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If you are in the profession of drawing and drafting, in addition to all the drawing tools and creativity, you will need a workstation you can depend on. For drawing, a very good table is extremely important and here we will help you find the best one. The artist drawing tables will let you fully concentrate on your art and provides dedicated space for all your essentials. You get a large surface that will not limit you with your artwork.

Shortlisted from the wide range of options, in this list, you will find the top 10 best artist drawing tables. Only the most reliable ones are narrowed down, thereby making sure you do not end up buying a wrong one. Check out these tables and never complain about the lack of workstations in your home.

10. Coaster Home Furnishing Artist Drafting Table Champagne

Artist Drawing Tables

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For an artist, the drawing table is undoubtedly the most essential piece of equipment. In this package of this, you will get a drafting desk made entirely using the combination of glass, metal, and plastic. The glass surface is mainly for drawing, making it easier for you to do long hours of work with ease.

Moreover, it doesn’t require any sort of assembling or setting up from your end. Just take it out of the box and you will have yourself a personalized drawing table.

Key features:

  • The artist drawing table’s weight limit on this table is 110 pounds, making it easier for you to learn and work.
  • Great organizing space, the 3 drawers make it convenient to keep tools and other things.
  • Features a tempered glass top, it is 5 times stronger for better durability.

9. Studio Designs Pro White Craft Stable

Studio Designs Pro White Craft Stable

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A big and spacious drawing table that will be your favorite companion! This innovative table comes with some really useful features. To start, you will get a large working surface of 38-inches X 24-inches, letting you accommodate big-sized papers easily. In addition to that, you can twist and turn the table surface to match your convenience. The top is angled from flat to 45°, letting you adjust the angle the way you want.

Keeping your supplies and drawing tools is equally easier with this table. It does not only have one but 4 removable side trays where you can keep almost everything safely.

Key features:

  • The artist drawing table’s storage drawers are height adjustable. Therefore, making it even easier for you to keep a different kinds of things.
  • You will get a padded footrest so that you can effortlessly work for numerous years.
  • Features caster wheels for mobility and 2 lockable wheels for stationary work.

8. Stand Up Desk Store Height Adjustable Drawing Tables and Drafting Table

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Let’s talk about how beneficial it will be for you if you get yourself a good height adjustable artist drawing table. From architects to interior designers and even draftsmen, everyone often needs to draw designs on paper. This table makes the process easier by allowing you to adjust multiple verticals. With a flexible height adjustable frame, it can be used with the utmost convenience by anyone.

As a matter of fact, the desktop angle is also altered to ensure you face zero difficulties when drawing the designs. Owing to the factor that it is a standing desk, the health benefits are unlimited. Standing and working means more burnt calories, better focus, and minimal back problems.

Key features:

  • Indeed user-friendly and easy to use, the oversized thumb makes sure you can change the angles in the easiest fashion.
  • Extremely stable and sturdy, the table is fitted with rubber feet to make sure it stays stable while working.
  • Made with a high-quality and robust steel frame and enhanced with powder coating for long-term durability.

7. SD Studio Vintage Rustic Oak Drafting Table – Drawing Desk & Writing Desk Studio Desk

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One of the finest vintage artist drawing tables that you can buy today. This has a classic aesthetic and will look appealing always. With a big working surface of 42-inches X 30-inches, you will face no challenges when you have large sheets to handle. For your ease of working, the table is even designed with a built-in pencil groove. Here, you can safely keep the drawing pencil. Also, there is a 24-inches pencil ledge that makes things even easier when you have loads of work to complete.

Finally, it weighs 33 pounds giving it the required stability and benefits that you can expect out of it.

Key features:

  • The entire table is simple to set up, meaning no added hassles of assembling.
  • Solid hardwood frame guarantees long years of service and durability.
  • The top is easily adjusted from flat to 90° for your benefit.

6. ZENY Height Adjustable Drafting Draft Desk – Art Drawing Tables

ZENY Height Adjustable Drafting Draft Desk - Art Drawing Tables

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This is the drawing table that you will love using on a day-to-day basis. Hence, make sure there are no challenges when you have a drawing to complete. Made with premium quality materials, the tabletop is made using P2 MDF. On the other hand, for strength, there are iron legs with powder coating. Inside the non-woven drawers, you can easily keep all the things you have to. And for your advantage, the height is even adjusted from 28-inches to 35.8-inches.

Find your preferred working angle and change it from flat to 45°, the way you would like it. Inside the package, you will get all the accessories and tools so that the whole setup process becomes as effortless as you can imagine.

