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Travel experiences need to be planned in the right way. Thus, you make sure that you do not end up in any unwanted situation. If you love traveling to unknown places and terrains, in your vehicle you have an option. Of course, you have the option of a bike ride in the woods and mountains. Therefore, you can always carry your bikes with you. But how to carry it to places? Well, take the aid of car bike racks. Just install it in your car and it is all set to use.

Make your bike-friendly by installing one of these best-rated car bike racks. Every single product is made with excellent quality for robust service in every situation. Check them out and make your travel plans already.

10. Allen Sports 4-Bike Hitch Racks for Cars

Car Bike Racks

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Planning a trip that will take you to the most unseen and unchartered territories of the world? Well, other than your off-roading vehicle, you can always opt for something special. Check out this foldable car bike rack that is capable of holding 4 bikes. As a result, it is installed on your vehicle in the easiest fashion. Having long carry handles of 22-inches, secure your bicycles the safe way with the patented tie-down system of the manufacturers. Enjoy the lifetime warranty and always make sure that your travel plans are never jeopardized.

One advice to always keep in mind is that this rack is not meant to be installed on the front side of your vehicle.

Key features:

  • Innovative folding carry arms so that it stays out of the way when the rack is not in use.
  • Takes about 5 minutes for the installation process to complete.
  • Constructed using sturdy steel and enhanced with black powder coating for long-life usage.

9. Saris Superclamp Hitch Car Rack

Saris Superclamp Hitch Car Rack

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One of the major design considerations that everyone should have a look into before buying any product is how well-built the product is. On this compact car bike rack, you will get the benefit of sturdy and robust construction. And that is also combined with the appeal of an eye-catching design. Also, it is quite compact and multiple bikes are attached in one single bar for the easiest functionality.

Although it weighs quite less, the overall construction is reliable. Therefore, you will never face any unwanted situations on the road. From e-bikes to TT rigs and even mountain bikes, with the dual shepherd’s hooks, you can do it all. Finally, never make your bike’s frame suffer from damage.

Key features:

  • A smartly designed tilting feature lets you open the back door without unloading the bikes.
  • Equipped with integrated locks for more security on the road.
  • Benefits of a bottle opener and head-turning reflectors for dun along the way.

8. Allen Sports Deluxe Trunk Bike Rack

 Allen Sports Deluxe Trunk Bike Rack

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Bring home this extraordinarily designed mountable car bike rack from the house of Allen sports. Now, transform your everyday vehicle into a bike-friendly one. People who own sedans, minivans, and SUVs often fail to attach their favorite bikes for more fun. However, with this rack, you will not have to face that hassle anymore. On the website, you will get all the information on which rack to choose for your vehicle. It offers unquestionable lateral stability as the rack is fitted with side straps on itself.

Moreover, the innovative single configuration design takes out the hassle of setting up and installation. You will never feel any struggle or challenges when you are sitting to install this on your vehicle. There are individual tie-downs to make sure the bicycles are safely mounted and are not at risk of damage.

Key features:

  • The lower frame is padded to make sure the bike is away from causing damage to the car.
  • Features 12-inches long carry arms for accommodating a wide range of bicycles.
  • Offers a maximum weight capacity of 70 pounds on the rack.

7. Thule Apex XT Bike Hitch Rack

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Ready for the ride of a lifetime where you will explore the least populated roads on your bike? This is the best rack for you to mount on your vehicle. As it is a 4 bike hanging rack, everyone in your car will have their own bike to go around and enjoy nature at its best. It offers an unparallel level of stability. Owing to the anti-sway cradles, the bikes will never be at any sort of risk of unwanted damage. Just hitch it on the back of your car and leave for the wild. The integrated cable lock assures that the bikes are safe even when you leave them unattended.

In addition to that, it has a hugely beneficial swing-away design which is also a patent of the brand. Now every time you need to open the rear door, you can do that without dismounting the bikes.

Key features:

  • The lockable car bike rack is easily used with a wide variety of bikes and frames.
  • Foldable bike arms for safekeeping when not in use.
  • Has a ratcheting cradle strap for quick and secure attaching.

6. XCAR 2-Bike Trunk Mounted Bicycle Rack Carrier for Car, Sedans, Hatchbacks, Minivans & SUVs

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One of the sturdiest and most well-built heavy-duty car bike racks in the market! This one features 30X1.5mm of heavy-duty tubing so that you can attach your heavy bikes with complete ease. As it offers a maximum weight capacity of 90 pounds, you will never face an issue on the road. With the intriguing six-strap holding system, the bike will be attached to the vehicle in a secured manner always.

