10 Best Exercise Ball Chairs | Yoga Ball Chairs for Office & Home Reviews

The right kind of desks and chairs can really have a huge benefit to your health. People who know about the side-effects of working long hours on a desk spend time researching and buying chairs. For people like them and for anyone who is suffering from back pains and soreness, you can look into exercise ball chairs. These are primarily important for people who sit for uncountable hours in front of computers.

Have no idea about such a product? Know more about the exercise ball chair benefits and its reputation through this article. These chairs help you stay active because the platform is wiggling most of the time.

Table of the Best Exercise Ball Chairs Reviews

10. Gaiam Classic Balance Ball Chair – Exercise Stability Yoga Ball Chair for Home and Office Desk

Exercise Ball Chairs

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Are you bored of sitting every day on your regular desk chair and also bored of complaining about the back pains and sprains? Here is the right alternative you should have a look at. This is a classic exercise ball chair that is going to be the perfect alternative for your regular office chair. Offering you with active flexible seating options, this chair always promotes proper alignment. Hence, helps in getting rid of those unwanted back pain and soreness.

Also, this smart and innovative chair is used anywhere from offices to schools. Besides, this works really well to enhance the overall health and productivity. The support bar on the back makes sure you do not face unwanted back pain and sprains.

Key features:

  • Ideal almost for anyone and everyone, the recommended user height for this chair is from 5ft to 5-ft 11-inches.
  • Comes with an air pump so that you can always keep the ball properly inflated and tight.
  • Features easy-glide caster wheels for movement in different directions.
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9. Gaiam Balance Ball Chair for Kids – Classic Stability Ball Chair & Classroom Desk Seating

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Sitting on a kid’s exercise ball chair will reward them with extra comfort and help you reduce the overall discomfort. This multifunctional ball chair is going to be their favorite sitting spot. This chair is ideal for maintaining the posture of the child. Plus, helps them eradicate the issues of fidgeting and concentration problems. Also, this chair has a 38cm height which is the ideal size for any kid.

As a matter of fact, this has a weight limit of 175lbs which helps them to accommodate any child of 5 to 7 years. Finally, the back support will keep them stable when seated and promotes a healthy posture.

Key features:

  • One can adjust the back support for allowing them to rest properly.
  • Comes with lockable wheels, you can choose to move or stay totally stationary.
  • The package includes an air pump, allowing you to maintain the exercise ball properly.

8. Safco Products 4750PL Zenergy Low Profile Ball Chair

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It is not a myth anymore that sitting on your desk for long can really damage you greatly and cause you displeasure in many ways. People working long hours in front of their computers often complain about soreness in their back, cramps, and whatnot. Choosing to go with this chair, however, can really transform the way you have been living. This ball not only reduces the pains but always promotes good posture while helping you get core muscle strength. Plus, the chair features an anti-burst exercise ball along with four legs. Hence, assures unmatched stability and strength.

Weighing just about 15 pounds, it is quite easy to move around. However, for supporting the entire weight, it offers a huge weight capacity of 250 pounds.

Key features:

  • Comes with 100% polyester mesh fabric covering, the chair feels comfortable always.
  • Stationary glides on each leg ensure zero scratches or damages to the floor below.
  • Powder-coated finish on each leg guarantees the best kind of strength and stability along with long service life.

7. Gaiam Ultimate Balance Ball Chair – Premium Exercise Stability Yoga Ball Ergonomic Chair for Home & Office Desk 

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Fitted with a large 52cm exercise ball, this uses a ball that is removable in nature. Hence, makes sure you get the best kind of convenience when you are using this. Also, as it includes an air pump, you will have no issues inflating it whenever needed. The 5 easy-glide casters let you move in every direction without any restrictions.

Moreover, these wheels are lockable in nature so that when you need to stay still, you can do it easily. Last but not the least, this chair is safe for use by almost anyone and everyone. The total weight capacity offered is a good 300 pounds. And it is suited for anyone falling within the height range of 5-ft to 5-ft 11-inches.

Key features:

  • The exercise ball used in the chair is anti-burst in nature and so will not pop-up.
  • This exercise balance ball chair support bar offers a good amount of support to both the lower and upper back.
  • The durable reinforced base never compromises with strength and stability.
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6. Champion Sports Store Exercise Ball Chairs with Wheels and Back Support 

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The biggest benefit of an exercise ball chair with wheels is that it lets you sit on a different kind of platform. Hence, guarantees better posture and alignment. Owing to this, you will stronger back and core muscles which directly aids in better health and well-being. Featuring a 22-inches X 22-inches X 31-inches base made using durable plastic material, this is going to deliver great performance.

