Best Compost Tumblers – Homemade Compost Bins For Making Fertilizer

If you are a gardener or some individual who takes a keen interest in this, then you might have already done your research regarding fertilizers. You can always buy some but it’s better to make compost with the use of organic products that you have at your home. Be it the peels of vegetables or any organic item, the compost can be simply ready in a few days. To let you make compost right in the boundaries of your home, get compost tumblers. This will successfully transfer all the organic waste into something valuable.

Do not know which product to buy? Then read our list of best-selling compost tumblers that covers every detail.

10. FCMP Outdoor IM4000 37 Gallon Tumbling Composter

Compost Tumblers

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FCMP offers you an outdoor compost tumbler that would allow you to turn a laborious gardening chore into a delight. You don’t have to dig up the ground and mix your pile of compost for hours. Save your energy and use it for productivity someplace else since this compost tumbler has you covered. You can create your own compost by just spinning this tumbler a few times every 2 or 3 days. If you live in a hot and sunny region with the right conditions, you can get your natural compost within just a couple of weeks.

However, if you are a beginner, who is new to the world of natural and sustainable compost, then this would be especially useful for you. It has a door that is removable and has large openings. As a result, you can add clippings or scraps even in mid-cycle. It features an 8-sided design with proper reinforcement so that it can last you for a long time.

Key features:

  • It has a large capacity of 5-cubic feet so that you can create a large amount of compost in one cycle.
  • Plenty of aeration holes everywhere so that oxygen gets properly mixed into your compost.
  • Good for the environment since it is crafted from recycled polypropylene.

9. EJWOX Large Compost Tumblers – Dual Rotating Outdoor Garden Compost Bin

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EJWOX brings to you a rotating compost tumbler that allows you to keep the tumbler revolving around for uninterrupted composting. Since it is divided into two chambers, you can fill up one, while the compost matures in the other chamber. That allows you to add scraps till the cycle in one chamber is finished. And you get the rich black stuff that works like magic for your plants. It has aeration slits that are designed to allow ample air without any restriction.

At the same time, the holes aren’t big enough to allow in rodents and spread germs or get trapped inside the tumbler. You also get an interesting double-walled design in this tumbler. That enables the tumbler to retain and absorb heat more efficiently for speeding up composting.

Key features:

  • The steel frame is strong and sturdy enough to support the weight of a fully packed tumbler.
  • Two doors allow you to fill in or remove scraps or compost from the chambers according to your needs.
  • It offers a capacity of 43 gallons which is extremely high for a product.

8. Good Ideas CW-2X12 Senior Wizard Dual Tumbler Composting Bin

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This compact tumbler from Good Ideas really lives up to the brand name with its remarkable design. With its modern design, you aren’t restricted to working with one batch of compost at a time. Its divided chambers let you keep the cycle going. Plus, prepare for the next one as the scraps in one chamber mature into the black gooey stuff.

Moreover, the batch sizes aren’t small either. Each chamber has over 40 gallons of space to provide you with a few good gallons of compost every week.

Key features:

  • It comes in a fully assembled condition so that you can set it up right after unboxing.
  • Better locking system compared to sliding doors in other products.
  • The lockable compost tumbler is manufactured in the US with the best of materials and quality.

7. Suncast Resin Tumbling Compost Barrel with Latching Dual Lids and Galvanized Steel Frame

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Suncast offers you a fabulous compost tumbler with dual lids that has a simple and functional design. Plus, it doesn’t cost as high as most other compost tumblers in the market. Unlike stationary compost bins that make you wait months or a year, this one delivers you the good black stuff within mere weeks. It doesn’t weigh as much as other compost tumblers either. You can lift it up with relative ease and move it to the place you want.

As a matter of fact, as it has the perfect construction, you can use it time and again to make the best use of it.

Key features:

  • The frame is constructed from a 1-inch tubular structure of galvanized steel for strength and stability.
  • Its 6.5-cubic ft size provides sufficient space for all the magic to happen.
  • Dual lids latch on pretty quickly and allow you to easily access the tumbler.

6. Envirocycle The Most Beautiful Composter – Composting Tumbler Bin and Compost Tea Maker

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Envirocycle presents to you a compost tumbler bin with innovation like never before. The greatest innovation that you get in this design is its compact form factor. Due to its space-saving design, you aren’t just restricted to using this tumbler in the suburbs with a large garden. You can use it even if you live in the center of a densely populated city with limited space. Due to its collecting base design, you can keep the tumbler even on your balcony, patio, terrace, or at your front porch.

