Best Coffee Mug Holders – Coffee Cup Racks In Kitchen or Restaurants

Coffee mugs are highly essential in every household. Not only for serving coffee or tea, but they are also very stylish. So, when displayed correctly, they can also add glamour to your interiors. In order to do so, you will need coffee mug holders. Made from high-quality materials, you can be completely sure about the durability of the product. Furthermore, it keeps your cups safe and prevents them from any harm.

When the business comes online, there are a lot of things that go hidden. You may end up being at the receiving end of a fraud product. So, to clear the air, here are coffee mug holders to order online. We provide all the information so that nothing goes unnoticed.

10. MyLifeUNIT Wooden Mug Holder Tree

Coffee Mug Holders

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MyLifeUNIT has a unique coffee mug holder tree that will help you organize and store your mugs in a fashionable way. When you buy this mug holder you don’t need to waste the countertop or kitchen desk space. The holder is shaped in the form of a tree and takes advantage of its height to save space. Next, the whole structure is wooden with a thick pole. Hence, acts as the trunk, and thinner wooden poles extend out of the trunk to hold your mugs.

Since metal isn’t used for the construction of this mug holder you don’t need to worry about rusting or corroding. The tree stays as good as new with periodic maintenance. Natural wood construction also makes for better aesthetics in your kitchen.

Key features:

  • Can hold as many as 6 mugs at a single time.
  • With non-slip foam pads under the base, there are no stability issues.
  • All the parts including individual branches on the mug holder tree can be disassembled.

9. EMAISON Wooden Coffee Mug Holders – Wall Mounted Wood Coffee Cup Rack 

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Emaison presents to you a wall-mounted coffee mug holder that allows you to make more of your space. It frees up your cupboard space since it is installed on your wall. With the shape of a regular rack, it is of wooden planks and the whole thing can be screwed onto your wall. On individual planks, you can see two or three metal hooks that hold your coffee mugs by the handle. That creates a great look when guests come over. Moreover, since it is in the rack form, you aren’t limited to any room.

You can install it on any wall due to its decorative appeal. The wood looks even better compared to regular wooden furniture due to its distressed look. It adds an organic freshness to your room. Your prized mug collection with exquisite art deserves to be displayed to your guests on this coffee mug holder.

Key features:

  • Hooks are spaced appropriately to provide collision among mugs.
  • Solid pine wood construction makes the mug holder strong and timeless.
  • Metal hooks have an antique brass finish that adds to the rustic look.

8. LEVOSHUA Cabinet Hook Mug Rack – Rustic Coffee Cup Holder

Rustic Coffee Cup Holder

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Levoshua has a rustic coffee mug holder that will leave you astonished with its humble price and usability. This wall-mounted coffee mug holder comes in the form of a set. There are individual metal racks that can be installed in one or separate places to give you a lot of modularity. You can install them in the unused spaces under desks. You can also install them under the counter. On each end of each metal rack, four hooks extend out in the form of arches.

They are also sized appropriately so that you can hang coffee mugs of different sizes without any problems. That includes 8 oz, 20 oz, 12 oz, and a variety of other sizes. With this set of three racks, you can store as many as 12 mugs at the same time and bring them out at the appropriate time.

Key features:

  • Racks allow you to display your mugs both vertically and horizontally.
  • Comes with the required hardware to save you a trip to the nearby store.
  • Since holders are made from heavy-duty iron, they are rigid and sturdy.

7. Spectrum Diversified Euro Countertop Coffee Mug Holders for Kitchen

Spectrum Diversified Euro Countertop Coffee Mug Holders for Kitchen

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When you look at this countertop coffee mug holder you may mistake it for a sculpture. It looks like a piece of art that deserves to be in a museum. However, you would also have to acknowledge that it doesn’t lose any functionality due to its beautiful design. The holder is made of metal tubing that creates magnificent arches to form each part of itself.

Everything from the stem to the semi-circular arches that hold your coffee mugs are beautifully finished and worked to the last detail. The base is made by bending metal to a round shape and is connected to the stem for stability. You won’t have any issues when you place it on a flat surface.

Key features:

  • Apart from storing coffee mugs, you can also use this holder for storing and displaying jewelry.
  • Cleaning is easy and requires a damp cloth wipe down.
  • Fit for use in both domestic and commercial settings.

