Top 10 Best Car Battery Load Testers | Battery Checkers Reviews In 2020

Testing your car battery is an important job that you should always do. If the battery of your car doesn’t have the right health, you are bound to encounter unnecessary problems out on the road. Taking precautions is very crucial and knowing about your battery health is going to be extremely useful. Hence, find car battery load testers for your emergency use. Perfect for the specific purpose of checking your battery, these testers are exceptionally high-quality and promises performance.

However, we know how hard it is for you to trust a brand and its claims on the online platform. So, we picked the best, and here is the battery load tester comparison for a fool-proof guide.

Table of the Best Battery Load Testers Reviews

10. SUNER POWER Digital 12V Car Battery Tester – Battery Load Testers and Analyzer of Battery Life Percentage, Voltage, Resistance and CCA Value 

Battery Load Testers

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With this digital battery load tester, you can easily check the percentage, CCA, voltage, and even resistance if you encounter an unexpected shutdown. The tester works by using the battery power but assures there is no damage to the battery in any way. Also, it comes with the benefits of overvoltage protection and reverses polarity. Thereby, guaranteeing ultra-safe operation.

When it comes to testing the CCA, it has a wide range of 5-9555. As a result, you can work with different types and sizes of batteries. In fact, it has a large LED screen lets you check on the stats and numbers for better understanding.

Key features:

  • You can work with different kinds of batteries like AGM, Gel battery, Deep cycle battery, and flood battery.
  • With the beep remind function, you will be informed about the readings.
  • 12 months warranty and lifetime technical support make sure you can always use the battery with complete confidence.
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9. Schumacher BT-100 16 Volt Battery Tester

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This is indeed ideal for testing 6V and 12V batteries of up to 1000CCA. The batteries of almost all vehicles are compatible with this tester. From cars to trucks and boats as well, almost every single battery is load tested using this tester. For testing the 12V batteries there is a 100A option and a 50A option for 6V batteries.

Also, with this tester, you can test a wide range of things like load, battery condition, motor draw, and complete charging system diagnosis. One tool to correct all your battery problems at your convenience.

Key features:

  • Easy and hassle-free operation is assured by the top-mounted rocker switch.
  • Offers a super-grip, it will not slip off your hand and you can have a perfect hold of it.
  • Color-coded battery clamps help in easy understanding and risk-free operation.

8. CARTMAN 12V Car Battery Tester & Alternator Tester – Test Battery Condition & Alternator Charging

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When you are using your vehicle on an everyday basis, it is important that you keep a proper check on the battery. With an unsure battery, your journeys are going to be quite risky and can lead to unforeseen problems. With the LED battery load tester display, know the condition of your 12V battery in the easiest way. It is quite innovative and upgraded. Hence, you can see the alternator state check, battery state check, and overload display.

The 2000rpm certainly provides you with accurate results and there will not be any problem with the circuit as well.

Key features:

  • Easy to understand green and red indicator lights, you can see and understand the stats in the easiest manner.
  • The stats are shown in percentage manner so that you can easily understand the stats.
  • Weighing only 1.6-ounces, you will not face any problem while grabbing it and checking the information.

7. ANCEL BST500 12V/24V 100-2000 CCA Automotive Battery Load Tester

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Different vehicles use different kinds of batteries. However, you can test them all for load using this single automotive battery load tester. Automotive, marine, motorcycle, truck, you can use this tester to test them all in your home. Having a built-in printer, the tester has thermal printer paper so that you can easily take out a hard copy for future references. It also comes in handy if you are testing someone else’s car batteries. As a result, you can hand over them the work report.

Lightweight and compact, this tester is very easy to carry around. With the backlit display, you will face no problems even in the low-light conditions.

Key features:

  • Housed in a rugged casing, the overall durability is extra-ordinary. Now, you can use this for the longest time with complete dependability.
  • Very fast and accurate, in just 2.5 seconds you will have all the information at your fingertips.
  • Ideal for 12V and 24V batteries so that you can easily use it with almost every car battery.
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6. Foxwell Car Battery Tester – 12V 24V Car Cranking and Charging System Test Scan Tool

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This is certainly a heavy-duty battery load tester that is well-capable of testing all kinds of batteries. Well, it’s ranging from AGM flat plate to regular flooded and deep cycle, this is a great option to consider. It is perfect for both 12V and 24V batteries. Hence, you do not face any limitations when it comes to testing the batteries. Designed with the advanced conductance testing technology, there is a premium copper clip and wire for stable communication.

