Best Portable Copper Water Bottles for Travel Reviews

Water is obviously one of the most important components to sustain life. We drink water nowadays mostly from plastic bottles. However, plastic bottles are not only harmful to our health but it pollutes the environment too. Thus, it is better to opt for copper water bottles. Copper bottles, of course, provide an exquisite taste and offers health benefits to the users. Plus, it makes sure that the water stays cool at all times.

Nevertheless, it can be hard to choose the right bottle amidst the different types of products available. Take a look at our review and know about the copper water bottle benefits and switch to a healthy lifestyle.

10. Berigora 30oz Ayurvedic Pure Copper Water Bottles

Copper Water Bottles

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Plastic bottles don’t just have the potential to deteriorate your health. But they are also polluting the planet every day and entering the food chain. Berigora brings to you a premium quality Ayurvedic copper water bottle that changes your perception. Furthermore, it helps you get your daily dose of hydration the right way. Drinking from a copper vessel has been known to be beneficial for you in many ways. Moreover, it doesn’t have the odd taste, you get from water in plastic bottles.

You don’t even get the slightest hint of the metallic taste that you get from water in this copper bottle. It is far better in comparison to bottles of stainless steel. The copper that it uses for making this beautiful bottle is of fine quality. Thus, it would make the product last for a very long time. You don’t have to worry about damage from corrosion either. Above all, the exterior comes with a lacquer coating.

Key features:

  • With a small lid, there are no leaks and spills from the side when you drink from it
  • Large enough opening to allow you to clean the inside of the bottle easily
  • With an O-ring in the threading, there is extra leak protection

9. Kosdeg 34 Oz Extra Large Copper Water Bottles – An Ayurvedic Copper Vessel

Kosdeg 34 Oz Extra Large Copper Water Bottles

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Kosdeg offers you a wonderful copper bottle that fits your budget and helps you do your part for the environment. A single copper bottle would help you to replace hundreds of plastic water bottles you use every day and also help you to save hundreds of dollars you spend to quench your thirst. The bottle also makes the chilled water you store in it taste better.

You don’t have to worry about the stability of the bottle either. It has a raised bottom that helps you to rest it easily on any flat ground.

Key features:

  • The lid has a textured surface so that you don’t have to struggle to open the bottle.
  • Since it is made from pure copper there’s no risk of rusting.
  • It has a raised bottom that helps you to rest it easily on any flat ground.

8. Otiem 100% Pure Copper Water Bottle with Lid

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Otiem is a proud North American brand that offers you splendid products that are functional and stylish and have done the same with this bottle. This leak-proof copper water bottle from the brand has extremely high purity, unlike the competition. Hence, helps you improve your health while providing you with a fashionable accessory to carry around. The smooth surface of the bottle and its precise curves with a flat bottom are a few features that make it gorgeous. It also boasts great ergonomics.

You won’t have any problem maintaining your grip on the bottle and the lid is also rolled outwards to prevent you from spilling water while drinking from the bottle.

Key features:

  • Since it comes with a month’s warranty period, you can buy it without any worries.
  • Drinking water from the bottle can help stimulate your cardiovascular health and brainpower.
  • The taste of water is improved inside the bottle.

7. Rastogi Handicrafts Pure Copper Bottle Bottle for Drinking Water Storage & Yoga Bottle

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There are tons of benefits you can get by using this copper bottle from Rastogi. The positive health benefits of copper are endless. It helps to stimulate your brain, regulates your body fat and cholesterol, and can even reduce joint pains. Fill up the bottle with water and let it rest overnight and then consume it in the morning. And throughout the day to benefit from the copper-induced waters antioxidant properties.

With a copper water bottle capacity of 500 ml, it will help you stay hydrated. Lastly, for having the maximum benefits out of it, clean it at least once a week.

Key features:

  • The sufficiently large-sized lid helps you to clean the bottle effectively.
  • Its mildly hammered design looks stunning, especially when light reflects off the surface
  • Also, the taste of water greatly improves inside the bottle.

6. Peak Life Premium Quality Hammered Leak Proof Copper Water Bottle

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Peak Life always makes some of the best-hammered water copper bottles you can find on the market. And it is clearly evident by the superior design of their products. This bottle from the brand has a decent capacity of 950ml or 32oz and can get you through the day. Unlike most other competing products on the market, this one has been handcrafted carefully by skilled craftsmen and that’s the reason you get a unique and beautiful product instead of a machine stamped low-quality product.

