Best High Lift and Low Profile Car Floor Jacks for Car Garage Shop

If you own a car then you obviously know how important it is to own a floor jack. Whether you need to change a tire or do some repairing, you will certainly need car floor jacks. Of course, it supports the weight of your car perfectly. And it keeps the car at a certain height without any hassle. Thus, it allows you to do the work without any hassle. Nevertheless, it is not easy to choose the right floor jack.

Indeed, there are several varieties available in the diverse online platform. It’s a high chance that you will end make a messy decision. The car floor jacks online have gained importance over the years so, grab the best deal before time’s out.

10. Torin T83006 Hydraulic Trolley Floor Jacks – 3 Tons

Car Floor Jacks

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The Torin is a great and affordable option that can handle cars like sedans and SUVs. The wheels of the product have 360-degree-swivel castors that offer the process of navigation comparatively easy and simple. It also incorporates an elongated neck, made especially for trucks and SUVs. The extension provides you with nine inches of room for ease of use and efficiency.

Portability is flexible, all credit goes to its relatively light 43-pound weight. The mobility does not compromise durability.

Key Features:

  • The trolley car floor jack is well constructed. You will feel comfortable with this product as it avoids any kind of complexity.
  • Its long neck extension enables you to lift large vehicles as well. So you can lift a truck with ease
  • This is certainly lightweight, as a result, you can easily carry it without any hindrance. It has a 3-ton capacity, therefore, is a great choice because of its high capacity and portability.

9. Blackhawk B6350 Fast Lift Service 3.5 Ton Floor Jacks

Blackhawk B6350 Fast Lift Service 3.5 Ton Floor Jacks

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This jack is the beast. It is thoughtfully crafted for the home mechanic. It consolidates a lot of serviceable features that will be of great help to you. The Blackhawk is a pretty quick, very enduring, and conclusively easy-to-store lift. It has a 3.5-ton capacity, which enables it to efficiently work with most sedans and even some larger heavy vehicles. The sturdy steel construction makes the product enduring and provides long life.

Another important aspect of this product is its price. Considering the features it has, the product is worth the value of money. You should own it as this is an excellent product for personal garages.

Key Features:

  • The hydraulic car floor jack is built of heavy-duty steel that strengthens it against everyday wear and tears.
  • The steel body makes the tool heavy, weighing in at 85 pounds. However, the built-in wheels assist with transportation.
  • A unique feature of the product is the built-in fast lift. The vehicle gets off the ground in just a couple of pumps.

8. Arcan Low Profile Hybrid Aluminium and Steel 3 Ton Floor Jack

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Arcan is mainly for buyers who fancy high-end goods. This jack highlights an aluminum body that accomplishes to be both lightweight and astonishingly durable. Also, the twin pistons execute the lift factor fast, stable, and secure. The state of wellbeing of your vehicle is also taken into account by the company. Next, the portion of the jack that stretches to get into contact with the car is padded with a hard rubber that prevents scratching.

You might assume that the luxurious features of this pressure-driven lift do not come at a low cost. But we can assure you that it will bucks well paid for people who utilize their floor jacks very often.

Key Features:

  • This also includes a side handle for easy portability. You can carry it with ease because of the handle provided.
  • Its handle is present on the side for easy access to it while functioning.
  • Plus, the lightweight car floor jack is extremely stable. It has a capacity of 3 tons and is suitable for frequent use. The aluminum body provides additional strength.

7. Pittsburgh Automotive Ultra Low Profile Steel Floor Jack with Rapid Pump Quick Lift

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The Pittsburgh Automotive is a heavy-duty mounting product manufactured exclusively for SUVs and trucks. However, it is utilized with sedans as well. The tool is constructed to be reasonably compact and weighs around 79 pounds. Next, this product is quite easy to move around so that you can use it without any difficulty. This heavy-duty 3 Ton car jack makes vehicles approximately two feet off the ground.

Extra-low profile reaches under most show cars. This jack has a lot of features that people watch out for in a hydraulic floor jack. Pittsburgh does it at a reasonable price.

Key Features:

  • It’s one of the most reliable low-profile jacks available and it goes well beneath the lowered track car as well. The accelerated pump dual-piston design really elevates cars moderately quickly as well.
  • It has a 3-ton potential which indicates it can hoist large trucks as well as cars. Therefore, the industrial car jack floor also has a pretty low profile configuration with the lifting saddle pad.
  • A characteristic that is extremely useful is the extra-wide front steel wheels. This helps to hold the jack stable and spreads the load better.

6. Arcan Quick-Rise 2 Ton Floor Jack

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This low profile, high lift service jack is the best jack that will meet all those requirements you want in a floor jack. What makes this product unique is the extended reach that far surpasses most low-profile floor jacks. However, holding a long reach is just only a part of the equation. Arcan reinforces this reach with low-profile trolley support that lets the jack roll greatly under the car.

Most low-profile jacks don’t have this feature considering the frame of the jack becomes much taller, a few inches or so behind the saddle pad. It is also furnished with a foam bumper pad on the lower lift handle to protect vehicles.

