Best Modern Dual Flush Toilets for Bathroom Reviews

Your bathroom fittings are meant to be of excellent quality always. Choosing to go with low-quality bathroom fitting and setting means you will have to compromise in the long run. No matter what you do and how your house is, you should always have the best for your bathrooms. With dual flush toilets, you can keep yourself clean and totally free of any germs.

Read more about the dual flush toilets’ advantages and find the right product here. Choice of 10 products so that you end up choosing the most preferred one, every single product is available for you to buy.

10. American Standard Dual Flush Round Front Toilet

Dual Flush Toilets

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Featuring a chrome-plated top-mounted push-button activator, this dual flush round toilet is absolutely easy and effortless to use. The seat however will have to be bought separately. In order to make sure the toilet bowl looks clean and stain-free. Besides, it has been finished with an ever clean surface. Keep the shine alive for the longest time.

Always enjoy the highest efficiency and performance with the help of water sense technology. So, you are going to be the one who will enjoy a clean surface.

Key features:

  • In the dual flush operation, there are options of 0.92 and 1.28 gpf flow rates.
  • Optimal UHET performance is always assured by the siphon jet bowl technology and power wash rim.
  • A lifetime warranty on the chinaware and five years of warranty on the mechanical parts ensures a risk-free purchase.

9. WOODBRIDGE Modern Comfort Height Dual Flush Toilets

WOODBRIDGE Modern Comfort Height Dual Flush Toilets

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This modern dual flush toilet set is something that will be perfect for modern homes and spaces. Designed to satisfy your desire for good looks, this clean and luxurious-looking toilet is a must-have. Featuring a skirted trap way, the toilet is very easy to clean and maintain. Owing to the fact it doesn’t use any grooves or corners, you can easily clean this whenever needed.

The innovative full glaze flush system not only delivers powerful siphon flushing but also makes the process quiet and noise-free. Finally, this is the US and Canada UPC and CSA certified product and also meets the safety standards of ANSI.

Key features:

  • In the package, you will get a toilet seat, toilet, water fittings, and all-important hardware along with a hand wrench tool.
  • The soft closing seat is finished with a seat hinge of stainless steel.
  • Chair height design for maximum comfort and convenience of using the toilet.

8. TOTO Drake Two-Piece Elongated Dual Flush Toilets

TOTO Drake Two-Piece Elongated Dual Flush Toilets

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Check out this excellent and upgraded ceramic dual flush toilet from the house of Toto store. As this is Amazon’s Choice product, you can be totally sure that you will get a toilet set of high-end quality and make. Using a Dynamax tornado flush, this utilizes 360° of cleaning so that dirt and stain are cleaned from every single corner. The new and upgraded design is aimed towards making it more compact and space-saving.

Live in an apartment with a small bathroom or want to install a toilet in any small space? This will fit perfectly. Being round in shape is not going to kill the beauty of the room.

Key features:

  • The surface has Cefiontect ceramic glaze so that debris and mold stay away from the ceramic surface.
  • As it uses a rimless design on the inner bowl you will get minimum water flow resistance for more effective cleaning.
  • The cotton white color will not ruin even after extensive use.

7. Luxury Modern One-Piece Dual Flush Toilet for Compact Bathroom

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Certainly, a luxurious dual flush toilet system will elevate the style and finish in any bathroom. It is easy to install a toilet that is most suited for modern homes. Supremely convenient and user-friendly, the overall finish and design ensure a toilet that remains cleaner and brighter. The self-cleaning glazed surface is extremely easy to maintain.

One can conveniently clean the toilet inside out with little or no effort. The fully glazed flush looks amazing to the eyes while the super quiet flush ensures zero cloggings ever.

Key features:

  • Modern and compact, the one-piece design makes it suitable for smaller spaces and bathrooms.
  • The package includes every little important thing from floor bolts to instruction and toilet seat.
  • Leak-proof and extremely effective siphon flushing system for maximum cleaning after every usage.

6. KOHLER Highline Comfort Height Elongated Dual Flush Toilet

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When it comes to toilet and toilet accessories, one name that you can always rely on is Kohler. Just like every single toilet you see from this brand, this amazing flush toilet is something that you can always depend on. The smart elongated design is quite unique and is primarily focused on delivering more room and comfort.  More suited for smaller-sized bathrooms.

