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Storing all your items efficiently can be difficult. However, with deck storage boxes, you can obviously gain a smart storage solution. Highly versatile and stylish, you can easily place these boxes inside or outside your house in your patio. Most importantly, they complement all kinds of home decor easily. So, you will be able to store your essentials efficiently in style. Furthermore, a good deck box has durable construction and can last for a lifetime. Thus, it does not leave you any room for second thoughts.

If you are looking for popular deck storage boxes, you are in the right place. Here, we are bringing to you the best ones available. Have a look to know all the valuable insights.

10. Keter Eden 70 Gallon Patio Deck Storage Boxes – Outdoor Storage Bench

Deck Storage Boxes

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Keter has an amazing deck storage bench box that is used for multiple purposes at multiple settings. In terms of storage, the box doesn’t lack any. On the interior, you get a depth of over 15 inches and that makes a capacity of around 70 gallons. With that kind of hidden space, you would be able to store anything from toys, hardware, accessories, and supplies to any other thing you can imagine. This storage box also has an exceptional build quality and is made from dense resin. Due to that, it isn’t under the risk of water or dust damage.

Most spills and stains can be removed easily since it doesn’t get soaked into the material. While you get tough weather resistance of resin, this has a wooden texture. As a result, is pleasant and almost therapeutic to the touch. You get the best of aesthetics and strength with this amazing storage box.

Key features:

  • It has bench space to sit on with armrests on either side for comfort.
  • It has an incredible weight capacity of around 771 pounds so that it can handle the weight of multiple people.
  • Latch will fit a thick padlock so that you can secure the contents of the box.

9. Lifetime Plastic Deck Storage Boxes for Garden

Lifetime Plastic Deck Storage Boxes for Garden

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Lifetime stands apart from most of the competition with its innovative design and unparalleled build quality. It has a construction from highly dense PE material that gives it immense strength and durability. This strength factor gets a further boost due to the double-walled design. It can keep the inner content of your box dry without an issue due to the weather-resistant seal.

However, its most attractive feature is probably its lid that is operated by a spring hinge. That means you can completely open up the lid without breaking a sweat.

Key features:

  • Since it is covered by a 10 year warranty period, you can buy it without any worries.
  • The lid also acts as a bench and can hold the weight of your full family with a weight-bearing capacity of 600 pounds.
  • Since it is UV-protected, the color won’t fade away easily.

8. AmazonBasics 134-Gallon Waterproof Outdoor Patio Storage Box

AmazonBasics 134-Gallon Outdoor Deck Storage Boxes

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AmazonBasics is an Amazon brand and whenever they come up with something, it usually isn’t good news for the competition. This lockable deck storage box has a similar story. As a matter of fact, it is available at a tremendous capacity of 99 and 134 gallons at a bargain price. Apart from that the lid also has a shock-assisted mechanism that allows you to open it with negligible labor. Plus, it doesn’t slam onto the box when you close it down.

Having a contemporary style, you can certainly clean it with a simple wipe. As it is lockable, every little item will stay safe inside it.

Key features:

  • The manufacturing defects and faults are taken care of with a 1 year warranty period.
  • It has a construction of resin to give it an authentic look and feel.
  • Handles are built into the box so that you can carry them with ease.

7. Best Outdoor Wicker Patio Deck Storage Box for Cushions, Pillows, Pool Accessories

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Best Choice Products has a wicker deck storage box that acts as multi-purpose furniture and brings a lot to offer you. It has a frame made of strong and rust-resistant steel. The frame is then woven over with wicker material. Therefore, it makes it resistant to elements of nature and doesn’t bring any drawbacks to materials like wood. It also features pneumatic hinges so that you don’t have to expend extra effort for opening it up.

Furthermore, you can store pillows, cushions, and even pool essentials inside it. To be precise, it is an extra-large product to keep everything arranged.

Key features:

  • Since it is relatively lightweight, you can move it around easily.
  • Strong and resilient enough to handle as much as 440 pounds of weight.
  • Legs provide ground clearance, that keeps the bottom safe and raised above the wet and dirty ground.

6. YardStash YSSB02 Outdoor Deck Storage Box

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Even when you compare this versatile outdoor deck storage box with those made from different kinds of plastic, this one holds its own. It isn’t just lightweight, but also collapsible. You aren’t limited to using this box in one place. Use it at home or take it with you on your camping trip. It is assembled with minimal effort anywhere and is packed up into a compact space within no time.

