Best Full Size Cooling Weighted Blankets for Adults & Kids Reviews

People suffer from inconsistent and irregular sleep every single night. No matter how much you try to sleep, if you are not comfortable up to the maximum, it becomes really troubling. One small and innovative change can really transform your entire sleeping cycle and habit. Totally non-invasive and side effects free, all you need is the cooling weighted blankets. These blankets make you feel like someone is hugging you while sleeping, thereby making you feel all the more comfortable.

Need more information regarding these picks? Just go through the article and pick the cooling weighted blanket’s size in order to get one for yourself right away. Check for the quality of make and materials so that you are never unhappy with what you have bought.

10. LUNA Queen Size Cooling Weighted Blankets for Adults – 20 lbs

Cooling Weighted Blankets

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Tackle the discomfort and sleep under warmth and comfort every single night by using this adult cooling weighted blanket. Having a construction of entirely cotton, this blanket has 7 layers of design and all streamlined into a single blanket. Owing to this, heat and weight have an even distribution to your entire body. There are small pockets stitched into the blanket that ensures equal and even weight distribution.

This blanket is super plush and premium every single time. Filled with cloud-like fabric and featuring a natural soft cotton fabric, this blanket offers great breathability. Hence, ensuring top-notch comfort on every occasion.

Key features:

  • Oeko-Tex certified the blanket doesn’t use any harmful substances or chemicals that can cause different sorts of displeasure.
  • Hypoallergenic and earth-friendly, this blanket takes care of you and also the environment.
  • Easy to wash and care, you can cold wash or hand wash the blanket to keep it fresh and nice.

9. WONAP Queen Size Cooling Weighted Blankets – 15 lbs

WONAP Queen Size Cooling Weighted Blankets - 15 lbs

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Keeping comfort and relaxation in mind for using this on a daily basis, this is a blanket that has a natural bamboo fabric. Ultra-soft cotton compartments on the inner side enhance the overall comfort, making sure you use it without any doubts. Hypoallergenic construction allows everyone to use this and the entire blanket is non-toxic in nature. Also, it uses odorless premium glass beads filled evenly into the compartments.

These glass beads are spread throughout the blanket so that you enjoy the same pressure throughout. Thereby helping you enjoy a deeper and more relaxing sleep. It has a satisfaction guarantee, if you are unhappy with the blanket, you can ask for a refund.

Key features:

  • Breathable cooling weighted blanket fabric eliminates the discomfort caused by humidity.
  • Glass beads deliver a cold touch and aids in keeping you cool all through the night for better sleep.
  • No hassles of glass beads leaking because the blanket gets dense stitches and durable threading.

8. ZonLi  20 lbs Weighted Blanket Cooling with Glass Beads

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This is a 60-inches X 80-inches glass bead cooling weighted blanket designed coming from the brand Zonli. The weight of the blanket is a good 20 pounds. So, it readily helps you sleep better at night by providing much-needed pressure and weight. Ideal for all-season use, the blanket has premium quality materials and impeccable quality craftsmanship.

Featuring a high-density sewing technology, this blanket has two layers of microfiber. Hence, ensures the beads do not leak and the threading doesn’t loosen up. On the inner side, the blanket has small square pockets for even distribution of the glass beads. No matter how you use this, you will always get even weight to your entire body. This blanket works fine for people within a weight range of 200 pounds to 250 pounds.

Key features:

  • If you are using a duvet cover you will get loops that secure it properly.
  • Uses two layers of soft cotton fabric to make sure you sleep at perfect temperature always.
  • Has 24 hours of customer service to make sure you have no issues using it.

7. Weighted Twin Size Cool Weighted Blanket 15 lbs

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If you are having trouble sleeping at night, you should consider using a weighted blanket in your sleep routine. These blankets are not like your ordinary ones because this has a significant weight to them that mimics the feeling of getting hugs. Thereby allowing you to sleep better. Will certainly last and perform and never compromise with the quality of sleep, this high-quality blanket is super soft. All thanks to its 100% natural cotton construction.

Also, this delivers outstanding breathability so that when you are sleeping at night, you feel no issues or discomfort. As this uses no-glue padding, the beads on the inside will not move and the blanket is also odorless.

Key features:

  • 15 pounds of weight, this blanket is designed for individuals weighing around 140 pounds.
  • To make you feel better and more relaxed, you can also use the blanket with a duvet cover.
  • This blanket is OEKO registered and is totally hypoallergenic, non-toxic, and free of any chemicals.

6. YnM Twin Heavy Weighted Cooling Blanket

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A blanket that weighs 15 pounds, using this blanket on a regular basis. It means you will be able to sleep more calmly at night and have a peaceful sleep always. Featuring a multiple layer construction, this blanket has small 4.7-inches X 4.7-inches compartments. This smart design helps the blanket contour the shape of any individual. Therefore, assuring a personalized sleeping experience you cannot get anywhere else.

