Best Automatic Electric Wine Openers – Electric Corkscrews Reviews

A chilled glass of wine and your favorite company makes a perfect day for an individual. After a tiresome day, all you need is to sip on the most delicious wine and feel relaxed. But the most annoying part is the process of uncorking. It’s pretty hectic and really kills the mood if so much work is involved. So, it’s better to get electric wine openers in order to enjoy every sip of the drink. After all, it’s not fair to do so much work just to open a bottle.

Now, simplify the tricky process as we bring to you the electric wine opener review. You will know which products and brands to look out for and do not waste your time in unlimited searching.

10. Secura Stainless Steel Automatic Electric Wine Bottle Corkscrew Opener with Foil Cutter

Electric Wine Openers

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Secura has a beautiful automatic electric wine opener that would allow you to easily and effortlessly remove wine corks without risking an accident. The first thing you notice about this wine opener is its stainless steel body. This looks highly premium and sits well on your wine cabinet or rack. That construction also makes your wine opener much more durable than traditional non-electric models. Since it is rechargeable, you can open numerous bottles with the same precision without leaking out any flavor or aroma. You don’t have to use any force for pulling out the cork. Just place the opener, over an unopened bottle and press the down button till the cork gets pulled out.

Finally, press the up button till you see the cork is released. Since there is no force involved, there are no mistakes or chances of accidents.

Key features:

  • With a single charge, the opener can uncork as many as 30 bottles.
  • Works swiftly and unlocks a bottle within just 6 seconds.
  • Operates at less than 40 dB so that it doesn’t disturb the ambiance of your home or office.

9. Secura Automatic Electric Wine Openers with Foil Cutter

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Secura’s brand-new rechargeable electric wine opener is elegant in its physical form. The wine cutter is so efficient that you would be able to uncork bottles within moments. You don’t have to risk injury or embarrassment while struggling with a corkscrew. Let the machine do its work so that you can relish the flavor of the good wine. Moreover, it has a small footprint that is certainly not going to occupy a lot of space. As a result, storage is not a matter of concern.

Lastly, to open the cork elegantly, just place it on top of the bottle and press the given switch. This will not take much time.

Key features:

  • The battery is rechargeable and is capable of opening 30 bottles or less on a single charge.
  • Run at a voltage of 100-240V for smooth operation.
  • There are no hassles in handling cables in it.

8. Hamilton Beach Cordless Electric Wine Bottle Opener with Battery Charger

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Hamilton Beach never disappoints with its state-of-the-art products and have repeated miracle with this cordless electric wine opener. You don’t have to search for AA batteries on the market since it has rechargeable features and charge from the base. With just a single charge you would be able to open as many as 30 bottles of wine.

Operating the wine opener couldn’t be easier. As it is cordless, you can carry it to places without worrying about anything.  Due to the presence of a foil cutter, you can easily cut the sealed portion.

Key features:

  • This facilitates a one-touch operation for quick functioning.
  • With the non-slip grip, it will let you have a hold of it.
  • Its green light indicates when the product is fully charged.

7. Ozeri Nouveaux Removable Automatic Wine Opener

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If you want the right combination of class, elegance, and affordability, then Ozeri has the appropriate lighted electric wine opener for you. Unlike most wine openers that are shaped in the form of a straight cylindrical bar, this one has a curved design. As a result, it is inspired by the allies on the other side of the Atlantic. Since it is rechargeable, depending upon your wine consumption you would be able to use the opener for weeks or a month on a single charge. To be honest, it will function as long as the total number of opener bottles doesn’t exceed 40.

Finally, the transparent shell will let you watch when you are uncorking the bottle and it will be fascinating.

Key features:

  • Soft blue light illumination lets you use the device even in dark conditions.
  • The top is removable and used as a foil opener.
  • Ideal for both synthetic as well as natural corks equally.

6. BFULL Cordless Electric Wine Openers – Electric Corkscrew

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Bfull has made such a fine portable electric wine opener, that it sparks curiosity. Plus, it has the power to become a conversation piece at your party. If you struggle with corks and the corkscrew just doesn’t seem to work most of the time, then this is the perfect product for you. It is also great for professional wine connoisseurs who can save time and minimize risks with this wine opener.

No need to apply any force while using this marvelous machine. Just hold it vertically over the bottle and press the lower button as long as you don’t see the cork pulled out. The transparent shield at the lower portion of the opener lets you closely monitor the whole process. After that, you can press the upper button to bring up the released cork. Simple and easy! Moreover, the opener also comes with a set of additional tools that further simplifies your wine enjoying the process. The foil cutter lets you get rid of the foil and the wine pourer lets you pour without a mess. Lastly, the stopper allows you to create a vacuum seal between the bottle and the air to prevent the loss of aroma or flavor.