6. Wall Mounted Metal Coffee Mug Holders – Large Metal Coffee Mug Rack

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This coffee mug holder display is for the avid enthusiast and collector who is proud of their mug collection. The holder is from a steel frame and hence it is solid and sturdy. You won’t have to worry about maintenance since it isn’t susceptible to damage and wouldn’t get corroded easily. The frame is thicker so that it can support the weight of coffee mugs or other things you may want to add to the rack. Next, the design is simple and efficient with equidistant prongs extending out from each level.

This allows you a fair bit of modularity since you can hang coffee mugs, art pieces, plates, jewelry, or anything else that fits. Due to the sufficient gap between the prongs, you don’t have to worry about mugs getting shattered due to collision.

Key features:

  • To store delicate dishes the metal prongs have rubber tips for impact resistance.
  • You can store and display as many as 27 mugs on this rack.
  • Need replacement cause you do not like it? This offers a warranty period of 1 year.

5. Olakee Rustic Coffee Mug Holder – Coffee Cup Hangers for Kitchen Organizer

Olakee Rustic Coffee Mug Holder

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Finally, you have the freedom of displaying your favorite coffee mugs exactly the way you want. The holder is wooden wall racks. Each rack is a piece of solid natural wood with a carbonized black finish for that ideal fusion of modern and rustic decor styles. Since you get individual racks that aren’t connected, you can align. Now, install them on your wall in the way you see fit.

While one rack takes the center stage with the word coffee written on it in an attractive font, you get to play around with the other racks. Collision isn’t a problem since you have the option to never allow it.

Key features:

  • The hooks on the racks are 4 inches apart to avoid damage.
  • Can be a great gift for your home barista friend.
  • They can also be spaced depending on the size of your coffee mugs.

4. OROPY Countertop Mug Tree Rack for Coffee Cups

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Why settle for a regular mug holder when you can own this amazing holder from Oropy at a bargain price. It is a rack that doesn’t need you to drill through walls or get involved with any kind of hardware. You can place this rack anywhere in your kitchen or desk without sacrificing that space.

Furthermore, it has a metal frame that is built to last you for a long time. Plus, the mesh base allows you to keep numerous things including coffee grounds and mugs. On the row up top, you get extended hooks that let you hang your mug collection in all their glory.

Key features:

  • Non-slip pads on the feet of the rack protect surfaces from scratches.
  • It has the capacity of holding your whole mug collection as long as the count doesn’t go over 14.
  • The coated metal holder is highly resistant to rust.

3. J JACKCUBE DESIGN Wall Rustic Wood Cup Organizer with Hook Hanging Rack

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J Jack Design has a coffee mug holder that looks fantastic and works well in any home or cafe. The rustic wood finish on the racks works great in any modern or contemporary decor. And looks perfect when you pair it up with your vibrant coffee mug or teacup collection. Each rack has four hooks that have enough gap in between them to hold your coffee mugs without any problems.

You don’t need to deal with sudden collisions when the rack is unattended. Moreover, there is a quote with a flowy font on the side of the frame that adds a touch of elegance.

Key features:

  • Ergonomic design and included screws allow for easy assembly and installation.
  • As it weighs a little above 4 pounds, you can easily pick it up and install it single-handedly.
  • Furthermore, it is highly stylish. Therefore, it adds a special glamour to your house.

2. Greenstell Wall Coffee Mug Holder for Home & Kitchen

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You will not find customization of a better degree in any other mug holder when you compare it to this one. While it is shaped in the form of a traditional wall rack, it is far from it. One of the rows has a framed slate that allows you to write whatever you want on it. If you use this holder at home it can be your art and shops may display that day’s special coffee on the slate.

As a matter of fact, it is from high-quality pine wood. So, it will easily support the weight of multiple cups and still display each item.

Key features:

  • The placement of hooks that hold your mugs on each rack can also be customized.
  • Each hook gives solid support and cal hold around 22 pounds of weight.

1. LONTAI & Wisuce Bamboo Mug Rack for Coffee Bar Accessories with Hooks

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This mug holder is unique due to the materials that go into making it and the style it represents. It isn’t made from chopping down big trees. Instead, it’s made out of natural bamboo. As a result, provides immense strength and an earthy vibe without the environmental impact.

Since it is made of bamboo, it is also very easy to maintain and doesn’t require regular maintenance. It is so light that you can move it from one room to another without any difficulty.

Key features:

  • Can be a mug holder, an earphone holder, or a place to hang your accessories.
  • A varnished finish with well-joined connections provides high structural integrity.
  • This mug holder is surely anti-rust and highly durable.

All your mugs will be in perfect condition and have the same glaze. The coffee mug holder stand or rack will keep the necessary items in perfect condition without the risk of breaking them.

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