Best Chainsaw Helmets – Forestry Safety Helmets Reviews

Working with a chainsaw is certainly a difficult job. So, it definitely requires a lot of caution and safety guidelines. Whether to keep your head safe from falling tree branches or to protect your eardrums from the loud noise of chainsaws, chainsaw helmets are a must. Apart from heavy-duty construction, they come with earmuffs too. Plus, they have a visor that protects your eyes from debris and sawdust.

However, there is a lot of research, and consideration goes on to buying chainsaw helmets. Hence, we came up with this guide with reviews of the best chainsaw helmets online. Make an informed decision by checking out our review.

10. TR Industrial TR88011 Hard Hat Forestry Safety Helmet & Ear Muffs

Chainsaw Helmets

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A brand that guarantees excellence and complete protection when working with a chainsaw is the TR Industrial Forestry Helmet. This headgear can shield not only your head but as well shoulder area to offer maximum protection and safety. The most excellent thing about the helmet is that this product is comparatively more affordable in the market. Performing work utilizing a chainsaw can produce such a loud noise and may impair your hearing.

Apart from its affordable rate, it successfully brings convenience and satisfaction to users. Plus, the great trait about TR chainsaw industrial helmets is that it includes detachable and flexible earmuffs. As a result, it will protect not only your head but your ears too.

Key Features:

  • It is flexible and quite sturdy which makes it an outstanding option for a safety helmet.
  • The helmet is customized from 20-inches circumferential up to 24.5-inches. This is fabulous when you want to share your headgear with others whose head sizes may differ.
  • It is not heavy and this feature can aid users to work for a longer duration. Hence, considering the weight of the helmet does not significantly harm them.

9. Husqvarna ProForest Protective Chainsaw Helmet System

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Husqvarna has always been known for its quality products for several years now. This incorporates a UV Shield system that guards the eyes and head against Ultraviolet rays as they are extremely harmful. The face cover of this helmet assures that no ruins will hop inside the helmet. It also guards the users against getting rainwater during the rainy season.

Husqvarna is a good selection and greatly exceeds other brands when we are talking about adjustable chainsaw safety helmets. It holds an ANSI Z89.1-2003 Class C, E and G. Hence, assures that the helmet has been examined and proved to be a trusted option for safety and protection.

Key Features:

  •  A neck protector is incorporated into the product. It operates by getting relieved of the water from your neck area.
  • The helmet is well-constructed to fit almost everyone. It can be customized to fit perfectly, does no matter what is the size of the head.
  • It possesses a ratchet system that improves the helmet’s measure. Hence, it is used conveniently and it is very simple to adjust its fitting.

8. Oregon Safety Protective Chainsaw Helmets With Visor Combo Set

Oregon Safety Protective Chainsaw Helmets With Visor Combo Set

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The Oregon 563474 Helmet guards you against all feasible angles. It can protect you from any possible injuries from the side, above, and hearing. This product has six ventilation holes to ensure that you breathe comfortably when working particularly when in a humid situation. It can withstand extreme impacts and possesses six points for the fitting harness. Next, it is very simple and easy to modify so it can fit you properly. This helmet is suitable for those who work for many hours.

It also follows various safety standards such as ANSI z89.1-2009 Type C, E, G, and I. This makes sure that this helmet is the most acclaimed chainsaw helmet with a visor on the market. Its mesh or net visors are constructed of stainless steel which provides more extensive protection on the face from, any rubble. The

Key Features:

  • The mesh is moved upward anytime for a clear image of the space, you are working on.
  •  It includes an adaptable earmuff that protects your hearing. These earmuffs lessen the sound to a 22dB ratio. This ensures you work smoothly without any hindrance.
  • Another important characteristic of this helmet is that it is lightweight. It only scales 2.2 pounds. This implies you can work conveniently acknowledging that a chainsaw machine itself is very complex, heavy, and troublesome.

7. Husqvarna Pro Forest Safety Helmet System with Visor & Hearing Protection

Protective Chainsaw Helmets

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This is another one of the high-quality products from the renowned Husqvarna that we listed here. This piece includes some amazing traits that are difficult to get on other models. Unlike the headpieces that consume sunlight when operating in hot and humid environments, this helmet particularly reflects the sun rays, diminishing discoloration, and weakening. Some of the additional features that are praiseworthy are the hearing guards, the vibrant bright color, and a movable suspension system.

Plus, handling chainsaws is dangerous as well as a delicate act. Therefore, visibility becomes a crucial factor when working so that one doesn’t witness any wounds or mishaps. This protective chainsaw helmet helps to provide a clear view.

Key Features:

  • It ensures you are safe from any such probable dangers due to UV coating.
  • The helmet also owns a 6-point suspension that is tailored to perform well. This system intercepts all shock that may arise from above.
  • It incorporates a hearing and ear protection that consumes the level of noise up to 25dB. The earmuffs are attached to the product itself.

