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The quality of water has degraded by great margins over the years. It is also predicted that in the coming days, the quality will degrade even further, thereby making posing a threat to our life and health. It is the high time everyone shifts to the use of water purifiers for drinking water. If you are on the lookout and still cannot decide, the alkaline water machines can actually help you well.

Featuring the alkaline water machines, the list of the items you see here is the best of the lot. As a matter of fact, choose the one that gets your attention and assure safer drinking water for your family.

10. Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 9.5 Anti-Oxidant Boost Water Ionizer – Alkaline Water Filtration System – Alkaline Water Machines

Alkaline Water Machines

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By now, almost every health-conscious individual has the idea that anti-oxidants enhance our health. More anti-oxidants in our everyday diet mean better health and well-being for anyone and everyone. With this machine, now you will get the same as this uses antioxidant boost technology on the inside. In addition to that, it purifies water in many different ways and specifically by the 7 options of operation it offers.

4 ionized alkaline which is continuously variable to 1 non-ionized purifying and even a couple of ionized acidic pre-sets, offers outstanding purification of water. The machine also has an auto-plate washing that functions after every 10.5gals to clean itself. Finally, for deeper cleaning, the machine reverses the polarity and gets the job done.

Key features:

  • Uses 9 platinum-coated titanium plates that are energy-efficient, durable, and long-lasting.
  • The pH range it offers is 3.0 to 11.5 for more options.
  • The intuitive backlit alkaline water machine display looks fascinating and even provides ease of operation during night times.

9. Bawell Platinum Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine

Bawell Platinum Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine

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Indeed an alkaline water ionizer machine that comes with a forever lifetime warranty for your reliability. Now you can create both acidic and alkaline water at the convenience of your home. As the pH working range is 2.0 to 12.00, it always ensures that the water’s acidity is in the way you want. The ORP range is a massive +600 to -800 for more options when it comes to the betterment of the water.

Having a 2 stage water filtration system, no matter what water you give in, you will always have a very pure drinking water supply. Moreover, the filters can work for 5000 liters of water before there is a need for replacement.

Key features:

  • Very easy to use and compact countertop design, you can easily connect it to the faucet or water line.
  • Works fine with a bare minimum water pressure of 20 pounds per square inch.
  • When purifying, the machine displays the values of pH and ORP.

8. AquaGreen Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine – Water Filtration System for Home

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Nobody likes and wants to compromise with the quality of drinking water. Therefore, this brilliant auto-cleaning alkaline water machine is something you can trust every day. Not only does it offer better health benefits, if you drink alkaline water, you will have more energy, better detoxification, and also more energy.

As a matter of fact, with the options of 7 different water settings, always understand the kind of water you need. And direct the machine to deliver it to you. For all your needs, the AquaGreen alkaline water machine is there for your service.

Key features:

  • Uses an active carbon filter that is replaceable for more flexibility and safety.
  • Having a 3.8-inches of colorful display, the machine looks premium and functions equally well.
  • Certainly offers you a pH range of 3.5 to 10.5 and ORP range of +600 to -5000.

7. Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 7.0 Water Ionizer – Alkaline Water Filtration System

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Extraordinary make and innovatively designed, this is a modern-day solution. Here, we cannot compromise with the quality of the water we drink. As the quality of water is getting worse with each passing day, you have no time to waste before you install this machine at your home. For purification and carrying out the workability unrestricted, the machine uses 7 platinum-coated titanium plates.

However, every single plate assures a long life of service, energy efficiency, and even great durability. With a choice of pH range of 4.5 to 11 and a 5-year warranty, this is a well-designed product. Therefore, you can always rely on it.

Key features:

  • The active carbon water filter can serve for a year while purifying up to 1585 gallons of water.
  • Smart and innovative, it can clean itself by reversing the polarity and the auto washing plate assembly.
  • Offers 7 different water options for your convenience and choice.

6. Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 9.0 Aqua-Ionizer Pro Alkaline Water Machines

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We know you love purity and the deluxe 9.0 alkaline water machine; is certainly a top-notch option. As a result, guarantees very pure water that you can drink always. Just not drinking water, as this has 7 different water settings. Now you can add alkalinity to your water and even the much important antioxidants.

When you drink alkaline water, your body will have more detoxification power. Therefore, better strength to handle your day-to-day activities. Lastly, the alkaline water machine capacity is pretty high and is indeed environmental-friendly.

Key features:

  • Capable of ionizing and purifying over 4000 liters of water, this uses advanced filtration technology in it.
  • Helps in better and more efficient removal of waste from plastic water bottles.
  • Has been certified by ETL and RoHS for more safety and reliability.

