Best Automatic Sliding Gate Openers Reviews

Slowly everything around us involves technology to make sure that it fits right into the modern world. And people cannot go one step without interacting with new technologies. Big-sized houses and properties use big-sized gates to protect them from unwanted intruders and have good security. Operating and handling these gates however is a challenging thing, hence it is time you install the automatic sliding gate openers on the same.

Here are our best options where you will get to learn about the automatic sliding gate opener kits that you can buy today. Read the way these work and find the one that is perfectly compatible with your sliding gate.

10. CO-Z Automatic Sliding Gate Openers – Hardware Sliding Driveway Security Kit

Automatic Sliding Gate Openers

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Have you ever noticed how technology is making our life easier and more convenient in every possible way? The amount of effort for doing something has greatly reduced over the years. And technology is the reason for this. Big properties use sliding gates in the front end but the same gates are now automatic for easier use. This sliding gate opener transforms your regular sliding gate that opens and closed on its own.

Perfect for gates that are 40 ft in measurement and 1400 pounds in weight, there is a 20ft chain that comes in the package. Having a 280W of AC automatic sliding gate opener motor, the gates will open and close extremely smoothly. As a matter of fact, it will not produce a lot of noise either. It operates at a speed of 43ft/min and never produces more than 56dB of noise.

Key features:

  • Innovative auto-close feature, you can set the timer as per your need so that the gates close on their own.
  • The remote control that comes with the package has an operation range of 100 ft.
  • The machine is of the aluminum base, gear is copper worn. Thus, the entire machine has CE approval for safety.

9. Co-Z Automatic Sliding Gate Openers with Wireless Remotes & Roller Gate Opener

Co-Z Automatic Sliding Gate Openers with Wireless Remotes & Roller Gate Opener

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Ideal for a bit smaller gates, this machine works effortlessly with sliding gates under the weight of 3300 pounds. The included 20 ft chain makes it compatible with 40ft gates. Next, the overall build quality always assures that you are getting the best service for the price you pay. It features an aluminum plus copper gear. As a result, improves the overall durability and reliability.

In addition to that, as it has CE certification, you can always depend on the results it will deliver. The speed at which it closes the gate is around 36-40ft per minute. In fact, the whole process happens without causing a lot of irritating noise. As the noiseless automatic sliding gate opener produces 60dB of noise, there will be no issues after you have combined this machine with your sliding gate.

Key features:

  • Convenient auto-close option, the timer options are 12s, 24s, and 36s.
  • Uses the top-notch RF hopping technology, preventing anyone from accessing the remote.
  • IR sensor guarantees safe operation and reverses the motion as soon as it detects an obstruction.

8. TOPENS CK700 Automatic Sliding Gate Openers for Heavy Duty Slide Gates

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Topens brings this heavy-duty automatic sliding gate opener in the best possible way. Thus, once you combine this with your existing gate, your life becomes easier. The strong 300W motor has 2/5 horses to make sure the pulling force is perfect. Most sliding gates in the market are for heavy-duty applications. Hence Topens also ensured that you can use this with those gates.

Suitable for gates with 40ft length and 1600 pounds of weight, the device has pure-copper wiring and guarantees an ultra-quiet performance. No matter what your gate is off, you will never have any issues installing and setting up a gate opener.

Key features:

  • Uses advanced technology so that you face no struggle while switching the open/close direction on this.
  • You can even choose to use the different kinds of accessories that will make the whole process much easier. These are the external receiver, wireless keypad, and remote.
  • The auto-close time is set as per your needs within a range of 1-99s.

7. Biltek Automatic Sliding Gate Openers with Wireless Remotes

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Two remote controls are indeed capable of transforming the manual labour into something completely automatic and hassle-free. Now you can close/open the gates from inside your house. It comes along with a 20ft chain so that big gates like the 40ft ones are also the benefit. If your gate weighs under 1400 pounds, this is undoubtedly a fine and really amazing option to choose from.

Furthermore, as it has an auto-close feature, the overall user experience becomes even more impressive for you. Now you can command the gate to close on its own after 12s, 24s, or 36s.

Key features:

  • In smart pedestrian mode, the gate opens anywhere between 1-5ft so that people can pass through easily.
  • Extremely helpful, you can adjust the soft start and slow stop functionality on the gate opener.
  • The automatic sliding gate opener with wireless remotes comes with all the mounting hardware and installation parts. Thus, facilitates in a completely effortless installation.

6. GATEXPERT Sliding Gate Opener Kit with Wireless Remote

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Modern problems need modern solutions and when it comes to safety concerns, there is zero room for error. Although you have installed a big-sized gate to protect your property, have you ever wondered how difficult it is to handle that enormously big gate? Well to make your life easier, this gate opener can really do wonders. It certainly has a single-button remote control so that you can redirect the motion without any brainstorming. This is one of the most user-friendly gate openers. Also, you can add as many as 25 other remote controls for more convenience and ease of usage.