Furthermore, the hooks and holding straps have a rubber coating on them to prevent any sorts of scratches or chipping on the surface of your car. Almost all kinds of cars and automobiles that do not have a rear spoiler are compatible with this rack. Owing to the 90-degree rotatable benefit, you can customize and adjust the rack as per your vehicle type.

Key features:

  • Extremely easy to fold and unload, the rack has an easy access knob for doing so.
  • Comes with a couple of extra saddles and straps for attaching more than one bike.
  • The rack always stays in position owing to the anti-slip design and teeth.

5. Swagman XC2 Sturdy Hitch Bike Rack for Car – Rear Car Bike Rack Hitch

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Extremely easy to assemble, use and load your bike, in just a few minutes of your time! the Swagman bike rack is ready to use to its full potential. If you own a bike within 59 cm of frame size and you wish to take it along on your journeys, this rack is a must-have. With the sturdy design, your bike will always be at the right place no matter how rough the terrain is.

As a matter of fact, the built-in anti-wobble hitch device will keep you fully stable during the ride. Even better, after usage, you can fold this rack into a small and compact footprint for ease of storage.

Key features:

  • Accommodates 2 bikes and has a weight capacity of 35 pounds for each bike.
  • Uses upright ratchet arms so that you can easily adjust the rack in accordance with your bike frame.
  • The brand even offers the benefits of added accessories like security cable, tire wheel trays, and locking hitch pin.

4. BV Bike Bicycle Hitch Mount Rack Carrier for Car, Truck & SUV

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Use this brilliantly created rack on your vehicle and make your journeys more memorable and more fun always. Featuring a very user-friendly tilt backward design, now you can open the rear gates without detaching the hitch rack. Also, it is a product for the modern generation. Therefore, the easy-to-use fold-up design makes life easier for you in every way.

No more hassles of a bike rack eating up important space in your home as you can just fold and store it easily. A great beneficial feature of this is the rear safety reflector. As a result, it will make the journeys more secure when you are driving in low light or at night.

Key features:

  • Tray-styled loops ensure a firm and secure attachment of the bike to your car.
  • Padded arms are there to protect your bike from scratches.
  • Offers a maximum carrying capacity of 35 pounds with 3-inches of maximum tire width.

3. Thule Helium Aero Bike Hitch Carrier

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An excellent choice of a rack that you can rely on and depend on always, this rack is made using superior engineering and excellent technology. The ultra-light aluminum body keeps weightless while offering a humongous weight capacity. It can carry as much as 110 pounds of weight and will never disrupt your peace on the road.

The patented hold fast cradles are combined with road dampening technology. With this feature, your bikes will be securely attached to your car and the road bumps will be absorbed efficiently. Also, it uses no sway cages for the security of the bike and safer handling.

Key features:

  • Features an integrated locking cable and auto attach lock for safe locking of the bike to the carrier.
  • Top-notch aero design enhances the overall ground clearance and distance for maximum protection.
  • The option of frame adapters if your bike is unconventional and unique.

2. Tyger Auto Deluxe Black 2-Bike Trunk Mount Bicycle Carrier Rack

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Travel the way you wish and you like and take on any road by installing this rack on your SUV and hatchback. If you are tired of driving put down your bike from your car and ride your heart put. The 2-bike capacity rack is extremely sturdy and handy as well. In addition to that, the lower frame is padded and makes sure the bicycle is away from your vehicle’s body.

Last but not least, you have a lifetime warranty and you can always enjoy it without any second thoughts.

Key features:

  • Fitted with individual soft cradles so that your bike frame stays safe always.
  • Installation time is extremely less and doesn’t take much time either.
  • E-coating offers amazing rust resistance.

1. Ikuram Bicycle Carrier Racks Hitch Mount Double Foldable Rack for Cars, Trucks, SUV

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Well-designed to last you a lifetime without any issues, this bike rack has a steel construction. To ensure long-term use, it is improved with a protective powder finish. The dual-arm mounting design allows you to set up almost all different kinds of bikes easily and effortlessly.

Also, you can set up 4 bikes at a time and plan a wholesome adventure for your entire family. The easy tilt-down design ensures convenient access to the rear back without having to take your bike down.

Key features:

  • A lifetime warranty always keeps your back and has your confidence.
  • Easy to fold carry arm will let you store the rack easily when not using.

Of course, a fine way to explore these places is on a good mountain bike. Taking the bike there, however, is a challenging affair. Hence attaching your bikes to your vehicles after installing a car bike rack can really solve the issue for the good.

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