In addition to that, it has caster wheels at the bottom for easy movement and mobility. Get rid of those traditional computer chairs that do no good and makes you suffer from unwanted back problems.

Key features:

  • The tall and sculpted back section delivers optimal support and aids in better spine alignment.
  • Uses a thick and durable FitPRO ball that is going to last a long time to come.
  • Compact design allows you to use it anywhere and even store it at any place.

5. Aeromat Deluxe Yoga Ball Chair

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While regular chairs are known to make your life stressful and painful, this well-designed chair will certainly help you reduce the stress on your hip and back. The total height of the chair is 22-inches from the ground when no is sitting on it. Therefore, making it a convenient option to do regular office and desk jobs. Owing to the ergonomically designed sitting area with the ball and armrests, you will feel comfortable sitting on it.

Besides, 5 wheels at the bottom with two lockable wheels allow you to both sit stationary or move at your will. Lastly, no need to make your life difficult with unwanted pains on the lower and upper back.

Key features:

  • Burst resistant ball is used in a compact and lightweight frame, allowing you to move this without any issues.
  • The maximum weight capacity offered by the chair is a good 200 pounds.
  • Making its assembly is certainly not a hard task.

4. Safco Polyester Mesh Runtz Office Ball Chair for Kids

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Bright and beautiful, this ball chair looks very different from the other options. It has a very appealing orange color to it. You can use it anywhere and also this is a perfect alternative to the regular classroom or lobby chairs. As this is CPSIA compliant, you can totally depend on the performance out of it.

The anti-burst ball used on the chair is very durable and can totally work fine even when used daily. Finally, the four powder coated legs offer great stability and strength while not compromising on the service life.

Key features:

  • You can either choose to sit at a height of 13-1/2-inches or 17-inches to meet your needs.
  • The total weight capacity offered by the chair is a good 250 pounds.
  • To keep your kid’s active, one gets many color options.
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3. CanDo Plastic Mobile Ball Chair for Adults

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Are you looking for ways to transform the way you have been working in your office or workspace? Then you should definitely get hold of this adult exercise ball chair and let your employees use it. The fun and excitement of using this chair on a daily basis are unmatched as it has an active sitting area. Also, this chair aids in better health and helps in making your core muscles stronger. Now anyone can burn calories just by sitting on the chair.

However, sitting on it will never be a problem. It has a removable back so that anyone can use it however they want.

Key features:

  • Caster wheels at the bottom guarantee unrestricted mobility.
  • Uses a big 20-inches exercise ball for a large sitting area.

2. bintiva Office Ball Chair for Children with Ari Pump

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Designed primarily for the children, hence, you can help them adopt a better sitting posture right from the very beginning. This is a kind of chair that your kid will love using on a daily basis. Along with an active sitting position and better posture, this chair also assures better spinal alignment. Using this on a regular basis makes sure your kid will not face unwanted back problems in the future.

Also, this chair is for children within the age bracket of 5-8 years, making it a great choice for parents who are willing to do good for their child’s health.

Key features:

  • Lockable caster wheels give your kid the flexibility to choose idle sitting or movement.
  • Has a height of 15-inches -15.5-inches, making it a good solution for studying, working, or even just sitting.
  • An air pump is included in the package, making it suitable for regular use without hold-ups.

1. Autism-Products.com Aeromat Junior Balance Ball Chair for Kids

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This junior ball chair that your kids will love to use on a daily basis. The overall design and make of the chair are quite outstanding and is going to last a long time to come. Offering your kids with an ergonomic sitting position, it delivers the benefit of an exercise ball combined with the mobility of a regular chair. The ball used is 14.56-inches and is suited for use by children.

As a matter of fact, it is compact and lightweight, this chair is quite easy and effortless to carry around.

Key features:

  • The plastic frame is strong and suited for tackling your kid’s rough use.
  • The maximum weight limit of the chair is 150 pounds.
  • This ball has a rolling base for quick movement.

In order to make sure you get rid of the back pains and sprains on your shoulders and upper back, you definitely need to change your everyday working. So, pick an exercise ball chair’s size according to the requirement and start building a strong posture.

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