Best Commercial Electric Coffee Grinders Reviews

Who doesn’t love to have an amazing cup of coffee whenever they can? Going to your favorite coffee shop always may look like a difficult task. What you can do otherwise is make the preparations in your home? Grinding of coffee beans is challenging work, hence you can rely on machines to do that for you. But to make this task easier, the electric coffee grinders have been hailed. Do all the experiments in your home and create the most amazing cup of coffee whenever you want.

From French press to Aro Press and even simple Pour Over, now you can make them all in your home with the help of an electric coffee grinder machine.

10. Secura Electric Coffee Grinders & Spice Grinder with Stainless-Steel Blades Removable Bowl

Electric Coffee Grinders

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With this incredible grinder, with just electric power you can grind coffee in your home. In addition to coffee beans, you can use the same machine to chop nuts and vegetables as well. Maintain high-end hygiene always as the machine is quite modular and is open for easy cleaning. Simply open the cutter holder and clean it whenever you need it.

The exterior has construction using stainless steel that is meant to last and look good on your kitchen counter. Finally, this stainless steel coffee grinder is ideal for obtaining ground spices as well.

Key features:

  • Stainless steel blades offer faster grinding efficiency with consistency.
  • It has a safety lock lid for reliable usage and comes with a 1-year warranty that you can depend on.
  • Runs on a 120V power for maintaining the perfect consistency.

9. KRUPS GX420851 Electric Coffee Grinders with Scale & 14 oz Capacity

KRUPS GX420851 Electric Coffee Grinders with Scale & 14 oz Capacity

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Technology is getting better each day. Everything around us is technologically advanced to make sure it can help us every step of the way. When it comes to making coffee, a good automatic electric coffee grinder like this can really do the work. The intuitive and easy-to-use interface assures a no-brainer application. All you need to do is choose the number of cups you want to make. Now, the auto dose grinder provides you with the right quantity for a balanced and tasty cup of coffee.

This is quite a smart design that is used by anyone and everyone. For a finer output, you get up to 39 different grind sizes options. With the conical burrs of stainless steel, it will bring out the best taste of your coffee.

Key features:

  • Large capacity, the bean hopper can store up to 400g of coffee beans, making it suitable for an entire bag of beans.
  • Simply open or remove the hopper when you need to transfer coffee beans or clean the machine.
  • Auto shut trap door aids in easy transfer of coffee beans even when you are not using the grinder.

8. KRUPS Silent Vortex Electric Grinder for Spice, Dry Herbs, and Coffee

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One coffee grinder that can do it all, this versatile and extraordinary grinder can take care of coffee beans, herbs, and even spices in your home. Just not that, the large capacity can grind enough beans to make 12 cups of coffee at a time. The grinding bowl is made of stainless steel. So, whenever you need it, simply remove it and put it in the dishwasher to clean.

In addition to that, there is a storage lid that helps in sealing the bowl so that the flavors are always retained. Innovative and smart vortex spin technology pulls the beans to the blades, thereby improving the overall efficiency of grinding.

Key features:

  • Takes about 15 seconds to grind coffee beans for 12 cups of fresh coffee.
  • Super silent operation is one of the most appealing things about this modern-day coffee grinder.
  • The silent coffee grinder is even cleaned flawlessly in a dishwasher.

7. Cuisinart DBM-8 Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Mill

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If you are into drinking coffee, you will instantly spot the difference when the beans are freshly ground. On this Cuisinart coffee grinder machine, there are 18 different levels of coarseness to choose from. From ultra-fine to ultra-coarse, you can do it all in this one single machine. In addition to that, it has the benefit of an automatic stop to make sure it stops working when grinding is completed.

Owing to the burr grinding feature, you will always get a uniform grind combined with optimum flavor. There is an 8oz bean hopper with a 4-18 cup slide dial to choose how you want the machine to work.

Key features:

  • The heavy-duty electric coffee grinder motor with a separate one-touch power bar makes the process efficient. Plus, the cleaning brush promotes an effortless coffee grinding experience.
  • On the removable grind chamber, you can store enough grind that can make up to 32 cups of coffee.
  • Beautifully designed, the stainless steel finish looks appealing and there is cord storage on the machine itself.

6. Black and Decker CBG100S Stainless Steel Bean Coffee Grinder

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Let’s talk about the ease of usage when you buy your next coffee grinder. Designed with intuitive push-button control, you can easily customize the kind of grind you want for your coffee. Be it coarse or fine, the grind you will get is super consistent and uniform. Next, the machine is quite smart and safe to be used.

Owing to the integrated safety mechanism, the blades will work only when the lid is closed. No risks of spills or accidents in any way.

Key features:

  • Both the blades and grinding bowl are made of high-quality stainless steel. Hence, assuring outstanding durability and long years of service you can rely on.
  • Can store a large number of beans, the ½ cup of beans can make up to 12 cups of brewed coffee for the big crowd as well.
  • It can effectively grind spices, grains, herbs, and much more for a complete kitchen solution.