5. Aqua Ionizer Pro Alkaline Water Machine – Home Alkaline Water Filtration System

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Yet another reliable option of alkaline water machine from the trustworthy name of Aqua Ionizer Pro. Likewise, their other options also use state-of-the-art technology for the best results. It is indeed offering you as many as 7 different healthy water options. From alkaline continuously variable to ionized and non-ionized purifies, it is a complete package.

Furthermore, this works with our regular 110V of supply, this fully variable model. In fact, it has a working pH range of 4.5 to 11 and the ORP range up to -600. The filter is capable of running steadily for 4000 liters of water and never lets you compromise on a health factor.

Key features:

  • Uses advanced electroplating technology on the platinum-coated titanium plates.
  • The active alkaline water machine’s carbon filter is long-life serviceable and offers brilliant purification.
  • Auto plate washing and reverse polarity make sure that the machine is capable of self-cleaning.

4. AlkaDrops Water Ionizer – Water Purifier Machine PH 3.5-10.5 Alkaline Acid Water Machine

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The entire construction and design of this machine are spectacular. It uses only top-notch items both on the inside and outside for the best results. The imported build quality guarantees a service that is hard to find in regular water purifiers. ABS + titanium plates coated with the platinum offer at par excellent functionality when it comes to ionizing water. Alternatively, there is a carbon filter so that the purification process is never compromised.

From the removal of bad taste, odor, residual chlorine, and even organic matter, the filters are well capable. As a matter of fact, they work for as much as 6000 liters of water. Also, if you are unhappy with how the machine works, the brand is always ready for a refund or replacement. As it has passed WQA certification and NSF certification, you can trust the quality blindly.

Key features:

  • The plates are of titanium and have Japan imported ionic membrane coating and platinum for efficiency.
  • Produces healthy water in 7 different ways to match your needs.
  • Flexible pH range of 3.5 to 10.5 and ORP level of +600 to -500mV.

3. AlkaDrops Water Ionizer – Water Purifier Machine PH 3.5-10.5

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More than just your regular water purifier, this innovative and top-of-the-line alkaline is blessed with all the latest technology. The WQA and NSF have given approval for their safety. Therefore, you can always be sure of the water you going to drink out of this machine. The superior level of efficiency is assured by the titanium plates that are coated with Japan’s imported ionic membrane. Moreover, the same plates also get a platinum coating for better results each time.

It is quite capable of filtering and ionizing as much as 6000 liters of water before you need to replace any part. Bring in your family the practice of consuming alkaline water that can deliver more energy, help detoxify, and hydrate.

Key features:

  • 7 different options for healthy water are produced for your family’s needs in all ways.
  • Uses 5 pieces of plates for carrying out the process unrestricted and smooth.
  • The internal active carbon water filter is replaceable whenever you feel the need for it.

2. AlkaDrops LED Water Ionizer Purifier Machine PH4.5-10 Alkaline Acid Hight Quality

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The water machine fits right into the modern family and lifestyle. This is by far one of the most advanced options that you can find in the market. Apart from providing you with the quality of water you desire, this has added benefits. These include LED display, voice function, real-time monitoring, etc.

If you have an elderly person at your home who needs assistance, this places itself perfectly at your home. Finally, the CDC touch control technology it uses is elegant and lets you control all the functions effortlessly.

Key features:

  • Designed with a microcomputer for controlling the electrolysis and lets you work with water having a TDS value ranging from 80-1000ppm.
  • No risks of scaling to the electrodes as these are auto-cleaning in nature.
  • The Japanese ionic membrane titanium electrolytic board offers a superior level of efficiency.

1. Rhorawill Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine – Home Water Filtration System PH 4.0-10.5

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Topping the list, this amazing machine has the best market standards. These are an extra-large LED display, an automatic cleaning cycle, an English voice, 8 water pH levels, etc. To do all of this possible, these 3 pc premium and platinum-coated titanium plates are really dependable. Furthermore, there is a high-efficiency filter on the machine that comes with the benefits of an extra-long flexible hose.

Other impressive features include a soft-touch button control panel, filter life indicator, adjustable pH levels among others. Compact style and elegance, this blends in beautifully with different kinds of interior decors.

Key features:

  • Uses quick-change filters for convenience and handling of the product.
  • Designed with two different cleaning cycles for self-cleaning of the machine.

All the main waterborne diseases are caused due to contaminated water, therefore, buy an alkaline water machine. Enjoy a healthy life and promote healthy living.

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