Also, it uses a good comfort height seat that measures the height of a chair. Therefore, you can easily get up and sit. In the package, you will however not get the toilet seat.

Key features:

  • Standard 12-inches rough-in for maximum compatibility and convenience.
  • The trip lever is on the right hand and has choices of 1.1 or 1.6 gallons per flush.
  • Meets the strict EPA flushing guidelines so that you can save water and reduce consumption.

5. American Standard Dual Flush Toilet

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Choose this useful dual flush toilet design from American Standard. Hence, bring home the latest innovation that is aimed at making your life easier. As this is a dual flush toilet, you will get to choose either 1.1 gallons or 1.6 gallons of water per flush. The choice of heavy or light flush can be selected with the help of a push-button.

In terms of cleaning this mark the highest, the unique smooth sides combined with concealing trap way. Hence, ensures effortless and easy cleaning always.

Key features:

  • With every flush, you can clean the bowl better as it uses power wash rim scrubbing.
  • The stains on the surface will be cleaned better with the ever clean surface.
  • Ultimate comfort and convenience are assured by the right height design.

4. Winzo ADA Comfort Height Dual Flush Toilet

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Thoughtfully designed to not only deliver the best of toilet cleaning and maintenance, this even understands your comfort. Featuring an ADA compliant seat height of 17-inches, you can easily sit down or get up. If you have old-age people or individuals with mobility issues, this comes in useful. The soft closing seat not only feels premium and but also maintains the silence.

One can easily maintain the toilet always owing to the unique quick-release design. As the toilets are factory flush tested, you can be sure there will never be any issues of leaking.

Key features:

  • Low water consumption makes it suitable for a modern time when water is very important and we have a shortage.
  • Choice of 0.8 and 1.6 gpf so that you can use flush the way you need to.
  • A skirted trap way ensures the least trapping of the dirt, therefore less cleaning.

3. DeerValley Small Compact Dual-Flush Elongated One-Piece Toilet

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Deer Valley has designed this toilet to make sure anyone who chooses to get this. They are sure to include good looks and great functionality in their home. Stylish and one-piece design, this luxurious and modern-day toilet is suitable for all kinds of bathrooms. Offering you chair-height seating, most adults will be able to use this without any struggles.

Always convenient get-up and down from the toilet seat. As this uses a fully glazed flush, you can be sure to get a super quiet and powerful flush without any hassles of clogging.

Key features:

  • Self-cleaning glazed toilet surface, you can be sure that the toilet will remain stain-free and clean for the longest time.
  • Space saver design, the compact size is more suited for smaller-sized bathrooms.
  • Totally leak-proof, the high efficient dual flushing is as amazing as you can imagine.

2. TOTO Aquia IV WASHLET Elongated Dual Flush Toilet

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With all the amazing features and innovations designed onto one single toilet, this one uses the benefit of Dynamax tornado flushing. With the help of this, you will get 360° cleaning power. Hence, the entire toilet never looks anything short of shiny.

Moreover, it remains extremely clean and beautiful mostly as it even uses Cefiontect ceramic glaze in it. No hassles of debris and mold damaging the ceramic surfaces in any way.

Key features:

  • Comes with a soft close seat so that you can bid farewell to the slammed lids.
  • Sleek and understated look, as this is has a skirted and one-piece design; it is much easier to clean.
  • The bowl design promotes quieter and more powerful flushing because it reduces the water flow resistance.

1. DeerValley High-Efficiency Comfort-Height Dual Flush Toilet

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Yet another intelligent and well-designed toilet system from the house of Deer Valley. Dual flushing means you can either choose to flush 1.28 GPF of water or just 0.8 GPF, according to your needs. Not only it brings in more convenience but also helps in saving water. Also, this is a complete package so that you end up buying everything together.

From instruction to floor bolts, wax ring, seat, and toilet, there will be no need to buy anything during installation. Unlike two-piece toilets, the fully skirted trap way makes it easier to clean corners and grooves.

Key features:

  • A Push-button removable lid adds the convenience of using it however you need.
  • A soft-closing lid always ensures peace and no disturbance no matter how many times you use it.

Toilet hygiene is extremely essential. No matter where you live or what you do, if you do not have proper toilet hygiene, you will become prone to diseases. So, the dual flush toilet mechanism is here to make the personal time inside the toilet quite fresh and safe.

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