes an extremely useful section where you can sit with your laptop and work.

Key features:

  • Comes with spacious side compartments, you can keep books, photographs, or anything of your choice here.
  • Cable and wire management are built into the desk for maximum convenience and a clean clutter-free look.
  • This has a construction of wood to keep it a classy edge over others.

8. TANGKULA Wall Mounted Floating Desk for Home & Office

TANGKULA Wall Mounted Floating Desk for Home & Office

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Certainly, a high-quality and top-rated foldable floating desk to buy for your home or office! Featuring a very reliable and sturdy construction, this desk is of MDF that is strong enough for your daily use. No matter what your need is, the innovative design of the desk makes sure you can do it all with maximum comfort and surety.

In terms of space, the multiple storage compartments along with a computer desk provide you with ample space. Hence, keep and display items with utmost safety. Setting this up will not be extremely difficult either because you will get video instructions that you can follow.

Key features:

  • The clean and simplistic modern design will match any given interior.
  • This desk is foldable in nature and looks premium in any space or wall.
  • Space-saving and compact as this is a wall-mounted fold-up design, you can be sure it won’t eat up a lot of space.

7. KANGMOON Multi-Function Wall Mounted Folding Desk with Shelves

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Check out this simple yet elegant floating desk with storage. It totally serves the purpose of providing extra space for working on your daily projects. On the other hand, it also makes sure you have a compact desk in your small apartment. The overall design and construction of this desk are to make sure you get to keep or display items on the storage shelf. However, still have a dedicated space to keep your laptop and work.

The computer desk is foldable in nature. This ensures that you can use it on any wall of your home or office. Lastly, the wires and cables will not be visible due to the holes present in them.

Key features:

  • The innovative cleat system makes sure you can mount this desk up at any desired height.
  • Environment-friendly high-quality board construction is meant to last and serve for the longest time.
  • Always keep the desk organized and clean because it has hidden cable and wire management.

6. Honlibey Wall-Mounted Drop-Leaf Folding Table – Floating Computer Desk

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Install a premium and space-saving floating desk like this at your home. Hence, make sure you have a modern solution to deal with your issues of space crunch in smaller houses. Folding in nature to meet your needs the right way, this desk is constructed using environment-friendly MDF. Not only this is extremely durable and strong, but you can also be sure that the desk can handle a lot of weight.

As the desk is finished with zero irritating chemicals, there is practically no odor of any kind. This includes detailed instruction so that you can set this up easily in just about 30 minutes of your time.

Key features:

  • This promises a 30 days no-risk money-back guarantee and lifetime manufacture warranty.
  • Two hinges on the desk make it completely foldable on the wall for maximum space utilization.
  • Has triangular frame support for doing different kinds of works, DIY projects, or simply displaying items.

5. Prepac Kurv Wall Floating Desk

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This has a touch of elegance and readily enhances the overall beauty and finish of your home. Finished with a fresh white laminate, no matter where you install this, the desk instantly brightens up space in a great way. As you will get the prepack’s cleat system, you will be able to set the desk at any desired height. Hence, use it as per your needs always.

Once fully assembled, the Desk measures 42.25-inches X 31.5-inches X 19-inches. Hence, meaning maximum utilization of the available space.

Key features:

  • Non-toxic laminated composite wood construction gives sturdiness and will affect your health in any way.
  • Keep the space organized, clean, and clutter-free because it has built-in cable and wire management.
  • Comes with spacious side compartments, you can keep books, photographs, or any items in here.

4. ZYFA Folding Wooden Wall-Mounted Hanging Table  for Study & Bedroom

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The primary benefit of this is that it serves the purpose of a desk. And that too without consuming up the much important floor space in small apartments and offices. Having a desk to sit and work and provides a flat surface. The fresh white finish of this beautiful desk is something that will always make a statement.

It will fold down and whenever you need it, you can put it back up. This designer desk is something that will look premium in any given modern interior décor. Having a timeless design, this is not going to catch rust and will resist scratches.

Key features:

  • The desk will easily carry weights to a maximum of 30lbs.
  • Its step-by-step instructions will help in doing the installation exactly in the way you want.
  • With the help of a fingertip release mechanism, you do not have to exert any extra pressure in putting it down.

3. TimmyHouse Floating Computer Desk with Shelves

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Get this unique desk and save yourself from unnecessary big-sized desks that use a lot of available space in the room. As this is a floating desk, you will be able to set this up on any given wall. Besides, space-saving design makes your life easier in many ways. The back mounting holes on the desk ensure solid and secure wall mounting in all scenarios.

White and clean, the overall design and finish of this desk are quite modern. So, it blends in perfectly with your existing décor.

Key features:

  • A strength you can depend on without any doubts, the desk is of high-grade E1 15mm chipboard. As a result, you have no doubts regarding the quality of the desk ever.
  • Concrete anchors hold the desk securely and you can assemble it in the easiest fashion always.
  • Has a large working surface with dedicated openings suited for wire and cable routing.

2. Yescom Wood Wall Mounted Floating Computer Desk with Shelves

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Coming from the house of Yescom, this smart and innovative desk is a must-have for people worrying about limited space. Customizable to meet your needs, one can choose to go with any height to install this desk and work comfortably. Moreover, this can also work as a very useful standing workstation.

Do all your daily works and use your laptop without any issues because this desk has a large table area of 41 5/16-inches X 21 5/8-inches.

Key features:

  • The desktop has holes so that you can do proper wire management. Besides, the hole at the bottom shelf lets you keep a power board.
  • Eco-friendly and safe water-resistant 15mm thick board construction this strong and sturdy floating desk.
  • Comes with multiple shelving designs so that you can keep all sorts of items to your arms reach.

1. Zhou Wall Mounted Floating Computer Desk

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This is one of the most good-looking options that you can buy today. Just not for good looks, the overall quality is quite extraordinary to deliver the best kind of performance always. High quality, environment-friendly, and strong board construction give this sturdiness. As a result, you can always work with maximum safety and confidence.

However, it even has storage shelves so that you get maximum storage area combined with the working space. To finish off, it has cable and wire management for a clean finish. Given that, the spacious side compartments let you keep important stuff organized always.

Key features:

  • Comes with detailed assembly instructions so that anyone can set this up with the least effort and time.
  • Can be mounted at any height because it uses an advanced cleat system.

Avoid the creation of any mess as now the organization is redefined with these compact floating desks. Just install these and save yourself from making any extra expenditures.

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