Best Electric Egg Cookers – Egg Makers : Hard-Boiled & Soft Reviews

Eggs are almost an everyday item for the majority of people around the globe. Almost everyone understands the importance of eating eggs for maintaining a healthy diet. And to make things simpler, there are machines that can help you cook eggs faster. One such excellent example is the electric egg cookers that are known for making all types of eggs. From hard-boiled to poached ones, the beauty of eggs is truly brought out by this product.

To effectively reduce the amount of work you have been putting in for making eggs, here are the electric egg cooker recommendations. The finest options of the market are shortlisted in this list, making sure you end up buying the items you can rely on.

10. Eggmaster Automatic Electric Egg Cooker

Electric Egg Cookers

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If you embrace technology and innovations in your everyday lifestyle, you will be surprised to see how easier things become. Bigger appliances in your kitchen are made to improve the overall workflow. However, something as small as an automatic electric egg cooker can really help in a lot of ways. Cooking healthy and delicious eggs without any effort is now possible with this small and powerful egg cooker. It can cook up to 2 eggs at a time. So, you can try different things like omelettes, frittatas and other recipes.

No need to get involved with the hassles of peeling shells, this machine can make your eggs eatable in the least possible time. As soon as your egg is ready, it automatically pops up.

Key features:

  • Having a 140W heater, this machine saves a lot of energy and consumes extremely less power in the process.
  • It is effortless to clean and maintain, making it a modern-day solution in your advanced kitchen.
  • Along with the cooker, you will get a cleaning brush, 25 different recipes to try and also 5 wooden skewers.

9. VOBAGA Electric Egg Cookers with Stainless Steel Rack Tray Basket 

VOBAGA Electric Egg Cookers with Stainless Steel Rack Tray Basket 

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Made with excellent quality materials and designed to deliver performances that you will thoroughly enjoy every day in the kitchen. This stainless steel electric egg cooker is a great choice for all house owners. Backed by a 24-month repair policy, this cooker is an ideal gift for yourself or someone else as well. Constructed using reliable and high-quality stainless steel, the entire cooker is completely rustproof and is cleaned easily whenever needed.

In addition to that, the beautiful vintage green combined with high-end craftsmanship always looks pleasing and appealing to the eyes. You can hard-boiled, medium-plus soft boiled and even poached eggs in this. Lastly, it comes with a tray that is removable and makes poaching easy.

Key features:

  • Dishwasher safe design, all the parts that are not electrically powered is washed in the dishwasher.
  • All you need to do is fill in water, load the eggs, and switch it on. It shuts off automatically when the eggs are ready.
  • Comes with a bonus measuring cup, you can select the amount of water you wish to fill. Now, you can cook it the way you want.

8. Holife Electric Egg Cooker – Egg Boiler Steamer for Soft, Medium, Hard Boiled Eggs, Omelettes

Holife Electric Egg CookerS

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The quality of making and design of this extraordinary electric egg cooker and steamer is fantastic. It can cook eggs for the entire family as it accommodates up to 7 eggs at a time. As a result, make sure you can prepare more eggs. Coming with a precise temperature control system, every single egg will be heated evenly and uniformly. In addition to that, the machine is quite simple and easy to use. One button design requires you to just add water to the measuring cup and switch on the device.

In just a few times, all your eggs will be ready for consumption. The auto-shutoff design combined with a buzzer provides protection against low water and high temperature.

Key features:

  • Indeed a compact design, you can use this almost anywhere. Plus, the stainless-steel housing keeps away dust while making it easier to wipe clean with a damp cloth.
  • Made using food-grade material, the cooker has been approved by the FDA and CE. To be precise, it is made with 304 stainless steel and food-grade PP.
  • Come with 48 months of after-sales service and lifetime technical support assuring amazing service.

7. Maxi-Matic Elite Cuisine Omelet & Soft, Medium & Hard-Boiled Egg Cooker

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Maxi-Matic is a reliable brand that is known for the kitchen appliances they make. Likewise, this elite egg cooker is something that you can buy today for your home. It is capable of cooking up to 7 hard, medium or soft boiled eggs. As it doesn’t use oil or fat, it is very healthy to eat on a daily basis. Designed with an auto-off and built-in cooking timer, you do not have to worry about overcooking or undercooked eggs anytime.

With the electric egg cooker indicator, you will know as soon as the eggs are ready to be eaten. You can easily handle this as it weighs a little over 1-pounds.

Key features:

  • Comes with a piercing pin, the shells will not crack so that you can have the eggs the way you want.
  • Features a measuring cup that has markings to choose the firmness according to your need.
  • You will get a poaching tray and omelette tray for cooking different kinds of eggs.

6. VonShef Stainless Steel Egg Electric CookerS with Poacher & Steamer Attachment

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Excellently designed to make sure you always enjoy using this at your home, this cooker has a stylish and classy finish. Next, the stainless-steel flat heating plate cooks the eggs perfectly. Plus, it makes sure you can clean them effortlessly always. Fast and easy to operate, the quality of make guarantees a long time running and durability.

