Best Portable Retractable Air Hose Reels Reviews

When you own an air hose, you need to sort its storage situation as well. You just cannot keep it open in places as there are many risks to it. Hence, get air hose reels in order to keep them stored properly. This case will avoid situations of wear and tear and so the longevity of the product will increase. It is pretty sturdy and will let you pull out the reels easily. Some are automatic whereas some are manual, but the efficiency is equally good.

After thorough research, we have jotted the air hose reel manufacturers who have made products for user benefits. So read the points and feel free to order one for you.

10. Giraffe Auto Retractable Air Hose Reels with 25 Ft Hybrid Air Hose

Air Hose Reels

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This retractable air hose reel is truly an excellent one. It has a length of 25-ft along with a diameter of 3/8-inches. Thus, it provides you with ample length to work perfectly. Moreover, this air hose also comes with a special auto rewind feature. The hose also comes with special metal brass fittings along with high-quality steel housing. Most importantly, the housing comes with a special powder coating too. Hence, it is completely corrosive resistant.

In other words, it provides you with unparalleled durability. Above all, you can mount it on the ceiling, wall, or floor without any issue.

Key features:

  • Certainly, it can withstand up to a pressure of 300 PSI and the hose is of polymer.
  • It also has non-snag rollers which further makes the job of auto retraction pretty easy.
  • You also get a guided arm that will let you adjust from three different angles.

9. Campbell Hausfeld Air Hose Reels with Retractable 50 Foot Air Hose 

Campbell Hausfeld Air Hose Reels with Retractable 50 Foot Air Hose 

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This one from Campbell is truly an excellent product that you can opt for. Certainly, the very best thing about this product is its construction. It comes with swivel mount brackets that you can easily mount on walls as well as ceilings. Next, the case of the air hose is easily mountable as well as completely crack resistant. Therefore, it is not only durable but also provides you with complete convenience of working. So, with this product, you can easily finish all your works with the utmost efficiency.

Furthermore, the mountable air hose reel features standard ¼-inches NPT fittings at both ends. Hence, it further offers ease of usage.

Key features:

  • The air hose comes with auto retract feature. Thus, it makes sure that you can work with it without any issues.
  • Moreover, the hose locks automatically at various intervals. So, it allows you to take out only the desired length.
  • Lastly, the air hose is of high-quality PVC material. Therefore, it is corrosion resistant as well as durable.

8. DeWalt Double Arm Hose Reel with 3/8” x 50ft Premium Rubber Hose

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An excellent product, this professional air hose reel from DeWalt is known for its versatility. With a length of 50 ft and a diameter of 3/8-inch, this is suitable for working with any compressor or tool that works at 300 psi or less. Besides, this air hose is kink resistant. As a matter of fact, it comes with a lead of 3/8-inch with a 4-feet lead. As a result, it can easily connect with any compressor with absolute ease.

Last;y, it comes to complete temperature resistance. So, this can work between 40°F to 150°F without any issue.

Key features:

  • Indeed, the hose has steel male parts and rubber construction. Thus, you can be completely sure about its durability completely.
  • It also comes with a 4:1 safety factor thereby assuring you completely about its safety.
  • Above all, it is completely auto-retracting as well as self-leveling. Hence, it is completely easy to use.

7. DeWalt DXCM024-0345 Hose Reel Automatic Retraction Enclosed Air Hose Reels

DeWalt DXCM024-0345 Hose Reel Automatic Retraction Enclosed Air Hose Reels

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Another excellent product from Dewalt, this one also promises you efficient service and extraordinary quality. The very first thing about this automatic air hose reel that you need to know about is its automatic spring-powered retraction mechanism. Due to this feature, the hose can always retract to the reel once you are done using it. Plus, it also provides you with a marvelous locking mechanism. Hence, you can lock it anywhere at any time without any issue.

Given that, it is self-leveling too. Thus, you will not have to level it manually every time you use it. Plus, you also get a tool-free adjustable ball stop for hassle-free usage.

