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When it comes to giving a makeover to your home bar, people pay the most attention to collecting whiskey bottles and beautiful glasses. You are here because you love beer. Every time you take a sip of that freshly brewed draught beer, you enjoy it. Brewing quality beer is a challenging task but what is even more challenging is keeping the beer fresh always. Good beer dispensers are a must-have for people who are passionate about what they are drinking.

Not all talk a lot about these dispensers and so, we throw detailed information about these. In this article, you will find the chosen beer dispenser online so that you do not have to spend unnecessary money. So, get your priorities straight.

10. Barproduct Beer Towers with Ice Tube and Cup Holder

Barproduct Beer Towers with Ice Tube and Cup Holder

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This is a beer tower that is 32-inches tall, looks fabulous with or without beer, and is always ready to fill a glass. You can keep up to 3-liters of your favorite beer inside the tower and use the tap whenever you feel like refilling the glass. In addition to that, this has a pour spigot that makes the whole process of filling beer much more fun and convenient.

The design is quite unique and has a very appealing feature about it. No matter where you keep it, the clear plastic tube looks fantastic to the eyes.

Key features:

  • The ice tube is detachable so that you can easily open it, clean it, and also refill the tower.
  • Extremely stable and secure, this dispenser is designed with a weighted base for more stability.
  • It has a plastic construction so that you can check how much content is left inside.

9. Refinery Beer Tower Dispenser with Tap and Freeze Tube

Refinery Beer Tower Dispenser with Tap and Freeze Tube

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What most people miss out on in a bar, is a good beer dispenser tower or beer tower. Something like this can really make your home bar all the more attractive and fun every single day. Featuring a classic copper finish, this tower looks incredible and can be used for brewed beer and cocktails. With a capacity of 2.75 quarts, there is an easy-to-freeze ice rod inside the tower.

What it does is it helps the beer stay chilled and ice col. Very easy to use; you need to detach the rod and keep it in the freezer for hours.

Key features:

  • The quality weighted base delivers a very stable and sturdy foundation so that the tower remains safe without wobbling.
  • You can easily clean the beverage container because it is detachable, which also helps in refilling the dispenser.
  • The beautiful pull-down handle is from the traditional faucets and lets you pour the beverage with great control every time.

8. NutriChef Detachable Aluminum Mini Beer Keg – Pressurized Growler Homebrew Beer Dispenser

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Fan of home-brewed or draught beer and love to have that whenever possible? You need to have a look at this mini beer dispenser. Very different from the traditional kegs, this innovative growler tank makes sure the beer is kept vacuum pressurized. As a result, you get the same flavor and taste even after 3 months. Coming with a new and advanced spear cap lid, now you will be able to detach not only the regulator but also the spout.

The keg on makes sure the beer is under pressure so that you can conveniently store it for long. Measuring at 5.3-inches X 5.3-inches X 9.25-inches, the design makes it suitable for use with a standard cooler or fridge.

Key features:

  • Having a construction of food-grade 304 stainless steel and finished with black matte powder coating, it stays beautiful and elegant.
  • Comes with a silicone O-ring for locking and an aluminum regulator along with a brass tap for the safest applications.
  • Have an adjustable pressure regulator so that you can conveniently fine-tune the pressure just by rotating a knob.

7. eCost Connection Deluxe Portable Ultrasonic Wave Draft Beer Maker

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Beer pouring is a fun and satisfying affair. But what most people don’t understand is the foam at the top of the beer is actually healthier to be consumed. The more foam you have in your drink, the less trouble it will cause to your stomach. From the house of E Cost, this portable beer dispenser is designed for that purpose. Blessed with ultrasonic vibration waves, you will be able to pour the perfect glass every time with as much foam as you desire. The overall look and finish make it ideal not only for home use but also for beautiful bars and pubs.

As it is compactly designed, you will also be able to travel with it wherever you are going. No hassles of electricity, this dispenser runs on AA batteries so that you can use it anywhere without any challenges.

Key features:

  • Quick and spotless cleaning, all you need to do is run through a cup of warm water and the dispenser will be cleaned.
  • Comes with easy-to-freeze cooling pads so that you can always sip on a chilled glass of beer.
  • Weighing, 4.29-pounds, this will not be a heavy inclusion on your travel bag.

6. Fizzics FZ403 DraftPour Beer Dispenser

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This is a new and advanced type of lightweight beer dispenser that you will love to include in your lifestyle. Featuring the patented micro-foam technology, this dispenser has got a larger size. As a result, all bottles and cans can be used without any challenges. It comes with the benefit of USB power, making sure you can use it anywhere anytime.

The most interesting thing is it can convert the natural carbonation of any beer into uniformly sized bubbles or microfoam. You will be able to feel the taste better. And also take in the aroma every time you sip on your favorite beer. Finally, it is a big-sized dispenser, you can even use it with 750ml bomber beer cans. Plus, it is ideal even for all kinds of bottles and cans.