In terms of space, the box offers probably the highest value for money. It gives you immense storage space and is used without the fear of a downpour. It has construction from tarpaulin which is known for its heavy-duty properties and weather resistance. You don’t have to worry about water leaking into the box. In fact, the seams are welded and the internal pole frame maintains the shape of the box.

Key features:

  • Keeps rodents, pests, and other types of bugs away.
  • The adjustment straps placed at strategic points help you control the size and fit of the box.
  • The front mesh is splash-proof and helps to keep the box ventilated to avoid a stale stench.

5. Suncast 73-Gallon Medium Deck Box – Lightweight Resin Indoor Outdoor Storage Container 

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Suncast has a fabulous storage box that is moderately sized so that you can use it anywhere you want. You can fit it in your small patio, keep it in the garage for storing tools, use it by the pool for storing towels and toys, or anywhere else. The 73-gallon capacity won’t disappoint you. And you can get easy access to the inside of the box since it opens up fully with the help of the hinges.

Moreover, this waterproof deck storage box will keep the belongings safe from any harm. Having perfect size, it will sit perfectly in your living room.

Key features:

  • Interesting design with multilayered walls and molds for reinforcement.
  • During rain, water flows off the sides without invading the interior of the box.
  • Has large handles on the side for easily carrying the box.

4. Suncast 122-Gallon Waterproof Outdoor Storage Container

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Suncast has a storage box that is feature-rich and brings you a lot for the money you spend on it. With both length and depth over 25-inches and width over 50-inches, the storage box has a humongous capacity. Inside you can stuff anything that fits, including your pool toys, tools, foldable patio furniture, and more. The total capacity of over 120 gallons would probably fit all of that together.

The lid at the top also has a top-of-the-line build quality that allows you to use it as a bench. Whether you use the box at your garage, by the poolside, or in the backyard, you can store things and sit on it to take a break.

Key features:

  • Rainwater doesn’t get inside to spoil the inner contents.
  • It can be assembled with minimal everyday tools within a short time.
  • Apart from water resistance, it is also protected from UV damage.

3. Keter Westwood 150 Gallon Resin Large Deck Box – Organization and Storage for Patio Furniture

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Keter has probably impressed you before and isn’t afraid to do it again with their incredible deck storage box. It beats out all the competition if aesthetics are the only judging criteria. The beautiful design that mimics wooden panels and texture makes it an affordable piece of furniture in your backyard or garage.

It can also store around 150 gallons of storage. Therefore, you can fit all your garden tools and supplies within a single box.  As a matter of fact, it even acts as a seating arrangement that can carry a weight up to 660lbs.

Key features:

  • It is easy to maintain since it doesn’t need to be oiled or restored from rust or warp damage.
  • This has a construction of polypropylene that will endure every sort of weather adversities.
  • Hydraulic pistons lift up the top and cut down your work.

2. Keter Borneo 110 Gallon Organization and Storage for Patio Furniture

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Another incredible storage box from Keter will bring you a lot of value. The storage box has a construction of resin. And has a premium texture that makes it stand out from the rest of the competition. The box is extra large with decent dimensions that make up for a capacity of 110 gallons. That allows you to store everything from tools and equipment to toys and towels.

You can use it both indoors or outdoors in the backyard or by the pool. Even though it isn’t waterproof, it has high weather resistance and keeps all the inside content dry. So even if you go out on a trip for a week and the box stays outside amid light rain, you won’t return to a mess after your vacation.

Key features:

  • The lid is lockable securely with regular padlocks so that nothing gets stolen.
  • You don’t have to deal with issues like rusting, peeling, or denting since it isn’t made from metal or wood.
  • It has an automatic opening mechanism that lets you open up the lid with little to no effort.

1. Lifetime 60040 Plastic Deck Box

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Another fantastic deck storage box from Lifetime that will blow away all your expectations. It has been forged from high-density polyethylene material that makes it rigid and sturdy enough to last you for years. It also has spring hinges that share the labor when you open up the lid. Plus, it allows you to open it up for more than 90 degrees. This allows you easy and uninterrupted access to the inside of the box.

Finally, it also prevents the annoyance that is created when lids slam shut on boxes. So, safe shutting and safer operation.

Key features:

  • Won’t peel, crack or fade due to its UV-protected panels.
  • The simple assembly allows you to use the box within a short time of unboxing.

So, whenever you are looking for a more casual yet effective way of storage both indoors and outdoors, opt for the deck organizer boxes. Hence, all your items will remain safe and under full protection.

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