Key features:

  • You will get a matching stool so that you can sit and work all day long without difficulties.
  • A footpad on the legs of the table guarantees stable usage and optimum protection to the floor below.
  • The lip is fitted with a sheet stopper so that the sheets do not slip and fall.

5. Best Choice Products Folding Drawing Drafting Craft Art Table

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Best Choice Products are one of the most reliable names when it comes to furniture and home appliances. And like their other products, this table is extremely good too. This is a fully adjustable workstation that will readily enhance your productivity. As a result, help you with getting the work done faster. Both the height and angle are adjustable to meet your needs when you are working.

Having an extra shelf and 3 storage drawers, now you will be able to have easy access to all the tools and materials. Interestingly, this foldable artist drawing table even has a construction of MDF and steel. Therefore, giving the product an edge over others.

Key features:

  • There is an extra shelf at the bottom which gives you dedicated space to keep books or any items safely.
  • You will also get a comfortable padded stool so that you can work throughout the day without any struggles.
  • With a maximum capacity of 110 pounds, you can do it all safely and reliably.

4. Yaheetech Drafting Table –  Art Drawing Desk with Wheels and Drawers

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The most interesting thing about this drawing table is the way it is built. It is perfect specifically to make sure your workflow gets better and easier every single time. On both sides of the table, there are a total of 4 stationary trays. As a result, you can arrange for comfortable usage. Next, the multiple honeycomb pen holes and slots make sure you can properly arrange all the pencils and pens.

The working surface, on the other hand, is made with toughened glass for unquestionable durability. As the surface has a blue finish, it softens the light and helps you with tracing and comic-making as well.

Key features:

  • The glass surface has filleted edges and rounded corners to eliminate any risks of injuries or accidents.
  • Adjust it the way you like, the top is angled from 0° to 60° so that you find the best working angle always.
  • Pencil ledge on the tabletop to help you keep papers and stationery easily.

3. STUDIO DESIGNS Eclipse Craft Center in Black

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Yet another excellent drawing table made by the house of SD studio designs. Like the other ones, this is one of the best tables as well. It has a 24-inches slide-up pencil ledge to help you do more work without losing out on the important items and stuff. For more storage areas, you can always use the under desk storage shelf.

While you are drawing or drafting on the desktop, keep the extra sheets or drawings on the shelf below. Very easy to use and adjust whenever you need, the top can be used flat or angled at 40°.

Key features:

  • With has the construction of heavy gauge steel, the overall quality of make is very sturdy and durable.
  • It comes with an included padded stool so that your comfort is never compromised in any way.
  • The 6-floor levelers offer superior stability while you are working.

2. ZENY Tabletop Tilted Drawing Drafting Table Craft Drafting Desk Board Art Workstation

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Built with superior quality and reliable materials, this table features a high-quality MDF board. As a result, you can work without restrictions for the longest possible time. Combined with it is the durable steel frame which is enhanced with powder coating. Not only this table will last the longest time but it also stays away from damage due to rusting and corrosion. The 48° angle adjustment makes working more convenient and the sleek surface feels very user-friendly and modern-looking.

Lastly, you will get a total of 3 woven fabric drawers for keeping all things handy and close to reaching.

Key features:

  • You will get a cushioned stool with a footrest that can easily hold up to 150 pounds.
  • The table has a total of 10 plastic foot pads to keep it safe from friction and damage.
  • It comes with a detailed manual that lets you assemble this table with ease.

1. Studio Designs 10057 Futura Tower Drawing Tables

Studio Designs 10057 Futura Tower Drawing Tables

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This is the futuristic table that will come in really useful for anyone who is involved with drawing or designs. The top is 6 positions adjustable from flat to 40°, making it suitable for a long duration of working. On the sides, you can even keep water, coffee, or just supplies as there are a couple of dedicated cup holders.

Moreover, the 24-inches pencil ledge is pretty useful to keep a pencil or pen close when drawing. The top is made of tempered glass and will perform without any questions.

Key features:

  • The steel frame has a beautiful and durable powder-coated silver finish that looks and performs well.
  • Features art trays where you can keep pencils, brushes, supplies, etc.
  • Has a cork board with 4 magnets for added benefits and convenience.

For people in the creative field, they understand how important it is to have a comfortable and user-friendly workspace. And it is even applicable for art enthusiasts. Hence, buy an artist drawing table and let your creativity burst out.

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