Best Professional Electric Beard Trimmers for Long Beards Reviews

Are you concerned about your overgrowing beard? Or unwanted hair coming out from the nose or ears? Then you need a proper trimmer to safely clear out the mess. And the proper way of shaving not only requires a lot of work but also a proper device. Hence, beard trimmers can do all the tasks in just a safe and effective way. It is harmless and you can use the attachments to clean your nose hair and ears’ hair. To clean the beard in proper shape, the trimmer is going to be the pick.

However, not all the devices are as good as they claim to be. So, we bring to you the beard trimmers review that is from all the top-notch brands. What more? Check it out!

10. Remington Cordless Beard Trimmers for Men – Powered Grooming Kit

Beard Trimmers

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Remmington presents to you a full-fledged grooming kit with this rechargeable beard trimmer. It is powerful and has all the features you need to trim down your beard, other facial hair, the hair on your head, and on your body. In fact, it has an extremely versatile design. Well, that is well displayed from the 14 different style and length settings you get to choose from. You can get such a high number of settings by combining the snap-on combs, attachment heads, and an adjustable comb. And all of these come in this kit.

Interestingly, this trimmer lets you look your best everywhere at all times. It has blades made out of surgical steel. That means they are extremely strong, durable, and hygienic for everyday use. They provide you with precise trimming that gives you a sharp and clean look within no time.

Key features:

  • Has an indicator light that tells you about the charging status.
  • Blades stay sharp at all times due to the self-sharpening design.
  • Attachments are brought apart and cleaned with minimal effort.

9. Wahl Rechargeable Beard Trimmers – Mustache, Hair & Nose Hair Trimmer for Detailing & Grooming

Wahl Rechargeable Beard Trimmers

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Wahl provides you with a marvelous cordless beard trimmer at an affordable price. Firstly, this model uses stainless steel blades that have a high carbon and hence don’t lack strength. These blades are engineered for precision so that you can get an even trim with each use. With this trimmer, you also get a beard regulator that lets you achieve nice clean trims for 6 different lengths.

Besides, the guards that come with this trimmer add further flexibility to your trims. You can get trims from as short as 1/16-inch to half an inch long.

Key features:

  • Kit includes a nose trimmer that has a washable head for easy cleaning.
  • The interesting fact about this is that it is used with or without a cord.
  • Due to dual voltage technology, you can use this even on your travels in any part of the world.

8. Philips Norelco OneBlade Face – Body & Hybrid Electric Trimmer and Shaver

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Philips never fails to deliver impressive products and has done the same with its new and innovative Norelco OneBlade. As the name suggests you don’t need any other blade for grooming your facial hair and hair on your body. It is a revolutionary technology that lets you edge, trim, and even shave your hair without any problems. This device features a cutter that moves astonishingly fast at around 200 times per second.

With this speed and unmatched sharpness, even the roughest beard you have grown can be trimmed with ease. The electric beard trimmer will function for a stretch of 60-minutes only at a single charge.

Key features:

  • With the skin guard, you can shave closely without the risk of injuring yourself
  • Comes with two different blades for your body and your face
  • The waterproof design lets you use it in the shower and even with foam

7. Wahl Mustache and Beard Trimmer with Bonus Trimmer

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Another awesome product from Wahl that offers you amazing quality at a fraction of the price compared to other manufacturers with similar products. With this trimmer, you can take care of your beard and mustache. It features blades that have self-sharpening technology and doesn’t pull or snag on your hair. You get a comfortable trim without fail. Plus, you also get three different guide combs for trimming your beard.

Furthermore, it lets you take care of overnight or two-day stubble to full growths. The lightweight beard trimmer will let you work with precision.

Key features:

  • It comes with blade oil and a cleaning brush for maintenance.
  • It provides a five-position guide that will help you to know more about the process to work with it.
  • A bonus trimmer for your nose and hair lets you maintain complete hygiene with no extra investment.

6. Philips Norelco Multigroom Series 7000 Men’s Grooming Kit with Trimmer for Beard, Head, Body, and Face

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When it comes it trimmers, Philips obviously grabs a large share of the market, and for good reason. Its Norelco series is quite renowned due to its extensive features and affordability. This doesn’t just work on your beard but is also used to trim the hair on your head and body. The trimmer has a frame forged from steel. As a result, you get a product that is strong and reliable, and durable enough to last you for years. Due to the steel construction, it also has a well-balanced weight that lets you maneuver it with great ease.

You won’t have to worry about sharpening or maintenance either. The trimmer features DualCut technology that is self-sharpening blades and operates at high precision. This results in precise shaving and sharp blades that can stay that way for as many as 5 long years. It has such a great mechanism that you don’t even need blade oil to use this product. Just pick up the trimmer and move it over your beard.

