Best Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pumps Reviews

Fuel transfer is a crucial and complicated operation that should be dealt with carefully. The wrong kind of machinery can not only damage the whole process but has the potential to cause irreplaceable damage. If you are into fuel transferring, you should have a look at the safe diaphragm pumps. These pumps will help in the smooth execution of the entire process without any leaks.

Assuring a steady and safe performance always, the pumps we have selected here are from the most reliable names in the market. They have great quality and equally good performance guarantee.

10. Fuelworks Double Diaphragm Pumps – Aluminium Air Operated Pneumatic Pump

Diaphragm Pumps

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Do you need a heavy-duty diaphragm pump in your workplace? Obviously, this one has a set of good qualities and features to offer. Nevertheless, a 12GPM of flow rate with self-priming capabilities allows you to deal with large amounts of pressure. Furthermore, it can easily handle pressures of up to 116 PSI with the right efficiency and speed. The huge suction height of 164ft makes it suitable for professional applications where your work is spread over multiple stories.

Built out of aluminum, the overall sturdiness is amazing and the pump as a whole is very lightweight and compact. So, you will get the complete efficiency of work.

Key features:

  • The industry-standard air inlet and out sizes for best results.
  • The air distribution system is externally serviceable.
  • Has cast aluminum housing for outstanding quality.

9. Double Diaphragm Air Pump PII.75A Chemical Industrial Aluminum 3/4″ NPT Inlet / Outlet

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Built with excellent quality, it works with a great amount of confidence and surety across any field. Most importantly, this pump features industrial standard aluminum with Santoprene as the primary material. Certainly, it comes with a ball valve seat and diaphragm which are of Teflon and stainless steel.

Furthermore, the ¾-inches NPT inlet and outlet makes it readily workable with the most common attachments. Indeed, in every industry that requires fuel transfer, this is one of the most reliable options to look at. Of course, any kind of low-viscosity petroleum fluid and alkali is certainly workable with this pump.

Key features:

  • The industrial diaphragm pump is rather completely resistant against abrasion, chemicals, and heat.
  • Next, it has an impressive suction lift of 84 ft works fine in most industries.
  • Besides, it has a great flow rate of 3litre/8mins which aids in the entire fuel transfer process.

8. SOFEDY Air-Operated Double Membrane Diaphragm Pumps for Industrial Use Waste HCL

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Of course, it is very important you only rely on the best-performing machinery. Obviously, when you are dealing with them in your professional sector. Certainly, Sofedy offers this air-operated diaphragm pump with sheer quality and great engineering. So, you will never have any complaints regarding the performance. Also, environmentally sound and safe, it is phenomenal. Furthermore, the design features a state-of-the-art bolt construction so that leakage never turns out to be a damaging factor.

Above all, the whole unit is safe from damages due to unavoidable abrasion, chemical exposure, and rising heat. Install this in the most unfavorable conditions also and this machine will keep working at its prime best.

Key features:

  • The optimum level of air efficiency is guaranteed by the motor design here.
  • The air valve is unbalanced so that you do not face any stalling during the operation.
  • Choose the different porting options for different applications.

7. Ingersol Polypropylene PTFE Multiport Double Diaphragm Pumps

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Obviously, a good pump has multiple benefits in your industry. Certainly, it becomes a factor of consideration when you have to transfer fluid with great efficiency. The flow rate and speed of the fuel flow have to be extraordinary. Only then you can maintain the whole workflow in your workplace.

If you are looking for one such pump, check this one with a huge speed of 13GPM. Having ½-inches NPT fluid connections, obviously, there is never going to be an issue with compatibility. As a matter of fact, all connections are workable with this.

Key features:

  • Firstly, the fluid caps are of polypropylene for great quality assurance.
  • Next, it has Air operating functionality for impressive efficiency.
  • Lastly, Polypropylene seats and PTFE balls make the whole operation smooth.

6. Cozyel Air-Operated Diaphragm Pump Double Diaphragm Pumps

Cozyel Air-Operated Diaphragm Pump Double Diaphragm Pumps

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Certainly, it has a sturdy build for the most secure performance that you can always rely on. Next, this leak-proof diaphragm pump is safe from corrosion and has a great service life. Furthermore, innovative and sure bolting construction guarantees the entire process and operation is always without fuel leakage. Plus, the easy-to-access ball checks and fluid caps make the whole process user-friendly. So, you will have no problem using it.

The air distribution system is also externally serviceable and ensures worry less usage every day. Finally, it uses a modular air valve which is of low pulsation so that the whole efficiency is improved and downtime is reduced.