Key Features:

  • This has extra-wide front steel wheels which make it portable. Mobility is extremely important in this kind of product.
  • The universal joint release mechanism assures perfect control when lowering.
  •  It also offers for the comfortable lifting of trucks and SUVs where you require to roll the jack far under the vehicle to reach lifting points that may require a higher than normal lift height.

5. Liftmaster Aluminum and Steel Low Profile High Lift Floor Jack

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Despite holding a simplistic look and style, the Liftmaster is a low-profile high-lift car floor jack that has so much to offer. Certainly, it is one of the most comfortable floor jacks to work with. If you have never kept a floor jack before, at your home, this is a great product to choose and consider. Moreover, it employs the traditional pump operation that makes it very relaxed to lift.

All-in-all, if you are in search of performing a heavy-duty floor jack, then the lift master is one of the best 3-ton low-profile floor jacks for the money.

Key Features:

  • One of the biggest things about this model is unquestionably its lift reach of 3-inches to 19.7-inches. This floor jack has an impressive lift height.
  • Other than that, the saddle is smeared with thick anti-slip rubber. As a result, will make it reliable when lifting a low-profile vehicle.

4. NOS NSJ0301 3-Ton Aluminum Service Jack

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Owning a lightweight aluminum jack is one of the most beneficial decisions that anyone can make. With such a floor jack like this product, you should be assured of excellent quality and permanence. The NOS is an acronym that implies Nitrous Oxide Systems. This floor jack is manufactured by Power Station, which is the same company that manufactures Arcan floor jacks. This, accordingly, makes it the best floor jack in its category.

Moreover, it has aluminum makes that bestows it with all the strength. So, you can stay always at the top for its security.

Key Features:

  • The floor jack has the ability to lift weights of up to 3 tons.
  • It also has a really lightweight of 58 pounds, which makes it more manageable to transfer it from point to point, without any difficulty.
  •  As far as the safety concerns, there is a safety plug that has been invested in this 3-ton floor jack. This is intended to shield the floor jack from any cases of overloading beyond the rated capacity.

3. Pro-Lift F-767 Grey Low Profile Floor Jack – 2 Tons

Pro-Lift F-767 Grey Low Profile Floor Jacks - 2 Tons

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The Pro-Lift F767 concentrates more on value than anything else to compete with other products. Indeed, this model is one of the best low-profile floor jacks if we consider the price. It still extends adequate features that make it very competitive. This model utilizes a rapid pump action that composes it effortless to elevate vehicles in a matter of seconds. The lift range is a minimum height of 3.5-inches and a maximum height of 14 inches.

Nevertheless, it is still suitable for occasional and general-purpose use. Particularly, if you only want a low-profile floor jack to raise your vehicle for a rim or tire repair.

Key Features:

  • This jack can hold up to only 2 tons. But, this does not restrict the performance of the product.
  • Front rollers and rear casters allow you to easily move the product around.
  • Admitting its remarkably affordable price, this budget-friendly floor jack. This will definitely come helpful sooner or later primarily when used by individuals for casual use.

2. JEGS 80077 Professional Low-Profile Aluminum Floor Jack – 3 Tons

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The Jegs 80077 is an aluminum low-profile floor jack that centers on load and portability. Indeed, as it is made from premium aluminum, it is significantly more buoyant when contrasted with a model constructed from steel. Moreover, the handle has foam on it that will hinder you from damaging vehicle paint during lifting. The saddle position is quite wide and has a rubber material that will stop it from sliding for better security.

The minimum lift height of the product is 3.5-inches which is quite high. It is pretty perfect and can still be utilized on most low-profile wheels like sports cars.

Key Features:

  • It is very strong and lasting despite being an aluminum low-profile floor jack.
  • Furthermore, one of the unique things about this model is that it has a lively yellow color that makes it effortless to locate in a large workshop.
  • Additionally, you will get rear and side handles that will permit you to quickly move this low-profile floor jack beneath your vehicle.

1. Sunex 6602LP 2 Ton Low Rider Steel Floor Jack

Sunex 6602LP 2 Ton Low Rider Steel Floor Jacks

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The Sunex 6602LP may resemble an ordinary floor jack, this product is one of the best low-profile floor jacks available on the market. This piece has an extraordinary throat of 18 inches which will enable it to locate the jack point of any type of vehicle. Let’s not overlook that the jack point is positioned at various areas below the vehicle depending on the manufacturer and model.

With an awesome maximum height, it can elevate a vehicle very high in the air. As a result, letting you obtain easy access to the bottom of the vehicle for more sensitive repairs.

Key Features:

  • One of the features which are worth appreciation in this model is definitely its maximum lift height of 24-inches.
  • Since the minimum lift height is 2.75-inches, this product remains one of the best floor jacks for lowered cars on the market.

Now, lift the cars up the floor without putting any extreme effort. The car floor jacks for sale highlights a list of products that are well-suited for getting your demands right.

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