Owing to this, the results you get will be completely reliable. Also, this tester helps in measuring the actual cold cramping amps and health of the battery. Very convenient to use as well, there is a 7.8ft cable. This allows you to do the test from inside of the vehicle.

Key features:

  • Comes with an auto tester, the tester can test cranking and charging system. So, you can easily find out the cranking voltage and cranking time.
  • Fast results, the results are displayed in just 2.5 seconds of your time.
  • A large backlit LCD display shows you all the information clearly, meaning no unsure or guesswork.

5. Clore Automotive BA9 Gray 40-1200 CCA Digital Battery and System Tester

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Checking the condition of your battery has never been easier because now you can use this simple and easy to use load tester. It is a 12V battery testing system because most of the batteries used in everyday vehicles are of 12V capacity. It also has a wide testing range of 40-1200CCA, meaning you can test every little detail with this tester.

The operating range on this tester is 4.5-16V for more flexibility and dependability. This digital tester has a capacity of 40-1200 CCA, it supports all batteries.

Key features:

  • Almost every single battery type is compatible, from gel cell to spiral, AGM, and even flooded batteries.
  • Very easy to use in all lighting conditions, the LCD display shows accurate information.
  • This pocket-sized battery load tester will fit on any bags and even your pockets.

4. OTC 3180 100 Amp 12 Volt Battery Load Tester

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You want a load tester that you can take anywhere. As a result, when you are out on the road and you need to check how is the condition of your battery, you face no struggles. The convenient and compact size makes sure you have the most portable load tester at your hands at all times. On the tester, the easy to read scales comes in really useful to help you understand the stats better.

In just 10 seconds of your time, you can test the battery using this device both on and off the car. This is only 3.5-pounds and so, the portability of the product isn’t questionable.

Key features:

  • Suitable for use on both 6V and 12V batteries, this is compatible with the most batteries used in the market.
  • With this tester, you can determine the state of charge cranking and volt.
  • Zero adjustments extra-large display tells you about the good/bad status of the battery.
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3. FOXWELL 12V Automotive Battery Tester – Battery Analyzer Health/Faults Detector

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This automotive tester rewards you with an easy and reliable way of testing the car battery status. No hassles of light emission, heat sparks, or battery discharge; this is one of the most reliable options with the promise of performance. Furthermore, polarity protection ensures you do not damage the tester if you mess up the polarity.

In addition to that, it has over-voltage protection built-in making it even safer and trust-worthy in everyday scenarios. It is a 12V battery tester that will tell you the charging status, health status, and other information.

Key features:

  • This is an automatic tester with a testing range of 100-1100CCA for regular flooders, AGM plate, and AGM spiral batteries.
  • Takes about 3 seconds to provide you with accurate results.
  • Arranged keypad and menu-driven operation guarantee an easy to use experience. Plus, the results are shown on the large backlit LCD display.

2. OTC 3182 130-Amp Digital Battery Load Tester

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This is a 130A digital load tester that will come in really useful for your everyday usage. The results given out by this tester is extremely accurate. Therefore, you always have the right knowledge about the health status of your car battery. Overall, the build quality is quite extraordinary as well.

Although lightweight and compact, the build quality is quite robust for everyday testing scenarios. Moreover, it is a tester that can easily check the status of both 12V and 6V batteries.

Key features:

  • Ergonomic handle and easy-to-grip body guarantee a comfortable usage in every condition.
  • The display is large and very easy to read in all conditions.

1. KONNWEI KW600 Car Battery Load Tester – Professional Alternator Digital Analyzer Waveform Voltage Test Tool 

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No need to go to your car mechanic every now and then just to give your battery a health check-up. With this excellent tester, you will get accurate results in the most effortless manner. It has a color screen so that you get to see the number and stats in the correct way always. Capable of delivering up to 99% accurate data, you will not have struggle with unsure numbers which will make your life difficult.

Suitable for every 12V battery out there, the testing range is 100-2000CCA. In fact, you can use this load tester on all kinds of batteries.

 Key features:

  • The results are displayed in text and graphic manner so that you can quickly understand the numbers.
  • Combination of 2.4-inches LCD screen and top-level STM 32 main chip, you will get the precise information faster.
  • It comes with the promise of lifetime software update service.

When it comes to understanding the condition of your car battery, without the right tools or arrangements, it is fairly impossible to know it. So, own a portable battery load tester to stay informed about every stats and avoid sudden mishaps.

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