The bottle is so gorgeous with its rich copper color and hammered design. As a result, it can work as a bold fashion statement for you and can even become a conversation piece when guests visit your home. Unlike stainless steel bottles that have joints or welds, this bottle is made from a single sheet of copper. And hence has superior strength. It also means that no chemical torches have been used for welding this brilliant product.

Key features:

  • The heavyweight of the bottle helps to keep it stable over any surface and also tells you about its quality.
  • Its lid is rounded and rolled out to prevent messy spills when you drink from the bottle.
  • You would be able to reap Ayurvedic benefits when you drink from the bottle.

5. HealthGoodsIn Pure Copper Bottle for Reaping Ayurveda Benefits

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Made from 99 percent pure copper, this bottle from HealthGoodsIn is a great investment. It brings you health benefits without burning a hole through your budget. Next, it costs way less compared to most other competing products in the market without compromising quality. So you get higher value for every dollar you spend on it.

You would also find copper bottles from other manufacturers to be coated with harmful chemical products that defeat the purpose of buying a copper water bottle. This one doesn’t have any such coating and can be maintained in all its glory with regular maintenance.

Key features:

  • Can hold over 30 fluid ounces of water.
  • For providing you with the maximum benefits, it has been manufactured in India.
  • The opening has a smaller diameter compared to the body for better ergonomics.

4. Rastogi Handicrafts Pure Copper Water Bottle for Drinking Water Storage

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Rastogi Handicrafts has a special copper bottle that will serve your hydration needs and can also be used for other purposes. Just the shape of the bottle shows you hours of hard work and devotion that have gone into the creation of the bottle. Since it is handmade, each and every bottle is unique in its own way instead of cloned copies that are sold by other brands.

The bottle is made out of pure copper. And drinking water from it is much better for your health compared to plastic bottles, single-use, or otherwise.

Key features:

  • Due to copper’s anti-microbial properties, you don’t have to worry about getting sick from germs.
  • Copper-infused water from the bottle tastes much better.
  • Tapered around the middle so that you can have a strong grip.

3. Buddha4all Leak Proof Ayurvedic Copper Water Bottle for Health Benefits

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Buddha4all has a fantastic water bottle that will help you reduce your carbon footprint drastically. In fact, it also helps you to save money in the long run. This bottle is made from top-quality copper that has natural anti-microbial properties. That means when you fill up the bottle with water, germs stay away and you also taste delicious water. Hence, it has a hint of a pleasant aftertaste.

You would also be able to feel the solid build quality of the bottle that makes it weigh around 30o grams. The lid has a solid textured ring that extends out of the body to the sides and adds grip for easy opening.

Key features:

  • Forged by skilled craftsman in India.
  • This has Ayurvedic properties and lets you enjoy all the health benefits.

2. Prisha India Craft Homemade Pure Copper Yoga Water Bottle – Thermos Flask 

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Prisha India Craft offers you a set of two wonderful copper bottles. Hence, helps you reap the positive benefits of metal in your daily life. At the price of one, you get two top-quality bottles that are crafted from highly pure copper. There are plenty of benefits when you drink from a copper bottle. And one of them is that it can help to melt away extra fat in your body. When you drink copper-infused water, you may get a natural way of getting rid of those extra pounds and it also promotes better digestion.

Drinking water from a copper pot is also good for your skin and may help to preserve your youthful look for a longer period. For best results, you can fill up the bottles with water overnight and let them get positively charged. After that drink it in the morning and even a few times throughout the day.

Key features:

  • The bottle has brilliant aesthetics with its hammered external surface.
  • It has been meticulously handcrafted and hence you always get a unique product.
  • With a large capacity of 900ml, you can also take it with you for your daily hydration needs.

1. Buddha4all Ayurvedic Drinking Water Pure Copper Vessel for Health Benefits

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Another fabulous product from Buddha4all is to quench your thirst without polluting the earth. Due to its pure copper construction, you don’t have to worry about rusting. Furthermore, it doesn’t corrode easily either. The bottle has a streamlined and smooth exterior surface. Hence, it is nice to the touch and feels awesome in your hands due to its weight. It isn’t fragile like glass bottles.

And since it is made from copper, when you drink from the bottle you also welcome healthy changes.

Key features:

  • Cleaning it is easy and can be done with regular substances like vinegar or lime, found in the kitchen.
  • The vintage look adds a feeling of antiquity.
  • Most importantly, it brings marvelous changes to your weight and skin.

So, get involved in a healthy drinking habit. The copper bottle cleaning is effortless and will eradicate the basic hassles of removing stains. Know everything about it.

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