As soon as the whole water is used up, the cooker turns itself off, making sure the eggs are prepared in the perfect manner always. This takes only 8 to 10 minutes to make the perfect eggs just the way you like it.

Key features:

  • Automatic power turn off is safe and reliable, and also prevents temperature and overcooking issues.
  • Smart indicator light tells you when the unit is working, making sure you have total knowledge over the cooking process.
  • Having a power rating of 360-watts, you can make maximum use of it.

5. Hamilton Beach Electric Egg Cooker and Poacher

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One versatile electric egg cooker to make all kinds of eggs, this prepares hard or soft boiled eggs and poached eggs. Hence, you get the perfectly cooked eggs that will make your meals interesting. Included along with the cooker is a measuring cup with a piercing tool and a poaching tray so that you can always make different kinds of egg preparations.

Moreover, it can make 7 hard or soft boiled eggs simultaneously so that you can feed the entire family. The see-through lid lets you keep a tab on the egg preparation process entirely.

Key features:

  • No risks of overcooking as the cooker have a ready timer and audible alert tone.
  • Takes about 6-8 minutes to cook delicious eggs that you can eat.
  • The poaching tray can cook up to 3 poached eggs at a time.

4. Maxi-Matic EGC-007 Easy Electric Egg Poacher – Hard-Boiled Boiler Cooker

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Are you confused which egg cooker to buy because you cannot trust the longevity? Well, the problem solved because this egg cooker comes with a lifetime satisfaction warranty. Next, it has 7 eggs capacity and you can choose your desired firmness and doneness. Very easy and hassle-free to operate, simply fill water, switch on the machine and the eggs will be ready in just a few minutes.

Also, it has a built-in timer and buzzer to make sure you always can keep a tab and know when your eggs are ready.

Key features:

  • Can cook a different kind of recipes, you can make anything from boiled eggs to scrambled eggs in this cooker.
  • Beautifully made, the clear round lid looks quite classy and you instantly complements the overall décor of your kitchen.
  • Safe to operate in household power outlets, the rated capacity of 300W/120V is suitable for most homes.

3. Cuisinart CEC-10 Egg Central Egg Cooker – Brushed Stainless Steel

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If you want an egg cooker that can cook eggs for your big-sized family, this can hold up to 10 eggs and cook them together. Designed with a 600W heater, always cook the eggs with ultimate consistency so that you enjoy having the eggs always. The poaching tray used in the cooker has a capacity of 4eggs. On the other hand, if you are making omelettes, it can make 3 omelettes at a time.

Very easy and convenient to use every day, the blue LED indicator lets you know when the eggs are ready. Also, it has an audible alert indicator and standby mode for added convenience.

Key features:

  • In the package you will get a 180ml measuring cup along with a piercing pin for ease of usage.
  • Easy to handle and use, the built-in cord storage rewards you with a clutter-free experience.
  • The lid is made of brushed stainless steel, making it easier to clean and keep the shine alive.

2. Maxi-Matic EGC-508 Easy Electric Egg Poacher

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When it comes to buying kitchenware and kitchen appliances, it is necessary you find yourself a high-quality option. Ensuring ultimate satisfaction, this top-notch electric egg cooker has earned the trust of many house-owners over the years. The perfect alternative to time-consuming egg cooking methods, in this you can cook up to 7 medium or soft-boiled eggs. No need to compromise your health with fat or oil.

Also, the overall design and finish are quite modern and it always elevates the overall interior décor of your kitchen. It has an elegant stainless-steel cover, the cooker looks outstanding on any countertop or tabletop.

Key features:

  • Has a cool-touch handle so that you can take the eggs out of the cooker safely as soon as they are ready to eat.
  • There is a stainless-steel egg tray so that you can clean the eggs with running water after they are cooked.
  • Lifetime warranty makes sure you can use this cooker for the longest time without any risks or hold-ups.

1. Dash Rapid Egg Cooker for Hard Boiled, Poached, Scrambled Eggs

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Undoubtedly the egg cooker that you can trust always, this is the highest-rated cooker for making eggs at home. Compact and lightweight, this weighs just about 1 pound, making it easier to manage both at home and when travelling. If you want boiled eggs, it can make 6 at a time. However, when it comes to poaching or omelettes, the tray can hold 2 eggs.

Furthermore, it comes with a one-year manufacturer warranty that you can always depend on. One device to make everything related to eggs, on this you can make hard-boiled eggs, soft-boiled eggs, poached eggs, omelettes, and even scrambled eggs. In just a few minutes, the eggs will be ready for easting.

Key features:

  • It is safe to operate, you can select the timer and the cooker has auto-shutoff functionality to prevent overcooking.
  • The included measuring cup has a built-in pin so that you do not have to trouble yourself with guessworks.
  • Very stylish and sleek, this modern-looking cooker will be a perfect addition to any kitchen space.

To make the perfect eggs in these, take the electric egg cooker’s measuring cup and fill the tray as required. The tasty and poached eggs that beautifully rest on your breakfast table, it will make you fall in love all over again.

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