These small compartments also aid in better and even weight distribution. As a result, you get the same kind of pressure and weight all throughout your body.

Key features:

  • Unique 7 layer structure helps keep you cool and the glass beads deliver better temperature control.
  • Multiple designs and color options open up a diverse selection for you.
  • If needed you can also get a cooling bamboo duvet cover and use it with the blanket.

5. Syrinx Queen Size 15 lbs Weighted Blankets – Soft Heavy Quality Blanket with Glass Beads

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Once you start using this unique weighted blanket on a regular basis, you will know how much difference it can make to your lifestyle. This blanket gets a high quality of construction using premium quality materials. Breathable and comfortable, the blanket never makes you compromise your quality of sleep in any way. Also, when you turn, you will practically hear no sound or noise that can disrupt your sleep.

As a matter of fact, it has six layers of construction that deliver unmatched breathability along with a cool tactile user experience. So, why should you ditch comfort?

Key features:

  • Innovative quilting technology holds the glass beads properly in the pockets to help you enjoy uniform weight distribution.
  • Easy to clean and maintain, you can do air dry or spot cleaning if there are any issues.
  • Ideal for all adults of any age group.

4. Soothe Lab Cooling Weighted Blanket – Bamboo Weighted Blanket for Adult

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This is certainly of the most well-designed and well-made weighted blankets in the market. It has construction using bamboo viscose so that you get the proper kind of pressure and comfort for a restful sleep. Feels ultra-soft and silky smooth, the blanket uses a 300 thread count bamboo fabric on the outside.

Inside there are premium quality glass beads that can make you feel up to 3° cooler. Wake up refreshed and energized because when you sleep, you will feel super fine.

Key features:

  • Smart 7 layer design gets precision stitching using advanced sewing techniques for more durability and confidence.
  • No hassles of the glass beads leaking or rustling because the blanket gets the premium quality of make.
  • Easy to take care of and wash, the blanket is both machines washable and dryer safe.

3. AN Twin Size 15 lbs Weighted Blanket Cooling with Natural Glass Beads

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Having construction using 100% cotton, this cotton cooling weighted blanket ensures a natural sleep. Plus, this one is ideal both for kids and adults for sleeping at night. The natural method of construction has been approved by the researchers for safe and risk-free usage. The cotton used in the blanket is Oeko-Tex certified and is totally hypoallergenic in nature.

Moreover, on the inside of the blanket, there are non-toxic glass beads that you can depend on without any issues. 30 days of the return policy and 24/7 customer support make sure you can ask for a replacement if you are unhappy with the product.

Key features:

  • Keep the blanket nice and clean always because it is safe for hand washing and hanging dry.
  • 7 layers of sewing technology guarantee the beads will never leak or make you feel uncomfortable.
  • Weighs 15 pounds and is suited for people within the weight range of 140 to 160 pounds.

2. CuteKing King Size Cooling Weighted Blanket 25lbs for 200 lbs

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Luxury and comfort are redefined with this amazing cooling bamboo weighted blanket that you will love using on a regular basis. The superior quality and use of high-end materials ensure functionality that you will admire every single time you are using it. It feels ultra-soft and gets a silky smooth 300 thread count bamboo viscose construction.

Filled with premium quality tiny glass beads and thinner fibers, this blanket is hypoallergenic in nature. So, even individuals with allergies can use it. Lastly, if you are someone suffering from dust, pollen, or other allergens, you can still use it.

Key features:

  • There are many weights and sizes to choose from so that everyone can find a blanket suited for their use.
  • The compartments are sewed to precision so that it never leaks beads and hamper your sleep.
  • 30 days of refund policy, allowing you to choose this without any worries.

1. Thirdream Twin Size Cool Weighted Blanket with Washable Duvet Cover

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At the top of the list, this one-of-a-kind cooling blanket that will make you feel better on hot summer days. Totally amazing in terms of the design and make, the blanket even comes with a couple of duvet covers. This you can take out and clean whenever needed. No need to wash the entire blanket every time it gets dirty or stained.

As it simulates the feeling of being hugged, when you are sleeping at night, you can be sure you will sleep like a baby. As a matter of fact, it is ideal for all four seasons.

Key features:

  • Made for adults, the blanket has a weight of 15 pounds and measures 48-inches X 72-inches.
  • Light grey color looks great on any bed with any interior décor.
  • You can also get a bamboo eye mash at a 30% discount along with this blanket.

Comfort yourself during your sleep in the best possible manner. The cooling weighted heavy blankets will embrace you to lure you to sleep on any given day.

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