The 110V/60Hz motor has a built-in control unit and is gear rack driven for better response. Well-suited for gates measuring within 26ft and weighing under 1350 pounds, this is an option to consider.

Key features:

  • Keeps itself safe from overheating, after 15 minutes of continuous operation, the motor stops itself to prevent any damage.
  • Uses infrared to make sure when it encounters an obstruction, the motion is reversed.
  • Automatic close function with a choice of timers of 12s, 24s and 36s.

5. ALEKO AC1400NOR Chain Driven Sliding Gate Opener for Gates

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One of the most workable sliding gate openers in the market, this can work smoothly for gates. And the measurements of such gates can extend to as much as 50ft in length. The user-programmable and user erasable remote codes add more convenience. Plus, it lets you combine as many as 100 remotes with it.

In addition to that, you can even combine this with an external receiver. However, you can buy separately to increase the number of remotes added. In the package, you will get 2 remote controls, installation hardware, 110V of AC motor and a 20ft chain.

Key features:

  • The chassis of the gate opener is of aluminum alloy for outstanding corrosion-resistant and lightweight handling.
  • Stops and reverses the motion as soon as it senses an obstruction.
  • Is appropriate for gates that weigh under 1400 pounds.

4. Lfhelper Slide Gate Opener for Automatic Sliding Gate & Door

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Technologically advanced automatic sliding gate opener design, on this model, you will get the convenience of infrared sensing. As a matter of fact, it safely reverses the direction when it senses an obstruction or people. No risks of the gates closing in on people passing by, this even incorporates an anti-stroke design. Hence, it minimizes any unwanted damage.

As soon as the gate reaches the stroke, the button only works in the opposite direction. So, there is hardly any chance of accidents. It certainly has a temperature protector, when it senses high temperature, the motor cuts off supply and stops working.

Key features:

  • The force of the motor is adjusted so that no overloading occurs also.
  • Default 90 seconds of the breakpoint, if the motor runs for too long, it shuts down for protection.

3. GATEXPERT Sliding Gate Opener with Remote Controls & Security Photocell Sensor

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Yet another extraordinary sliding gate opener from the Gatexperts is also extremely durable. Plus, it gets the best of design and makes in every possible way. The base and abs cover are of aluminum alloy. Hence, it is strong enough to deal with gates weighing a maximum of 1350 pounds and 26ft in length.

Even better, the intelligent design stops the motor from operation as soon as it reaches 15 minutes of continuous operation. And it’s also applicable in situations when the temperature reaches a massive 120°C. No more risks of unattended operation ruining the way the motor works.

Key features:

  • Extremely easy and hassle-free single button operation remote control that is for anyone and everyone.
  • Auto-close option, now you can choose 12s, 24s, or 36s to automatically close the gate after opening.
  • The infrared connection enables the gate to learn any obstruction and reverse the motion of operation.

2. TOPENS RK990 Automatic Sliding Gate Opener

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Choosing the right kind of electrical device is always challenging. However, once you learn how brilliant and extraordinary this gate opener is, you will be left with no other choice. It has got all the excellent features, technology, and equally great reliability, this is designed 40ft gates weighing less than 2200 pounds. Also, it is smart enough to protect itself from overheating and overloading hassles. The motor has a construction of pure copper wire for its own good. In fact, its operations are extremely quiet.

Accomplish the closing, as well as the opening of the gates, in between 20 to 60 seconds. Finally, the remote’s range is 60ft, therefore, obtaining the smoothest operation.

Key features:

  • With the pedestrian mode, the gate will not open fully but sufficient enough to let you pass through.
  • The sound generated is a maximum of 50dB, as a result, pretty low.
  • You can even ass as many as 8 remote controls to give access to other people.

1. BENINCA Sliding Gate Opener with Receiver & Remote Control

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At the top of the list, the Beninca sliding gate opener is top-notch in every given scenario. Silent and powerful to make sure you fall in love with how this works. The machine uses a 24V DC motor for reliable and intensive applications. Furthermore, it has an LCD display where you can conveniently do the programming and tweak the setting for the best results.

Last but not least, in the package, you will get a couple of remote controls. Plus, there is also a receiver that enhances the overall user experience.

Key features:

  • Has internal limit switches for easy access to the board of the gate opener.
  • Torque and timing are adjustable digitally for more reliability.
  • Includes 5 racks of 39-inches for more convenience.

If you are wondering what the automatic sliding gate opener installation is difficult, then you are wrong. Follow the guide or take external help, this is a genius product.

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