6. Hipa Safety Face Shield with Mesh Visor for Chainsaw Trimmer Pole Pruner

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A safety helmet is one of the most flexible kinds of protecting equipment. It actually saves a lot of people from any unfortunate incident. Apart from the head, a safety helmet is also intended to guard other parts of the body such as the eyes and the neck. This helmet comes with a sturdy structure that guarantees optimal protection from shock. It also includes a bright yellow color that warrants high visibility, heightening your safety.

Moreover, the product is of superior quality and consolidates a lot of features to protect you from any accident. Since it defends you from any harm, you feel less pressure and fatigue.

Key Features:

  • The mesh shield guards your face against any debris while working. It makes sure your eyes, face, and neck are safe as they are sensitive.
  • It is also well-ventilated so you don’t have any difficulty breathing.
  • The face shield is flexible and is adjusted as per your convenience.

5. Troy Safety Industrial Forestry Chainsaw Helmet Combo Set – Hard Hat – Hearing Protection & Mesh Face Shield Visor

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A chainsaw can get the job done effectively and efficiently but it may also cause some wood chips and debris to fly into your face. To protect you from such danger the Troy Industrial Chainsaw Helmet may be a great choice. It is part of a forestry set that consists of a helmet, an earmuff, and a protective mesh shield. The mesh shield attached to the helmet makes sure that no ruins fly into your eyes and cause any injuries.

So if you want to get out into the forest and let the chainsaw work its magic, you might as well have protection for yourself. The industrial chainsaw helmet by itself has UV protection. This makes sure that the scorch of the sun in the forest does not have any lethal effects on you.

Key Features:

  • It is of a universal size and the single size can fit onto almost anyone.
  • The face shield is made of steel wires which remain sturdy and do not bend or creak that easily.

4. ERB 14371 Chain Saw Safety Kit

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The ERB 14731 Chainsaw Helmet ensures assurance from any infliction, particularly when working with a chainsaw. It has an advanced Mega Ratchet System for improvement which implies any users can utilize this. Complying with the Type 1 class C, E, and G safety standards, this feature is very essential when running a chainsaw. This model is furnished with epoxy that can withstand any corrosion and glare.

Besides, there is an attached visor carrier which is a strong locking system. Hence, it can carry the visor in three distinct lock positions.

Key Features:

  • Incorporated in the ensemble is a set of earmuffs that protect you from harsh noises. No need to fret about any noise when you plug these sound absorbers in your ears.
  • This distinct helmet also carries anti-fog goggles and the lenses are built of Polycarbonate and vinyl frames. This ensures that it fits properly.
  •  Its chin bands are built from high-quality elastic. These bands give you relaxed control.

3. Husqvarna 592752601 Forest Head Protection Helmet

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This is another amazing product from this company. We never jeopardize our safety when it comes to managing and handling a chainsaw. Husqvarna also believes the same and this motivates them to construct superior headgears to protect you from any possible accidents. This helmet is devised to give you nothing little of this. The product has a well-padded and breathable lining that assures the best comfort.

It also owns a hardshell surface to counter any collision or shock. Besides, this unit comes with an adaptive suspension system that guarantees an effortless and firm fit.

Key Features:

  • This safety helmet is not bulky or heavy, delivering it as one of the most popular ones for those who want lighter ones.
  • It consolidates a face visor, hearing protectors, rain shield, and rain neck protector. Therefore, you are getting all the important features with this one product.
  • The hat is also UV protected. Hence, it absorbs harmful UV radiation from the sun.

2. Tasco 6000 Woodsman Forestry Helmets

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Picking the most reliable helmet might not be an easy job. It demands you to analyze all aspects and traits of the product before choosing a choice. TASCO is a brand that is one of the renowned brands in the market. So we can assure you that you can be confident about this chainsaw helmet as it is another great choice. It holds an extra-low neck strap that retains it in a fixed place. Whereas, ensuring that it will be easy and comfortable at the back of your head.

The Gladiator six-point cog is furnished with a reflex suspension system. Hence, allows for customizing the fit depending on the size of your head.

Key Features:

  • The earmuff has Soft Seal solutions, a variation that presents a comfortable application of the helmet.
  • Also, the face screen is composed of molded steel net which has extraordinary impact resistance.
  • The low padded nape strap ensures a proper fit and does not get loose.

1. Stens Chainsaw Protective Hard Hat Safety Helmet Ear Muffs Attached Face Shield

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This Chainsaw Protective Safety Helmet by Stens is the right option for you if you are looking for a more affordable one. This product is one of the cheaper alternatives when it comes to the head shield while working with a chainsaw. However, it does not imply that it won’t provide you with the kind of protection you want. It matches and surpasses government safety standards. Plus, it is furnished with all of the basic safety characteristics you will get on more expensive helmets.

This helmet is outfitted with a ratchet adjustment specialty. As a result, assists us in making the alterations to any size so that it conveniently suits just about any size head.

Key Features:

  • The helmet is also provided with ANSI-compliant ear guards that cover your ears completely. This ensures that your ears stay safe from any harsh noises.
  • The face screen is of steel which protects you from ruins or debris.

While dealing with rigorous works at your workshop, keep the protection gears on point. The chainsaw safety helmets will guard your face as well as your head and keep you harmless.

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