Best Modern Electric Fireplace TV Stands Reviews

Classic style never fades away. No matter how much urban we try to be, at times we thoroughly enjoy the old times. The quiet and relaxing times on a chilly winter night cannot get any better if you have a fireplace. Although the norms are against you burning fossil fuel for your comfort. Now you can have an electrical fireplace TV stands that can serve the purpose well. Apart from making you feel warm, it is a perfect place to keep your TVs, DVDs, and other accessories. So, a 2-in-1 product that can satisfy multiple needs at a single time.

In this fireplace TV stands review, you get full information about all the products that made it to the list. Now enjoy the winters your way without hurting the environment unnecessarily.

10. Ameriwood Home Chicago Electric Fireplace TV Console for a 50-Inch TV

Fireplace TV Stands

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Having this amazing electric fireplace TV stand at your home means a safe place for your TV. Furthermore, the extra fun of constant comfortable heat is another blessing. Perfect for a TV of a maximum of 50-inches, it has great construction. The particleboard construction along with MDF leaves you with no ground for complaints.

There is a great open shelf at the top for keeping your satellite boxes or Blu-Ray players. Can’t get rid of the old DVDs just yet? Well, there are a couple of shelves with glass doors. You can carefully organize your books and DVDs there.

Key features:

  • The fireplace insert is compatible with a regular 120V outlet and capable of heating up 400 sq foot room.
  • The flame effect is nowhere related to the heat generated.
  • Very easy to clean, all you need is to wipe with a dry cloth.

9. Meble FURNITURE & RUGS York Moder Fireplace TV Stands for 79″ TV

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The heating sensation in cold weather matters the most. However, the world has understood how much a fireplace can cause harm to you and the environment. Now, you can have an artificial fireplace with the same vision and sensation satisfaction. The option of 3 changeable flame colors offers you diversity. The adjustable fireplace TV stand temperature control sets a brilliant mood with the dimmer function.

As it is also a TV stand, a big set of 79-inches is installed over the tabletop. Also, you can safely keep the consoles, wires, and other important things in the numerous dedicated spaces in and around the stand.

Key features:

  • Choice of LED light kit so that you get 16 more color options to choose from.
  • The highest quality of make as the stand is made and imported from the European Union.
  • Flames are put off if you only wish to enjoy the view of fire burning.

8. Northwest Electric Fireplace TV Stands – Freestanding Console with Shelf

Northwest Electric Fireplace TV Stands - Freestanding Console with Shelf

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Superior quality construction complemented with great quality materials, MDF wood, Vineer, steel, plastic, and tempered glass has been combined to complete the design of this fireplace TV stand with a shelf. It is from the house of Northwest and is quite an innovative product with 1400W of power. Next, it offers 4777 BTUs, works at 120V/60Hz, and a 6-foot power cable.

No compromises in terms of the technology it incorporates, you can any day create a cozy. Also, it aids in creating a warm atmosphere at your home or office. Furthermore, if the heat becomes uncomfortable, switch to using only the flames to keep getting the overwhelming flame imitation.

Key features:

  • Wide enough design to hold a flat TV of 32-inches along with consoles, and other important items.
  • As LEDs are used for the flames, it will not hurt you in terms of the energy it consumes.
  • Safety thermal cut-off the device automatically shuts off the machine and prevents overheating.

7. Comfort Smart Killian Electric Fireplace TV Stands

Comfort Smart Killian Electric Fireplace TV Stands

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The smart way to enjoy comfort and relaxation, this new age innovation and technology will take you back in time. And that also without compromising on the air quality or fossil fuel burning. Although you cannot help but appreciate how a warm fireplace feels, it is never advised to burn wood in any way. Own this rustic fireplace TV stand and enjoy the rustic cottage design that has been enhanced with an Ashland pine finish.

No matter which corner of the room you put this in; it will never stop looking handsome and appealing. The cabinets of the TV stand mimic those barn doors. Lastly, it significantly adds the accent you wish to showcase in your home.

Key features:

  • Suited for TV sets that can go up to 45 pounds in weight and 55-inches in size.
  • Accessory storage and dedicated storage for the media components that you need.
  • Heating function to heat rooms up to 400-sq ft.

6. Top Space Corner TV Stand with Electric Fireplace – Entertainment Center TV Console

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What makes regular furniture something brilliant and hugely adaptable; it is how that piece can make your life better. You can own this and have a good amount of storage to keep multiple items, VCRs, DVDs, satellite boxes. Then why would you select something that is not just good enough? Extremely hassle-free to assemble as well, the K/D construction method coupled with hardware. Plus, the installation just enhances the overall assembling process.

