Best Modern Solid Wood Bookcases for Sale Reviews

Books are undoubtedly our good friends. They help in exercising our minds and allow us to extend the boundaries of our knowledge. If you love reading then you most certainly know difficult it can be to arrange your books. Without proper storage, your books can sustain damage and make your house messy. Well, that’s the reason why you need to opt for solid wood bookcases. As the name suggests, these bookcases use premium quality solid wood in their construction. Thus, they are highly durable. Above all, they come with enough space to arrange your book in a proper manner.

However, it may become very confusing to choose from the various styles, shapes and brands. That’s because you will have to be careful about several ditty-bitty details. To rescue you from the troubles, we are presenting the guide on solid wood bookcases. Take a look and you will surely spot one that is perfect for your home.

10. Sauder Lintel Oak finish 5-Shelf Wood Bookcase

Solid Wood Bookcases

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Well, here you have an amazing bookcase from premium quality wood that lasts long and looks awesome. Sauder believes in sustainable manufacturing. Hence, like most of their furniture line, they came up with this bookcase from premium wood. Basically, it is from premium quality trimmings and leftovers that remain after milling. This doesn’t just make the product more eco-friendly, but also makes it extremely strong so that it can be a part of your home for generations.

Moreover, Sauder doesn’t like to waste anything from the manufacturing process. Others may throw away their sawdust, but Sauder uses their residual sawdust to fuel the generators that run their factories. Whatever can’t be converted to energy is used for animal bedding. When you buy this bookcase instead of others you chose to have a lower carbon footprint.

Key features:

  • There are three adjustable solid wood bookcase shelves that are used for customized storage configurations.
  • Individual shelves are spacious enough to hold large books.
  • It comes with a great design that minimizes assembly so that you can get the product ready for use in no time.

9. FURINNO JAYA Simple Home 3-Tier Adjustable White Wood Bookcase

Adjustable White Wood Bookcase

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Furinno offers you a superb bookcase that checks out all the good features without burning a hole through your wallet. The beauty of this bookcase lies in its simplicity. It is like an open canvas that is painted with the books of your choice. Or even art pieces in your possession to create a unique painting with your furniture. The adjustable solid wood bookcase provides some extra space for storage.

For constructing your bookcase, Furinno has used composite wood. As a result, that helps to keep the bookcase lightweight without any compromise on strength.

Key features:

  • You are spoilt for choice with three different colours and several more finishes.
  • Comes with a helpful instruction manual that makes assembly a breeze.
  • With a limited width of 24.5-inches, it doesn’t hog up a lot of precious real estate.

8. International Concepts Shaker Real Solid Wood Bookcases

International Concepts Shaker Real Solid Wood Bookcases

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With this bookcase from International Concepts, you can make unique furniture that stands out from the rest. Since you get a piece of unfinished furniture you can stain it according to your choice or paint it to your liking. You can also be a bit quirky and add small details at the rim and edges to make this bookcase truly yours. In terms of manufacturing quality, you can be at peace since the bookcase has been created from rubberwood. Therefore, it is as strong as maple and is denser than birch.

There is a distance of 10.52-inches between each shelf and out of the three shelves, two of them are adjustable.

Key features:

  • Despite its large storage space, it weighs just around 50 pounds.
  • To maintain the ecological balance, one tree is planted whenever the other tree is cut.
  • For maintenance, all you need is a bit of soap and water and dry the bookcase after a wash.

7. Sauder Select Cherry Wood Bookcase with Shelves

Sauder Select Cherry Wood Bookcase with Shelves

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Yet another wonderful piece of furniture from Sauder that doesn’t fall short when compared to a masterpiece. Sauder is one of the few American brands that is still family-owned and obtains its wood without too many negative impacts on the environment. The solid wood bookcase installation will go well with your home decor with its fine detailing at the front edges. This sort of detailing gives this bookcase a magnificent charm without taking anything away from the minimalist design.

You can make a bold statement when you keep your books inside the large storage space of the shelves. You can also adjust the storage space according to your organizational needs. The case has one shelf that can be shifted to meet such needs.

Key features:

  • Integrated slide-on mouldings minimize the usage of tools and cut down on assembly time.
  • You can buy this bookcase without any worries since it is covered by a warranty period of 5 years.
  • A bright and warm cherry finish adds to its charm.

6. South Shore Axess 5-Shelf Royal Cherry Wooden Bookcase

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South Shore has crafted a delightful bookcase that may look ordinary at a glance but has many secrets that would pleasantly surprise you. It has been made from laminated particle wood instead of solid hardwood. This makes the bookcase strong without any additional bulk. So, if you need to move to a new home, at least one piece of furniture in your home is moved easily.