Key features:

  • The industry-standard flow rate of 13 GPM offers a great performance guarantee.
  • Enhanced performance is assured by the high-quality glyd ring and double-acting seal.
  • Easy and hassle-free operation with the ¼-inches inlet and NPT fittings.

5. AmazonCommercial Heavy Duty Double Diaphragm Transfer Pump

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Are dealing with non-flammable fuel and willing to speed up the process of fuel transfer? You need to find out a good pump like this. Build for heavy-duty applications, this self-priming pneumatic pump is capable of delivering a commendable flow rate of 50LPM. Most of the places like fuel stations, construction sites, mining stations and similar areas of working can use this well-designed pump.

It works well with a maximum pressure of 116 PSI and the ¼-inches NPT air inlet lets you deal with the majorly used attachments.

Key features:

  • Offers a maximum head of 164-feet and a suction height of 10-ft.
  • Compact and lightweight body for easy handling and aluminum body make it very durable.
  • Comes with a limited warranty of 1 year for worry-less usage.

4. Szichmy Outlet Low Viscosity Petroleum Fluids Cast Iron for Chemical Industrial Use

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Work with the Szichmy cast iron diaphragm pump and never complain about any issues when it comes to your need for extraordinary fuel transfer. Indeed the perfect solution your industry has been waiting for! The air-operated pump has a superior amount of abrasion and heat resistance, to begin with. It also adopts a bolted construction so you can always enjoy hassle-free and leak-free working.

This type of design also ensures that even if you are dealing with fluid and fuel, there is no risk of damaging the environment in any way. Do not use corrosive liquids like Acid or Alkali to make sure that the machine runs smoothly forever.

Key features:

  • No-stall operation is assured by the unique unbalanced air valve.
  • The ball checks and fluid caps have easy access for quick maintenance and repairs.
  • Impressive air efficiency owing to the motor design.

3. Happybuy Air-Operated Double Diaphragm Pumps

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The quality of construction and durability are important factors for machinery that are used in the industries. As this pump is of stainless steel and has a double diaphragm design with air-operated functionality, the final outcome is actually amazing. There is never a compromise with the quality of performance and the pump offers a maximum heat of 196.8ft. This number is quite a benchmark and is higher than most of the options out there. Also, it has a maximum pressure rating of 115PSI for a better overall experience.

A Double-acting seal and top-quality glyd ring enhance the performance to match and satisfy your needs. The ¼-inches NPT fitting is another added benefit that improves the compatibility. Most standard shop fittings are of this size and make sure you can extract the best out of this pump without any hassles. The entire body of the diaphragm pump is safe from corrosion damage and you will be able to use this for the longest time period. For easy access and maintenance, the designers have installed an externally serviceable air distribution system.

Key features:

  • All bolted construction makes the pump safe for your workplace and environment.
  • Uses a modular air valve for stall-free workability.
  • A low pulsation air valve also increases efficiency while reducing downtime.

2. Roughneck Air-Operated Double Diaphragm Oil Pump 

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Double diaphragm pump that can easily operate under a pressure range of 29Psi to 115Psi, the ½-inches diameter inlet and outlet is widely usable with major types of fittings. Enjoy a massive flow rate of 12GPM even at temperatures of 200°F, all kinds of low viscosity petroleum fluids are workable with this.

It is smooth starting in nature and the self-priming capabilities enhance the overall user experience. Featured inside it is a Nitrilite elastomer so that you can have great fun with the low-temperature usage and elasticity.

Key features:

  • Features a top-quality glyd ring for better sealing and commendable performance.
  • Cast aluminum housing is extremely durable and offers surety of performance.
  • The air distribution system is externally serviceable and offers more convenience.

1. Amazon Commercial Heavy Duty Double Diaphragm Transfer Pump

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This diaphragm pump from the house of Amazon commercial is undoubtedly top-notch and delivers a stand-out performance always. Self-priming and pneumatic combine together to reward you with a huge flow rate of 13GPM. Extremely workable in most places where there is a need for fuel transfer, the maximum pressure it can handle is a huge 116Psi. Moreover, the maximum head is a huge 164 feet for accommodating suspended solids of 1/8-inches width.

Finally, it has a compact lightweight builds with an aluminum polypropylene combination. A mere 12 pounds will certainly not feel that heavy.

Key features:

  • PTFE ball valves are widely usable and offer smoother operation.
  • It certainly has a suction height of 10-ft that is pretty good for the users.

Of course, fuel transfer is an important factor when you have a business that deals with fuel directly. Certainly, choosing to work with the right set of machinery and tools can really help you with the entire process. Therefore, pick the preferred diaphragm capacity and stay in safe hands.

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