Key features:

  • Cork can be opened in as few as 7 seconds.
  • Powered by 4 AA batteries that are easily available in nearby stores.
  • With a set of batteries, you can open anywhere from 60 to 80 bottles.

5. Oster Rechargeable and Cordless Wine Opener with Chiller

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If other manufacturers pay attention to design, Oster always finds a way to one-up them and leave the competition in the dust. Its wine opener is a fine example with its eye-catching design that is also ergonomic. The device isn’t just a wine opener, but a wine chiller as well. Thus, it takes the temperature of your wine to the desired level. Since it boasts a universal design, you would be able to use it for most traditional wine bottles as well.

Furthermore, you can uncork it just with a touch of a button and it will go on to uncork as many as 30 bottles. This one has a thermal body and will do absolutely great when working with it.

Key features:

  • Double-walled stainless steel design helps to slow down heat transfer for better cooling.
  • The soft-grip handle will certainly fit in your palm and you will feel comfortable.
  • You don’t have to deal with the mess that comes with wires.

4. Cuisinart CWO-50 Vacuum Sealer Wine Opener

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Another incredible gadget from Cuisinart that improves your experience with wine and avoid tricky situations. Whether your wine bottle comes with a wooden or synthetic cork, this opener would open them without any hiccups. On a full charge, you would be able to open up as many as 80 bottles. As a result, that means the device needs to be charged just once every few weeks or months.

You also have a good grip and comfortable experience while using the opener since the handset is also rubberized.

Key features:

  • You would be able to preserve the freshness and flavor of unfinished wine by sealing it with the vacuum sealer.
  • It recharges pretty fast, so there will not be any hassle in working with it.
  • Stainless steel accents add strength and style.

3. Zupora Rechargeable Automatic Corkscrew Wine Bottle Opener with Foil Cutter

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Zupora has equipped its wine opener with a sleek design so that it can be of great use to you without occupying a lot of space. Due to its small footprint, you can place it anywhere you want. Plus, it will look good on any shelf or wine rack with its stainless steel finish.

The wine opener also has an integrated blue LED that lights up automatically when you operate the sleek machine. Hence, it allows you to see everything clearly even in the dark.  As a matter of fact, it can open as many as 80 bottles in a single charge.

Key features:

  • Certified by trusted organizations like the FDA and FCC.
  • A transparent shell on the lower part helps you see the mechanism in action.
  • The base doesn’t just work for aesthetics but also charges the wine opener.

2. Toyuugo Electric Wine Opener – Automatic Corkscrew Set

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Toyuugo presents to you a wine opener, that doesn’t just have an edge over the traditional models, but also fares superior in comparison to its electric rivals. In terms of design, no corners are cut and you get a product that stands out in every way possible. The stainless steel exterior with a black finish shows the top-quality construction that has gone behind the product. Plus, the indicator LED also works automatically as you make use of the opener.

On the lower side, you would also be able to look at the corkscrew. Besides, you can see how it works every time to unlock a bottle, thanks to the transparent shell. This kind of elegant design would only go forward to impress the wine enthusiast within you. Moreover, it is powered by regular AA batteries that are easily available. So, one can power the device to uncork as many as 80 bottles.

Key features:

  • It comes with a wine foil cutter and wine pourer that aids in opening up the bottle and pouring wine without spills.
  • The wine stopper that comes with this opener works well to preserve the wine’s flavor inside an unlocked bottle.
  • Comes in a molded case for easy storage.

1. CRITIRON Rechargeable Automatic Electric Wine Opener Set

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Critiron brings to you a whole set of tools with its wine opener. Hence, you get the best value for every dollar you suspend on the product. Since this opener is a rechargeable model, you can charge up the device an open maximum of 60 bottles. And it’s all possible with the 700mAh battery at full capacity. While the wine opener is good by itself, it even gets better when you use the tools that come with it.

For instance, the wine aerator pourer lets you aerate the wine and pour it from the bottle to the glass without spilling a single drop.

Key features:

  • Is indeed charged to full power within just 8 hours.
  • Comes with four wine pumps and stoppers so that you can seal four opened bottles at a time.

Opening your wine bottles will not be that a hassle. The electric wine opener set will help in the smooth execution of the process and you can certainly enjoy your drink peacefully.

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