Since the bookcase has an open design, your book collection and other noteworthy items are flaunted easily. In fact, there are as many as 5 open shelves. This modern solid wood bookcase has an underlying beauty cause of its simplicity.

Key features:

  • Fixed shelves have a load-bearing capacity of 35 pounds.
  • 3 of the shelves can be adjusted and have 25 pounds of weight-bearing capacity.
  • Isn’t made from toxic materials that may cause harm.

5. Sawdust City Real Solid Wood Bookcases

Sawdust City Real Solid Wood Bookcases

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If you love or remotely like gold old cottage styled furniture, then this bookcase from Sawdust City is the perfect piece of furniture. Other manufacturers use highly processed wood shavings in their furniture. That means your furniture lacks texture and is just like any other product that comes out of a factory. This one, on the other hand, has small imperfections due to less processed wood construction. Hence you get an opportunity to own one of a kind bookcase. Moreover, you can choose from a myriad of vibrant colours to buy this bookcase.

Given that, this rustic solid wood bookcase comes with 18 screws and 9 plugs. As a result, the assembly will be sturdy.

Key features:

  • Proudly manufactured in the United States with the highest standards in quality.
  • This unique piece comes with 3 openings for your own good.
  • All you need for assembly is a small hammer and a Philips screwdriver.

4. International Concepts Shaker Solid Bookcase

International Concepts Shaker Solid wood Bookcases

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With over three decades of experience in the furniture industry, International Concepts makes some of the best-finished furniture you can buy on the market. This bookcase is a product that shows the brands excellent craftsmanship and superior quality. The case is manufactured from top quality parawood or rubberwood that have been harvested with sustainable methods.

Timber wood is harvested after each tree is almost at the end of its latex cycle and new trees are grown to replace the harvested ones. Hence, this almost makes the parawood a renewable resource with a minimal carbon footprint. You don’t have to worry about the strength of your furniture. This wood is extremely dense with a rating that exceeds regular standards. In fact, it is strong enough to be compared to maple. The shelf is also highly durable and can withstand plenty of abuse without any problems. If you use it properly and take care of it it can be a permanent piece in your study for numerous years.

Key features:

  • You can stain it according to your choice and have a customized look.
  • Has a decent ground clearance of over 2-inches for stability.
  • Maintenance is easy and requires a wash of soapy water once each year.

3. Prepac Oak Bookcase with 6 Shelves

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Prepac has made this bookcase for conserving space without losing out on any functionality. So, this bookcase has a small footprint and takes advantage of the generous ceiling height. Even if you live in a small apartment, this bookcase won’t occupy a significant portion of space. You get a total of 6 shelves that appear to be stacked on each other and are the epitome of quality.

They are made from composite woods that are laminated. Therefore, you get a combination of sturdiness and water resistance.

Key features:

  • The affordable price makes it an ideal choice for buyers who are on a budget.
  • Can be assembled with just three regular tools.
  • A total weight of 82 pounds gives it all the strength to carry heavy books.

2. Concepts in Wood Double Wide Oak Wood Bookcase

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Some manufacturers that use processed wood for making their furniture may cut corners and give you furniture that emits harmful fumes. A concept in Wood delivers to you a bookcase that doesn’t produce any harmful VOC emissions. It also has a PU Oak finish which gives your furniture an attractive look. And also makes it stain-resistant for a long time into the future.

The veneers used in the bookcase have a story of their own since they are specially handcrafted. And won’t snap or crack under challenging conditions.

Key features:

  • You can make a worry-free purchase since the furniture is backed by a 2 year warranty period.
  • 6 shelves give you more than enough storage for the organization.

1. Sauder Beginnings Highland Oak finish Bookcase with 3 Shelves

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Yet another incredible bookcase from Sauder that shows the brands commitment towards quality. The bookcase is made out of premium quality engineered wood that is more environment-friendly compared to solid wood constructs and doesn’t suffer from the usual demerits of solid wood. Instead, you get something that is sturdy, looks brilliant and doesn’t can be maintained without too much effort.

Next, it has a minimal and simple design with clean lines. This allows the bookcase to blend in or even compliment your room decor. Since it provides a minimalist design you can achieve a clean look. Decorate it with a few showpieces, small plants or even action figures along with your favourite books.

Key features:

  • Have two shelves that are adjusted freely according to your requirements.
  • Each shelf has a height that exceeds 10-inches to fit in your favourite books.
  • Has a marvellous highland oak finish for aesthetic appeal.

Now you can store and display your favourite books, beautiful art pieces and cherished trophies in this versatile and elegant bookcase. Keep your possessions safely and decorate the space beautifully.

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