Best Softball & Baseball Batting Helmets for Kids & Adults Reviews

When you are playing baseball, you always need to be always careful while batting. If the ball hits your head, it can easily cause damage to your brain. Thus, it is always important to wear batting helmets. However, you need to be very careful while choosing the helmet. You must choose a helmet that provides complete protection without weighing much. All-round protection is required for all-over safety.

Well, finding something like that can be frustrating with all the options out there. So, we are listing down the best ones for you. Read the reviews of best-selling batting helmets and take home the best one.

10. DeMarini Paradox Protege Pro Batting Helmets

Batting Helmets

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When you buy a new helmet from DeMarini, you know you get absolute perfection. With multiple decades of history in creating some of the finest baseball bats, you can find on the market, DeMarini creates each new product with passion and dedication. The helmet has a particular shape that provides optimum protection for your dome area. Next, with a low-profile shell design, you don’t need to worry about a bad fit. The helmet sits on your head snug and has a streamlined design that also makes you look like a champ.

As a matter of fact, the padding has an anti-microbial fabric. Therefore, keeps the interior hygienic even on a warm sweaty day.

Key features:

  • Vents are large enough to promote good cooling.
  • Most importantly, the exact batting helmet size will prevent balls and debris from getting in.
  • As it weighs light, you will never feel any bulkiness while wearing this.

9. RIP-IT Vision Pro Away Baseball Batting Helmets with Face Mask

RIP-IT Vision Pro Away Baseball Batting Helmets with Face Mask

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RIP-IT Sports presents to you an incredible lightweight batting helmet that will keep you safe and secure during important matches. Irrespective of your head size or color preference, there’s a Vision Pro helmet that will suit your needs. You can get it in both glossy and matte finish and choose between 7 different color variants and three different size options. The batter guard on this helmet was constructed with a lot of thought. It has been forged from strong steel that will stop any ball in its track and rebound it away from your face.

Moreover, it has an open design, which means that you don’t have to sacrifice vision for safety. Another amazing feature of this helmet is its Blackout Technology. You would really appreciate it on sunny days since the interior black matte finish eliminates glare from the sun so that you can maintain your hawk-eye vision on the ball and hit it for a home run.

Key features:

  • Having 21 vents, you won’t lack airflow in any way.
  • To wick away unwanted sweat, you get dual-density padding inside.
  • With a ponytail port, you will have a secure fit irrespective of your hairstyle.

8. Easton Z5 2.0 Baseball Softball Batting Helmet

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A great helmet has a few defining characteristics and Easton’s Z5 2.0 padded batting helmet checks out all of them. When you get to choose from 17 different colors, you will have something that will match your team’s colors. You don’t need to settle for an inferior quality helmet. For optimum comfort and shock resistance from high-pressure impacts, you get dual-density foam that allows you to keep playing.

For longevity, ABS shell construction is super strong and makes the helmet usable for years. You will not have any obstruction while wearing this.

Key features:

  • The Easton ScreaminE logo at the front can be swapped out with your team logo.
  • Its wrapped ear pads will not hamper the game or not allow any blockage while hearing.
  • Sweat developed during the game is absorbed and wicked away by the BioDri liner.

7. MACH Matte Junior/Senior Batting Helmets with Extension Flap

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Mach has designed this helmet with a lot of effort and dedication. The design has been redrawn several times for perfection with clean lines and brilliant aesthetics that will hold up to the hardest thrown pitches in any game. You don’t have to be annoyed by impact to the chin either since this helmet also comes with an extension flap that covers your jawline for all-around protection.

Mach has also added its IMPAX padding to this helmet so that most of the force that comes to you from a heavy pitch can be nullified effortlessly. Other than that it also grants you superior comfort that can’t be outmatched by most other manufacturers.

Key features:

  • A sleek silhouette with a low-profile form factor makes this helmet safe and fashionable.
  • It meets NOCSAE standards for athletic safety, without cutting any corners.
  • Edges are reinforced with thicker material for higher longevity.

6. Under Armour Solid Coated Batting Helmet

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Under Armour Baseball takes away all of your hassles right from the time of purchase. Interestingly, the batting helmet sizes would fit both adults and youth so that it can meet everyone’s requirements. This is possible due to the special foam liner that gives you a snug fit and impressive impact resistance at the same time.

Furthermore, there is no need to worry about athletic safety offered by this helmet. You can buy it with confidence since it meets NOCSAE standards and is SEI certified.