Key features:

  • Cutting guards won’t flex or bend due to strong fiberglass construction.
  • The lithium battery can give you a runtime of as many as 5 hours.
  • The beard trimmer blades and guards detach for effortless cleaning under running tap water.

5. Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer – Cordless Mustache and Beard Groomer

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Yet another phenomenal product from Philips that doesn’t just trim your beard, but does it without any mess. It stands out from the rest of the competition with its self-sharpening blades. That means when you trim your beard with this device, the blade will lose its efficiency. The trimmer is also made so that it can cut your hair by lifting it up and guiding it towards the blades.

Moreover, the blades are purely constructed of titanium to keep them harmless for you. This runs on a power of 100 to 120-volt for giving the perfect cut every time.

Key features:

  • Zoom wheel lets you choose from 20 different length settings.
  • This is fully skin-friendly in nature so that you don’t feel any irritation.
  • Just an hour of charge gives you 120 minutes of continuous use.

4. Wahl Clipper Groomsman Trimmer for Men, for Beard & Mustache

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When it comes to trimmers Wahl has a fair share of the market and a dedicated fan base due to the competitive price of their products. This trimmer from the brand has a similar story. And it is a great product for grooming yourself or a great gift to your loved one. The trimmer has safety features so that it doesn’t turn on while you are traveling. It also has three different beard combs to take care of different thicknesses of facial hair you have grown.

For further length adjustment, you also get a guide comb that is adjusted to 6 positions. As it is cordless, this is genuinely a rechargeable product making it more flexible for you.

Key features:

  • It can last for months with just a single charge.
  • The blades are of high carbon and give ultimate precision and allow you to grow any style.
  • It comes with a case and cleaning tools for maintenance.

3. Remington MB-200 Titanium Mustache and Beard Trimmer

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Remington presents to you a beard trimmer that sports a wide and durable stainless steel blade. And none of the hassles found in products from competing manufacturers. The blades have high longevity since they are titanium coated. As a matter of fact, it doesn’t require you to do any maintenance with blade oil after each trimming session. It also features a non-slip grip so that you don’t have to deal with any pulls and discomfort.

You get as many as 9 length settings for letting you be precise with your work. Lastly, to keep all these parts in an organized manner, it comes with a storage bag.

Key features:

  • It comes with a free comb and a cleaning brush to get the hair out of the trimmer blades.
  • Length is adjusted by turning the zoom wheel upwards or downwards.
  • LED indicator lets you know about the battery status.

2. Remington PG6170 Crafter Trim & Detail Kit, Men’s Beard Trimmers with Titanium-Coated Blades

Remington PG6170 Crafter Trim & Detail Kit, Men's Beard Trimmers

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Another fabulous product from Remington that allows you to trim and detail your beard like no other product. One of the most remarkable features of this product is the titanium-coated blades. Due to the titanium coating, the blades have a negligible chance of corrosion. Plus, it has much more durability than regular steel blades. Hence they aren’t chipped away easily and stay razor-sharp for an extended period of time. You also get the ultimate grooming flexibility with this wonderful gadget. It comes with 5 fixed combs and a single adjustable comb that offers you 10 different length settings.

Moreover, you also get 4 different attachments for different styles. Combined, these options bring you a vast range of looks that will make you stand out in the crowd. Another benefit of this trimmer is the long runtime. You don’t have to keep the charger plugged in. A single charge from its lithium battery will last you for as long as 3 hours. That’s more than enough to trim all the hair on your face and your head.

Key features:

  • The cordless design lets you move around freely without worrying about a cord tug.
  • Since it is completely waterproof you can also use it while you are in the shower.
  • With turbo mode, you can even take care of the thick beard you have grown for charity.

1. SUPRENT Adjustable Beard Trimmer for Men

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Suprent provides you with a trimmer that looks as stunning as its functionality. It has a modern ergonomic design and has just the right balance of weight for high maneuverability. You get a 3.6V DC motor that consumes less power but doesn’t sacrifice performance. It runs the blades at high frequency to deliver you a fast and smooth trimming session. That’s the secret behind its high long runtime of 70 minutes with just a 600 mAh battery.

Furthermore, the product enables USB charging to make it simple for users to charge. Finally, the low battery indicator will never let you miss any important information.

Key features:

  • A one-year warranty period lets you buy this trimmer without any worries.
  • Protected from overcharge and over-discharge and so, fewer chances of accidents.

So, clean the excess hair and keep yourself clean as well as in style. The beard trimmer and shaver will help to keep your hygiene meter high and your fashionable look intact.

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