In just 30 minutes, two adults can make this ready for use. Summer or winter, as the heat and light function works independent of each other, you can either combine the two or just choose to enjoy anyone. Just plug it in and you will have yourself the perfect mood-setter for an evening of tranquillity.

Key features:

  • Smart cable management with the help of the two cutouts keeps the area clean and clutter-free.
  • Finished in a grey wash-graining decoration that highlights the beauty of the place.
  • The fireplace TV stand with storage is suited for TVs of the most regular and big sizes of 50-inches.

5. JAMFLY Electric Wood Fireplace TV Stand for a 55-Inch TV

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Jamfly has put in a lot of thought and research while creating this marvelous stand. Quality work of craftsmanship with high-grade MDF and durable lamination, there is a full-frame wooden mantle on the espresso stand. Styled in a more modern approach, this has a likely chic décor of the modern homes. Next, this TV stand will add a good amount of elegance with style.

Open shelving at the top gives you the space for keeping boxes and media players, organize it in your own customized way. Dedicated shelves with wooden doors will let you keep DVDs, discs, books, and similar items. For the fireplace, there is a touch screen remote control for controlling and adjusting all the available functions.

Key features:

  • The heat generates due to the 750W mode or 1500W mode to suit your needs.
  • Heats up the area without producing sound over 40dB and is capable of heating 400sq.ft area.
  • One-year warranty for added reliability and trust while buying.

4. GMHome 46-Inch TV Stand Electric Fireplace Media Console with Bookcase

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Electric can do what fuel has been doing all this while and this stand is a great example of that. No more having to burn up wood or create harmful smoke as now you can switch to using this fireplace. In fact, it works with electrical energy. 750W or 1500W of heating modes can always satisfy your warmth needs on a cold night. However, you can heat a standard room of 400-sq ft with this.

For storing items, media players, wires, etc., there are as many as 6 fixed bookcase styles adjustable shelves. Moreover, as there is a space for holding your TV, you will never be short of entertainment while getting the heat out of this amazing piece of furniture. Choose a timer anywhere between 1 hour and 8 hours. And it will not matter even if you doze off while having this.

Key features:

  • The temperature of the fireplace can be adjusted anywhere between 62°F and 82°F.
  • Always be safe and sound as the entire setup is CETL certified and has extra benefits of overheating protection.
  • Remote control to adjust the important aspects like temperature, flame, time, heating.

3. Walker Edison Modern Wood Fireplace Stand with Cabinet Doors and Drawers

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One of the best and most well-designed TV stands in the market, this one is an astounding choice for anyone who loves elegant looking furniture at their home. Three-door shelves with adjustable soft-close hinges; this makes an ever-lasting statement every time you use it.

If you own a TV of up to 66-inches in size and willing to get a fireplace to tackle the cold and enjoy the warmth, this is going to be your best buy.

Key features:

  • Moulding has been done for more premium and elegant feeling.
  • Top edge is bevelled and never causes any unwanted injuries.
  • Glass doors over shelves and fireplace look fascinating to the eyes.

2. Better Homes & Gardens Electric Fireplace Media Console For TV

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Better homes make your home times more fun and beautiful, thus this TV stand does justice to the brand’s belief. Designed for your regular flat TVs, it can go up to 45-inches and 100 pounds. It doesn’t matter which brand of TV you are watching, you can use this stand. Heat up a room of 400-sq ft in an efficient and comfortable manner, this TV stand is too good compared to the regular and low-quality ones in the market.

Sleep timer for extra safety and relaxation, enjoy sleeping with your loved ones beside this fireplace anytime and any day.

Key features:

  • Offers temperature control of as much as 20°.
  • Media compartments to hold your media consoles and boxes.
  • Remote control lets you play with the settings of the fire without any extra efforts.

1. Home Accent Furnishings Television Stand with Fireplace in White Oak Finish

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This promising fireplace stand from Home accent will reach you in one business day. Can’t wait to transform your regular home into something outstanding? Check out this white oak finish stand that can add glamour to your house the right way. Measuring at 58-inches X 16-inches X 25-inches, there is a lot of space to fit your big 58-inches TV effortlessly.

As a matter of fact, the shelves on the stand are adjustable to your needs and priorities. The extremely hassle-free plug-in unit doesn’t require any extra modifications in electrical outlets.

Key features:

  • Unique glass cover never heats up even when the fireplace is producing heat for you.
  • Two switches let you choose either heat or flame or both at the same time.

Enjoy some old school style of sitting and chilling in the winters will never be old enough to give up. When the temperature drops down, who doesn’t love to have a fireplace lit up? And if you can spice it up with some entertainment, the fun doubles. So, install a fireplace TV stand and make the freezing nights cozier.

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