Best End Cutting Pliers – Nail Puller Tools Reviews

Your tools are extremely important because these determine how effective you are at your workplace. So, every little tool is important. To make sure you have complete convenience and comfort in all situations and conditions, you need to always have reliable quality as well. When it comes to end cutting pliers, there are a lot of options but only a few assures quality.

So, we have taken the matter into our hands and we are providing a proper end-cutting plier buying guide. From construction quality to the brand’s reputation, everything has been checked so that you can make the perfect buy.

10. Channellock 358 Handheld End Cutting Pliers

End Cutting Pliers

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A pair of good carbon steel end cutting pliers is something that can help you in numerous ways while handling the projects. The edges are going to be more durable because it gets laser heat treatment for long-lasting usage. You can always rely on the performance you expect out of it.

No matter what your workers need is, if it can be solved by pliers, this will be there for you always. It measures 8-inches for more strength and user-friendliness. Enjoy the highest kind of cutting-edge life as this uses knife and anvil style of usage.

Key features:

  • Made and designed in the USA, you can totally depend on the overall functionality.
  • Provides the best kind of rust prevention as the handles are coated with rubber.
  • Having construction using high-carbon steel, delivers long-term user confidence always.

9. Gunpla Carpenters Pincers Cutting Pliers & Nail Puller Tool

Nail Puller Tool

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This pair of heavy-duty end cutting pliers got an amazing quality and design. So, it also ensures great performance for all your tasks. Drop forged premium high-carbon make, the polished steel ensures outstanding durability and stays totally safe from rusting. Owing to the electronic coating on the pliers, this will certainly not corrode or have any sort of damage.

The handle of the pliers is even vinyl-dipped and the comfortable grip coating ensures the best of control and handling always. You will be able to cut nails, wires, and even spokes as this use the anvil and knife-style edges.

Key features:

  • 24mm jaw clearance ensures high-quality performance and reliability in all situations.
  • This is of 8-inches and so, you will get great flexibility working with it.
  • Ideal for removing nails, panel pins, etc without having to mold or break.

8. TEKTON PCT10008 8-Inch End Cutting Pliers

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Get this amazing end plier and steadily improve the way you have been working all your life. It is perfect to make things easier and convenient in every possible way. From cutting nails to screws and even pulling out of staples, this can do all that you want your pliers to do. Induction hardened to HRC 58-64 end cutting pliers blades never compromise on the overall performance and durability in any way.

Comes in really useful to cut off long nails and wires, the overhanging jaws and flush rivet is something that adds a great amount of comfort to your working.

Key features:

  • Comes with a round nose profile, even the most stubborn nails, and staples can be removed using this.
  • Slim non-slip grip ensures comfortable squeezing and using in all situations.
  • The 8-inches size is a pretty convenient size for anyone to work with.

7. Bates Nail Puller – Cutting Pliers & Nail Remover Tool

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You can never go wrong with a high-quality option like this if you are involved with a lot of using pliers. There are innumerable options, but this 7-inches lightweight end cutting plier and nail puller is among the best options. The overall quality of make and design is quite amazing and totally works the way you want it to.

In terms of construction, the high carbon steel assures superior strength and durability without any compromises whatsoever. Furthermore, this same quality of make protects the pliers from getting rust and corrosion. This is one of the most useful tools for carpenters and construction workers.

Key features:

  • A soft plastic coated grip that delivers extraordinary grip and stability while using.
  • The innovative design promotes convenient working without ever risking damage to the wood surface.
  • Indeed a 7-inches plier will help in easy handling.

6. Klein Tools End Cutting Pliers – High-Leverage Wide Throat Clearance with Extended Handles for Longer Reach

Klein Tools End Cutting Pliers

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Totally thoughtful and innovatively designed, this is a dream for every handyman and carpenter who wishes to complete everything on the job site with the least of troubles or challenges. Featuring a wide throat, this plier guarantees effortless usage even in close range. All the cutting and removal will always be clean and never leaves behind a mark in any way. Having a high-leverage design, you will get maximum cutting power than the most options out there.

Overall the pliers are 8-inches in length and let you do almost anything you need without any challenges or hold-ups.