Key features:

  • Both the foam and the lining fabric make up the padding very soft and comfortable.
  • Besides, the special padding has anti-microbial properties. Thus, it surely ensures proper hygiene.
  • At around 2 pounds, it is one of the lightest batting helmets you can buy.

5. Rawlings Coolflo Youth Batting Helmets

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Want younger players to develop a good relationship with the sport without endangering them to injuries? Then this helmet from Rawlings is your best bet. It is designed for youth players. Plus, it has everything you need to keep your rookie comfy and safe during the game. As its name suggests the helmet has been crafted to keep your player cool during the game. Other helmets are blazingly hot on sunny days. This helmet with its cool flow design fixes that problem with intelligent design and vent placement. It has numerous vents at the top, back, and sides to promote good air circulation.

Moreover, the design is aerodynamic and gives a sleek look that would be appreciated by your kid. When a ball at high speed hits the helmet, you don’t have to worry about your kid’s safety. The helmet is padded with dense EVA foams that are also responsible for comfort.

Key features:

  • The front logo can be removed for customization.
  • You don’t need to worry about safety issues since it meets NOCSAEA standards.
  • Plastic shell construction keeps the helmet lightweight.

4. EASTON Alpha Baseball Softball Batting Helmet Size for All Ages

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Easton is here again with one of its finest helmets. Thus, lets you or your player maintain your dominant position on the pitch without fear. One of the key highlights of this helmet is the Biodri liner that covers the internal padding. Next, it also absorbs sweat and moisture to keep you dry, focused, and comfortable. Another amazing feature is thermoplastic construction. Hence, it can resist all conditions and impacts without any problem and keeps your head safe.

However, it has a dual-density foam liner and even the size will perfectly fit your head without any hassle.

Key features:

  • The brand logo can be removed and customized with your own team logo.
  • Extremely well built and sturdy design.
  • The helmet is truly versatile since it is available for players of all ages.

3. Mizuno B6 Baseball Batting Helmet for Adult

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Mizuno has a baseball batting helmet that will cover all your needs on the pitch. And that also without making a dent in your budget. The helmet is extremely versatile and comes in all sorts of color combinations. Thus, it will allow you to find the perfect match for your jersey. When you take a close look at the helmet, you would find it has a honeycomb design. As a result, maximizes strength with minimal weight. That enables Mizuno to deliver you a lightweight product that helps you to play your game with less head and shoulder fatigue.

Finally, the shell has thick ABS plastic construction. Hence, it isn’t just durable but will last you for a long period.

Key features:

  • Has a Drylite lining that works well to wick away sweat and excess moisture inside the helmet.
  • Padding is thick without being uncomfortable and makes for a great fit.
  • Most importantly, it comes with high resistance against corrosion.

2. Easton PRO X Baseball Batting Helmet with JAW Guard

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Yet another fantastic baseball helmet from Easton that will change your perspective of batting helmets forever. While other manufacturers offer you dual-density foam, Easton beats them all with their multi-density protection. All thanks to its three layers of foam with varying densities. The shell has also been designed brilliantly with ABS thermoplastic. Hence, it stays good as new for many years.

If aesthetics is your main concern, this helmet covers that as well with its matte finish and metallic accents.

Key features:

  • With an extended jaw guard, all vital areas of your face are protected.
  • Available for both left-handed and right-handed batters.
  • Due to its special design, it offers superb protection without weighing you down like metal.

1. EvoShield XVT Scion Series Batting Helmet

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EvoShield is here with one of the best and most affordable batting helmets you can get on the market. Since it features a low-profile design, you don’t need to worry about a huge bulky thing over your head. It’s comfortable and lightweight and easy to handle even in the most intense games. The shell of this helmet is from ABS plastic. It isn’t just strong and lightweight but also has absolute immunity to rusting and doesn’t corrode like metal.

If you are worried about air circulation and cooling, EvoShield has you covered. It has vents placed strategically throughout the helmet. And it is engineered to facilitate the proper movement of cool air to keep you comfy. Moreover, if a real fastball hits your helmet, the internal padding is from dual-density foam. Hence, it would absorb most of the impact and let you continue with your game.

Key features:

  • The semi-gloss finish of the shell makes it look attractive on the field.
  • Padsleek pads are compression molded and wrapped around your ear so that you get uncompromised protection.
  • Shell is durable enough to last you for a long time with little to no maintenance.

Protecting your head and all other body parts are important during a game. So wear a safety batting helmet and eliminate the risk of harming yourself.

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