Best Computer Dual Monitor Stands for Desk Reviews

Innovation can really change the whole process of working. It helps you to adapt and make some new changes in the workflow. Although a desktop is well capable of handling most works, dual monitors can help you a lot. So, you will need dual monitor stands. A separate space to hold those monitors can help in the organization of your workspace. But it will also make sure you enjoy the work more.

Want to know what’s it all about? Refer to the dual monitor stands that we have found for you. Built with great quality, each of these stands is excellent in the way they function.

10. VIVO Adjustable Dual Monitor Stands for Desk & 27-Inch Screen

Dual Monitor Stands

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No matter how powerful your machine is, if it fails to provide a bug display, the workflow is often bad. Each of the stands can hold as much as 22pounds of 13-inches to 27-inches monitors for better compatibility and no-compromise performance. The desk mount dual monitor stand also enhances the way you have been working all this while. 180°swivel combined with 360° rotation lets you enjoy your own view angle.

Also, the arm angle is adjustable from -90° to +80°. As a result, you can shift and tweak the assembly to meet your convenience.

Key features:

  • Uses readily to use desk clamps for easy mounting to the back of the desk or as grommet mount.
  • Comes with integrated cable management so that the power and AV cables remain clean and organized.
  • Detachable VESA bracket plates for simple and hassle-free installation.

9. Huanhuo Free-Standing Dual Monitor Stands – Adjustable 2-Arm Monitor Mount for 37″ Screens

 Huanhuo Free-Standing Dual Monitor Stands

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Indeed perfect to make sure you do not encounter hassles of installation and set up! This height-adjustable dual monitor stand comes with a weighted base option. Therefore, you can use it free-standing manner. You will also get the choice of grommet kit for more surety and fix set up. Next, it is ideal for people who have a problem with less space for working in their work-station. In fact, using this stand will allow using the benefit of two monitors.

Moreover, it can easily accommodate monitors ranging in size from 13-inches to 32-inches. The Vesa pattern is more workable and offers an organized workstation that anyone will enjoy working with.

Key features:

  • Height adjustable monitor stand to set it easily as per your eye-level and view angle.
  • Includes the use of clips for better cable management and a tool kit for wrench storage.
  • -180° to +180°rotatble monitor plate for more convenience.

8. HUANUO Dual Computer Monitor Stand – Adjustable  Monitor Desk Mount Bracket

HUANUO Dual Computer Monitor Stand - Adjustable  Monitor Desk Mount Bracket

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Bring home the Huanhuo universal dual monitor stand and completely transform the way you have been working all this while. Accelerate the whole process of working and bless yourself with better efficiency for impressive results. Choosing to use this can really do a lot of changes. It has universal computability so that major monitors of up to 27-inches are used without an issue. Monitors weighing between 4.4 pounds to 14.3 pounds are usable, thereby making sure the majorly used options are usable.

Blessed with a full-motion arm, you can tilt, swivel, and rotate the monitors to enjoy the most extraordinary viewing angle. Always raise the monitor to a level of your eye and work without generating much stress.

Key features:

  • Pre-assembled with gas spring arms for the most effortless installation.
  • The wider and larger base ensures better stability and surety during the work.
  • Is installed using C-clamps and grommet mounting for more flexibility.

7. HUANUO Dual Arm Monitor Stand Mount for Computer Screen 

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One of the well-designed stands in the market, this one uses the premium gas spring assembly for sturdy height adjustment. No matter what height you have chosen to work with, the monitor will be there without any issues. Having an ergonomic riser, the screen is raised to eye level to make sure you enjoy the process. Long hours of sitting in front of the desktop can cause neck and back strain. However, now you can readily avoid it if you choose to use this.

Almost all 15-inches to 27-inches computer screens are compatible with this stand. And the maximum weight capacity is a good 17.6 pounds. Enjoy a much better working time even when you have deadlines to meet and work to complete.

Key features:

  • Efficient working is assured by the fully adjustable setup that is swiveled, tilted, or rotated 360°.
  • Solid construction with innovative triangle design assures long-term sturdiness and stability.
  • Is installed both by C clamp and grommet installation.

6. Huanhuo Computer Dual Monitor Mount Stand with Glass Base

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Extremely compatible with most well-known usable brands, this freestanding dual monitor stand is beneficial in many ways. Screens of 13-inches to 27-inches with a maximum weight of 22 pounds go with it. So, you will enjoy an amazing workflow every day. If needed, you can even rotate the orientation and choose either portrait or landscape mode to work more efficiently.