Key features:

  • The zinc reinforced pc-abs composite is very durable and has been enhanced with titanium metallic and matte finish.
  • One can charge it with a USB wall adapter or two AA batteries, convenience the way you want.
  • This has earned the tag of ultra-lightweight product for its weight that is less than 4lbs.

5. Nutrichef Stainless Steel Growler Tap – Portable Mini Kegerator Kit for Sale

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Nutrichef is a very popular name that has been producing quality kitchen appliances and items. Your search for a good beer dispenser kit ends here because once you have this, you will become a fan of it. With 64oz capacity, this 13.4-inches keg is ideal for most standard refrigerators and coolers. To make it easier for you to use, there are laser markings at the fill level. In order to make sure the beer remains fresh throughout, the keg uses vacuum pressure.

Now you will be able to store the beer for as long as 2 months inside the keg. You can even screw up to 16g CO2 gas cartridges to make the flavor of the beer come to life.

Key features:

  • Extremely well-built, each and every accessory is made using food grade 304 stainless steel.
  • Easily monitor and fine-tune pressure by rotating the adjustment knob on the keg.
  • The benefit of the product is its mini size and the way it fits every bag.

4. GrowlerWerks uKeg Go Carbonated Growler & Craft Beverage Dispensers

Craft Beverage Dispensers

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Don’t just buy any dispenser for your favorite beer when you can easily get something extraordinary like this. Keeping the home-brewed or draught beer fresh is the biggest challenge. But now anyone can do it easily with this amazing product. Equipped with the patented carbonation system, always maintain the freshness and optimal carbonation for weeks. As it has double-wall stainless steel vacuum insulation, keeping the beverage cool all day will never be a challenge.

On the top, you will get a streamlined regulator cap. As a result, you can easily choose between low or high carbonation. To give it an edge, the stainless steel body with a durable powder-coated finish gives the shine and beauty. Lastly, for keeping it in place, the rubber footing makes sure you can take this anywhere anytime.

Key features:

  • The tap has 3 positions, locked, unlocked, and pour position so that you can easily pour yourself a fresh glass of beer.
  • Can be used with 8gram CO2 food-grade chargers but you will have to buy them separately.
  • From cider and soda to beer and kombucha, it is a perfect dispenser for all.

3. NutriChef Pressurized Mini Keg System – Double-Walled Stainless Steel Beer Taps

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Compromising with the beer dispenser leads to compromise in the quality of the beer you are drinking. This on the other hand makes no unwanted compromises and always makes sure you get the tastiest beverage always. 128oz capacity, this gets double-walled stainless steel insulation on the inside. It keeps the beer vacuum pressurized so that the carbonation is maintained always.

Quite portable and easy to use as well, there is a 15.7-inches short cap on the keg. As a result, you can travel with it and also store it conveniently in any fridge.

Key features:

  • Solid food-grade stainless steel body along with aluminum regulator and brass tap for completely safe usage.
  • Very easy to monitor and change the pressure because it is designed with an adjustment knob.
  • Food grade silicone O-ring kit has been used for added benefits.

2. SPT BD-0538 Mini Beer Kegerator & Dispenser

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Certainly, a top-rated dispenser designed mostly for bars and pubs. This has got the looks and perfectly sits on any tabletop or countertop. Next, it is ideal to work with any standard 5-liter keg and even 5l mini Heineken kegs. If you want to pour the perfect glass of beer every time, then you need to have this at your disposal.

CO2 pressure control makes sure the beer never tastes anything short of amazing. In addition to that, you will get 3 CO2 cartridges included in the package. Hence, you can carbonate it whenever needed.

Key features:

  • Has stainless steel housing for unmatched durability and strength.
  • The temperature is adjustable and you can easily see and track it on the LED temperature display.
  • Comes with thermoelectric cooling technology so that everyone always enjoys a chilled glass of beer.

1. TMCraft Portable Home Dispenser System – Pressurized Stainless Steel Mini Beer Keg with Cooler Jacket

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This is an excellent choice of dispenser coming from the TM craft. With a portable size of 128oz, this one is suitable both for home, commercial, and travel usage. Capable of maintaining the vacuum pressure inside the keg, this makes sure your beer always stays fresh.

Owing to the fact it uses food-grade stainless steel, the flavor is maintained better inside. This is undoubtedly one of the best choices of beer dispensers around. Finally, it offers a more accurate PSI degree and easy fine-tuning of the pressure is assured by the upgraded regulator.

Key features:

  • Maintain perfect carbonation always by simply screwing 16g CO2 cartridges onto the keg.
  • Has a mini keg cooler jacket so that you can keep the drink chilled for about 3 hours at room temperature.

If you love your beer and you want to never compromise on the best kind of parties, you need to have look at a beer dispenser system. Preserve and serve the freshest beer every time.

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