5. KRUPS GVX212 Black and Metal Coffee Grinder

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Buy the whole coffee beans and grind them at the comfort of your home just the way you like them. The 8oz size allows you to make a good quantity of freshly ground coffee that you will always enjoy. What it does best is keep the taste and flavor alive of the coffee beans for the longest time. Also, there are 17 different levels of ground to choose from.

You can always get yourself the kind of grind you enjoy having the most. Also, the package includes a cleaning brush to make sure you never have to compromise on the hygiene factor ever.

Key features:

  • Safety and reliability are a top priority because the machine will not operate until the lid is securely closed.
  • You can select the quantity anywhere from 2C to 12C, grind the amount you need.
  • As soon as you are done grinding, the air-tight electric coffee grinder shuts itself off.

4. Proctor Silex Fresh Grind  Electric Coffee Grinder for Beans & Spices

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Make the best coffee in your home, whenever you want and desire. All you need to do is get hold of the best coffee beans and this electric grinder will do crush them to the right coarseness. Very easy and simple to operate by anyone, the grinder features a simple on/off button. Having durable and sturdy stainless steel blades, it grinds coffee beans and spices perfectly always. The innovative retractable cord leaves a very neat and clutter-free experience when you are not using the grinder.

To make sure you have complete confidence in the machine, the grinder comes along with a limited one-year warranty. Anything goes wrong, the brand is ready to take care of it.

Key features:

  • Grinds up to 8 tablespoons of coffee beans, thereby giving you 12 cups of coffee.
  • It doesn’t only grind beans but also different types of spice and herbs.
  • The Euro-style design truly defines its class and beauty.

3. Chefman Powerful Electric Coffee Grinder – 250 Watt Electric Mill

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Who doesn’t love their coffee grinds consistent and uniform? Choosing to go with store coffee that is sold in sachets is not the practice a coffee lover wants. Why settle and drink store coffees when you can buy this coffee grinder and do all the grinding at home. The compact size grinder has a capacity of 2.5oz, meaning you can grind a good quantity at a single time. It also has an easy one-touch operation, assuring you a fresh cup of coffee whenever you please. Keep the button pressed for 1-3 seconds and easily find the perfect fine grind.

Extraordinarily designed for long usage, this grinder comes with a one-year warranty and you will get a user guide. The cup and blades are made of stainless steel that is meant to last and can be removed for cleaning. On the bottom side, there is a dedicated space for keeping the cord.

Key features:

  • Neat cleaning and maintaining, this grinder is washed in a dishwasher without any risks of damage.
  • Advanced safety technology and ETL certification guarantee safe usage anywhere.
  • Keep a tab on the grinding process as the grinder uses a clear lid.

2. Mueller Austria HyperGrind Precision Electric Spice – Coffee Grinder Mill 

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A beautiful coffee grinder that you will enjoy using on a daily basis, the consistent and uniform grind you will get out of this is amazing. The coarseness you like will be made for you as the machine gives you control and consistency. When it comes to using it in your kitchen, the small and compact size takes the least amount of space. Plus, it is stored anywhere and any place.

If you wish to display it for your guests, the modern Eurocentric styling looks premium always. Get over your habit of buying those packed pre-ground coffees that have lost the taste.

Key features:

  • If you are unhappy with the coffee grinder, the brand is ready to give your entire money back.
  • Offer superior performance always because the grinder runs three professional-grade inspections before it is ready to be sold.
  • Doubles up as a spice grinder, the HD motor outperforms most other grinders. Hence, it can deliver uniform grinding of spices, nuts, herbs, etc.

1. Capresso 560.01 Infinity Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

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One of the most well-made grinders that you can buy today. At the top of the list, the Capresso coffee grinder comes with fantastic features and design. You can call this a commercial-grade grinder that has a wide grinding range and superior design. The solid steel conical burrs have an advanced cutting design to deliver you the smoothest and most consistent grind. Along with that, you can do it all in this grinder.

If you like Turkish coffee, the machine can provide you with a fine grind and if you choose to go with the French Press, it can provide you with coarse beans as well. The ABS black plastic construction guarantees impressive strength and sturdiness for long years of unrestricted performance.

Key features:

  • Simply open the upper burr and do all the cleaning from inside.
  • An innovative gear reduction motor does the grinding very slowly, thereby limiting noise and static build-up.
  • Have an 8.8 ounce of bean container and can store up to 4 ounces of crushed beans.

Want to know how important coffee is? As a coffee lover. People who drink coffee on a regular basis know that coffee bought from the store doesn’t have that taste or fineness to it. To obtain the best texture as per your requirement, get a powerful electric coffee grinder that will let you make everything from scratch.

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