Managing so many cables often becomes a challenge. That is why the manufacturers have included an integrated system to clips to keep the cords organized. Finally, the brand even offers a money-back guarantee of 18 months if you are unsatisfied or not happy.

Key features:

  • Have a heavy-duty rectangular tempered glass for more pressed area and durability.
  • If you want, you can set it up using grommet bolting with tables of the thickness of 3.15-inches.
  • Indeed a versatile and completely adjustable for the most comfortable viewing angle.

5. EleTab Dual Arm Monitor Stand – Height Adjustable Desk Monitor Mount 

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Choose the Eletab stand that will meet your convenience and has an order of workability. You will gift indeed yourself something that will turn out to be an effective investment. Blessed with 360° of rotation angle adjustment, always stay motivated with ergonomic and healthy work methods. Vesa is compatible and fits a wide range of monitor sizes between 16” to 32”, this is one of the most acceptable stands to choose from.

Choose to work with either portrait or landscape orientation for increased productivity and convenience.

Key features:

  • Always keep the tabletop organized with the removable cable clamps.
  • The spring-assisted system offers the comfort of an easy rise and fall in a stable manner.
  • Choice of both C-clamp and grommet mount techniques of installation.

4. WALI Free Standing Dual LCD Monitor Desk Moun

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The heavy-duty dual monitor stands that you will love to work with every single day, the whole method of operation and working will steadily improve if you install this. If you choose to work in a relaxing manner and make sure your speed of working is greatly improved, chose to replace the traditional methods with this modern innovation.

The arms are adjustable and are extendable or retractable accordingly, they are also height-adjustable for better results. Constructed using high-grade materials, always work with a strong and stable connection and eliminate the risks of accidents. In addition to that, it features an elegant design to keep the overall appeal high and sleek.

Key features:

  • Easily adjustable monitor arm for more comfort of working.
  • Freestanding V base for stable fitting to any desk.
  • It is certainly used with 4-inches thick desk with grommet type installation.

3. EleTab Dual Arm Computer Monitor Stand for Desk

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Bring home a modern designed monitor stand that has been designed to deliver a unique and elegant-looking workstation, this has top-notch cable management in it. The cable clamps are removable to make sure the tabletop remains organized and beautiful. Constructed using premium aluminum gas springs, your monitor will always be in the right place even during long hours of working.

No risks of wobbling or tipping of the monitor as the stand has a heavy-duty C clamp mount installation. Twist and turn the monitors the way you want and make sure you always have your point across the table.

Key features:

  • Fits all shapes of monitors of 17-inches to 27-inches under 14.3 pounds.
  • Gas spring device for better balancing of the weight and smooth adjustments.
  • Height is adjustable from 6.3-inches to 16.1-inches that is certainly pretty diverse.

2. FEZIBO Dual Monitor Mount Stand for 17-32″ Screens

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Fezibo has designed this stand with a lot of precision and care to make sure you find the end result very satisfying and fun to work with. Featuring a premium quality of make, the aluminum and gas springs ensure commendable durability and smooth operation always. The springs can be adjusted to choose any working position and the swivel arms with height-adjustable benefits deliver a better viewing angle.

Any monitors ranging from sizes of 17-inches to 32-inches are installed on this stand and used without any issues.

Key features:

  • Options of grommet mounting and C clamp for better workability.
  • 3-years of warranty for your peace of mind.
  • Uses the option of a VESA mounting pattern which improves the stability.

1. EleTab Premium Aluminum Full Motion Swivel Dual Monitor Stands

EleTab Premium Aluminum Full Motion Swivel Dual Monitor Stands

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Thus Eletab stand is undoubtedly one of the finest products that can rapidly improve the way you have been working all this while. With a tilt angle ranging from -45° to +45° and a rotation of 360°, there are almost zero compromises on how excellent it can contribute to your daily work schedules. You can even decide to work in either landscape or portrait mode and make sure the final result you have will be great.

Added benefits of the integrated cable management system deliver a clean and clutter-free working space that you will surely enjoy.

Key features:

  • Indeed mounted to the back of the desk using C-clamp or choose to install with the grommet mount.
  • Gas spring assembly assures smooth operation and motion.
  • Premium aluminum has been used for the construction of the stand.

Find yourself spending more time than usual doing stuff on your desktop? Professions like editing, video editing, graphics design often demand the use of dual monitors for better workflow. Therefore, adjust the dual monitor stand arms and fixate it to start with your task.

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