Key features:

  • Uniquely designed extended end cutting plier handle delivers enhanced leveraging control along with an increased reach.
  • Has a hot riveted joint so that it never wobbles and you can always enjoy a smooth action.
  • Outstanding durability and strength are assured by the forged steel body.

5. Irwin Tools Irwin VISE-GRIP End Cutting Pliers

 Irwin Tools Irwin VISE-GRIP End Cutting Pliers

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Coming from Irwin, this plier is something that you can always rely on and depend on. No matter how heavy-duty application, you can handle it at the job site. Made in Taiwan, the overall quality of the make is quite extraordinary and assured. It measures 8-inches which is the most standard and regular size of pliers used in the market. Also, it uses the Irwin VISE-GRIP for enhanced performances in all situations.

No compromise with the performance ever, this plier uses high carbon alloy steel for the most reliable usage. It allows deal with the extreme heavy-duty task.

Key features:

  • Outstanding cushioning and control are assured by the contours of the 2 zone comfort grip.
  • Wondering about the size? This has a length of 8-inches.
  • The 12.6-ounces weight certainly doesn’t feel heavy when grabbing it.

4. KNIPEX Tools End Cutter Pliers

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Get yourself an end plier that you will be able to carry and use in all kinds of work you do. From carpenters to handymen and even construction workers, a pair of end pliers is a necessity. Ideal for an unrestricted performance always, this one has cutting edges. As a result, it is suitable for cutting both soft as well as hard wires.

No, you will face no limitations or challenges when you wish to make the most out of your works. Comes with a 6.25-inches long nipper for the most effortless and reliable working confidence.

Key features:

  • Induction hardened cutting edges up to an approx. the hardness of 61 HRC for more strength.
  • You can even use this for both twisting and cutting binding wires.
  • Even if it weighs 7.1-ounces, the work it delivers is beyond excellent.

3. Stanley 89-875 MaxSteel End Cutting Pliers

MaxSteel End Cutting Pliers

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Stanley is a reliable name known for its good quality products that benefit users all over the globe. Likewise, their other options in the market, this one i.e. the Max Steel line of end pliers is quite amazing. Owing to the 33% longer cutting edge when you are handling it, you will have to put as much as 45% less effort during cutting.

Quite safe and reliable as well, these pliers qualify the safety standards of ANSI. Thereby assuring risk-free usage always. Finally, it measures 6-1/2-inches for more reliability and convenience while doing different kinds of works.

Key features:

  • Ideal for multipurpose works including the flush cutting of soft wires or pulling out of smaller nails.
  • You will get superior strength and sturdiness owing to the high carbon steel construction of the plier.

2. Crescent 10-Inch Heavy-Duty End Cutting Nipper Pliers

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This is something that you will be able to take anywhere. From cutting hard and soft wires to the removal of nails and pins, this can do it all without ever causing any difficulties. Also, it comes in really useful when you are dealing with large diameter nails and wires. The unique design promotes convenience and can work with almost all thicknesses of wires.

Very strong but extremely lightweight, this is a tool that can come in really useful for demanding construction workers. You will be able to carry this without any issues. Lastly, the heat-treated tempered handles and jaws deliver unquestionable strength and sturdiness always.

Key features:

  • The honed and hardened cutting edges are something you can depend on without a doubt.
  • A polished head promises great strength and stability in all situations.
  • The entire plier has construction using drop forged high quality of tool steel.

1. KNIPEX 61 01 200 SBA High Leverage End Cutters – Bolt Cutters

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This amazing pair of pliers is for your benefit and ease of usage. Workable and compatible with all classes and types of wires, you can even use this with piano wire. So, do the needful without any hold-ups. The high leverage joint of the plier never fails to deliver a superior level of cutting capacity in all conditions.

Lastly, it offers superior strength and durability. The hardness of the cutting edge is approx. 64 HRC as it is induction hardened.

Key features:

  • The single joint mechanism ensures effortless usage with less cutting force but more smoothness.
  • Indeed an advanced product that has the best cutting capacity.
  • With a length of 8-inches and a weight of 15.3-ounces, you can never go wrong when working with this.

If you never wish to compromise with the quality of your tools and machinery, you should always invest in high-quality and options. So, make the end cutting pliers used in order to easily accomplish the task smoothly.

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