Unlike other compost tumblers since this one is fine-tuned for use irrespective of location it also has high aesthetic quality. It won’t be a sore sight for your neighbors. The tumbler is also virtually maintenance-free. Furthermore, it doesn’t need to be restored since it is made from durable and non-reactive materials. Therefore, these are immune to rust and don’t corrode easily.

Key features:

  • Capable of creating solid and precious compost tea, liquid compost that collects at the base.
  • Having just 3 full revolutions every 3 days, you can make your compost within weeks.
  • With a drain plug, you also get the option of draining the compost tea into the ground.

5. Spin Bin Composter 60 Gallon Large Outdoor Tumbling Compost Bin

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Spin Bin has brought to you a large tumbler that has high-quality construction and comes at an affordable price. It has a straightforward and simple construction and features an easy latch system that lets you access the tumbler. You won’t have to worry about its durability or sturdiness since the body is made from thick and resilient plastic. On the other hand, the legs are made from tubular steel that has high resistance against rusting.

Having a capacity of 60-gallons, you can store a lot to prepare the most beneficial compost. Finally, the whole product is made of a dark color in order to absorb the sun’s heat and speed up the process.

Key features:

  • The steel frame extends inside the tumbler for dual mixing and supreme aeration.
  • A total of 4 ports for inserting the thermometer and checking the conditions inside.
  • Numerous drainage slots with ventilation allow for oxygen intake.

4. Kotulas 50-Gallon Wheeled Compost Tumbler

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If mobility is one of the prime reasons you haven’t started composting, then this is just perfect for you. You get a compost tumbler mounted on a heavy-duty steel frame that is thick and resilient enough to take a lot of abuse. However, the frame has a set of wheels attached at the bottom and a large extended handle at the back. Therefore, allows you to move the tumbler from one place to another with minimal force.

By buying this product, you don’t just take your first steps at sustainable gardening, but also reduce your carbon footprint. And that also in more ways than one.

Key features:

  • Tumbler is made out of recycled plastic and can rotate around the mounting points.
  • There are two while that will help in the maneuverability process.
  • Non-pneumatic solid tires never run the risk of going flat.

3. Mantis CT02001 Compact Compost Tumbler

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This tumbler from mantis has a traditional and familiar design. It sports a robust build quality you just can’t get from plastic imitations. Since it has an enclosed design you don’t have to worry about a rotten smell. That also means that the tumbler stays away from the nasal radar of your pets and hungry rodents.

With the well-built air vent at the top, the tumbler gets access to all the oxygen it needs to turn scraps into nutrient-rich compost. Finally, the barrel is ideal for holding up to 88-gallons of product inside it for bringing the best results.

Key features:

  • Proudly manufactured in the US for best-quality final results.
  • It is fully free of rust formation and weighs only 60lbs.
  • The barrel has a detachable door that lets you load or unload with ease.

2. Jora Composter JK270 Homemade Tumbler Composter

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Jora Composters presents to you a tumbler that would allow you to reduce your carbon footprint. Hence, introduce you to sustainable gardening at your home. It has two chambers that let you easily add fresh scraps while older scraps are maturing into usable compost. One chamber can be filled in while the maturing compost stays isolated in another chamber. Unlike tumblers from other manufacturers, this one doesn’t feature numerous holes that allow rodents to get in for a meal. That allows you to maintain this tumbler with higher hygiene and without the use of poisonous solutions around the tumbler.

You won’t have to worry about durability either. This tumbler isn’t made from plastic that will melt from a burning cigarette or bend with the slightest pressure. Instead, it is made from galvanized steel. As a result, you get a high-quality, no-compromise product that will last you for years.

Key features:

  • The Interior barrel is powder coated so that it can last you for a prolonged period.
  • Have small aeration holes at strategic positions to allow in the air without an entry for rodents.
  • It has a huge capacity to create around 7 or 8 gallons of compost every week.

1. LIFETIME Outdoor Double Rotating Composter Bin – 100-Gallon

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Lifetime brings to you a modern and feature-packed tumbler that has all the bells and whistles you want. It has dual chambers that let you make a batch of compost while the other one is maturing. With a huge capacity of 50 gallons, you can pack them with all kinds of organic scraps. Hence, get a decent quantity of homegrown fertilizer in a couple of weeks.

It also has an internal bar that provides you with superior aeration and aids in the mixing process as you rotate the tumbler.

Key features:

  • With the complimentary spring-loaded pin, you can get the tumbler to rotate during filling.
  • Perfect loading height that doesn’t involve any bending on your part.

So, have the perfect garden and set-up for the healthy growth of plants, trees, and flowers. Start using the compost tumbler and make the best fertilizers for a healthy growing garden.

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