Key features:

  • Firstly, it provides you with 1/4″ Male fittings on both sides that can easily fit any air compressor or tool.
  • The wall mount delivers 180° free rotation without any trouble. So, you can use it in any direction with ease.
  • Lastly, it can easily work with any machine producing maximum air pressure of 300 PSI.

6. GOODYEAR Retractable 50ft Air Hose Reels

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If you are searching for heavy-duty air hose reels, then this one from Goodyear is obviously a worthy choice. Manufactured from high-quality rubber, this air hose is highly durable. In fact, it can easily withstand air pressure of 300 PSI or 20 Bar with absolute ease. Due to its superior build, it is completely resistant to acids, oils, and abrasion. Plus, it is completely resistant to temperature fluctuations too. It can easily work between the temperature range of -20°F to 212°F without sustaining any damage.

Above all, you can easily use it with compressed air as well as water. Hence, it also ensures versatility.

Key features:

  • The reel of the hose is of steel along with powder coating. As a result, it is completely corrosion-resistant and safe to use.
  • It also provides you with a brass swivel joint inlet which further offers complete protection from any leakage.
  • This comes with OSHA, RoHS, ISO: 9001, 14001, CNAs, SQC, IAF, and MSHA certification. So, you can be sure about its quality.

5. GOODYEAR Air Hose-Reel – Premium Commercial Flex Hybrid Polymer Hose

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Sitting at the middlemost position in our list, here you have another fantastic Goodyear’s hose reel that you can opt for. It comes with a swiveling bracket, this product offers complete ease of mounting on the wall or the ceiling. Most importantly, the swiveling feature allows it to easily move in 180° in any direction without any hassle. So, you will be able to use it anywhere.

Unlike its predecessor in our list, this one features a hybrid flex polymer construction. As a result, it has an excellent bend radius without the kinks. Thus, it can easily operate without any difficulty.

Key features:

  • This comes with an automatic locking mechanism. Therefore, you can easily use it at any length.
  • You also get proper inlet connection sealing. Therefore, it prevents any leakage and keeps the workplace safe.
  • Besides, it comes with a high-quality automatic guide system. It helps in automatic retraction as well as the leveling of the hose.

4. Flexzilla Retractable Enclosed Plastic Air Hose Reel

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One of the leaders in the air hose industry, Flexzilla has become a popular name. This Flexzilla air hose features a hybrid polymer construction. So, this hose reel has zero memory. Therefore, it does not offer any kink all the while offering a perfect bend ratio. Due to its marvelous construction, this product can also work on subzero temperatures as well as high temperatures with absolute ease.

Moreover, the product also offers automatic retraction. Therefore, you will be using it without having to worry about retracting it. You can easily wall-mount the product too. Thus, it makes sure that you get complete convenience of usage.

Key features:

  • One of the best things about this product is the fact that it comes with anodized aluminum fittings. Thus, it offers great longevity and protection against corrosion.
  • Of course, you also get an adjustable hose stopper that allows you to easily adjust the length of the hose.
  • Above all, the swivel mount bracket offers complete freedom of 180° movement thereby allowing you to work freely.

3. REELWORKS 50′ Air-Hose-Reel Retractable

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Reelworks is one of the most trusted names in the US. It excels in producing hose reels. This one right here comes with a highly advanced and newly designed auto guide rewind system. Hence, it can easily retract without any of the kinks. It also provides you with a multi-position locking ratchet and double enclosing spring function. Therefore, it easily locks the hose at any length of your choice. It also offers easy non-locking functionality thereby ensuring complete convenience.

You also get a heavy-duty steel reel and adjustable guide arm with powder coating. Thus, it offers extraordinary strength, reduction in an angular pull, and complete resistance against corrosion.

Key features:

  • Of course, it comes with four directional non-snag rollers which reduce abrasion and wear on the hose.
  • This has received multiple certifications from reputed names such as CNAS, RoHS, ISO:9001 and so many more.
  • It is also completely resistant to water, oil, and acid.

2. GOODYEAR Air-Hose-Reel Retractable 3/8″ Inch x 100 Feet 300 Psi / 20 Bar Spring Driven

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It seems like Goodyear has some of the best hose reels in the market and the third entry in our list surely serves as a testament to that. It comes with a 3/8 inch diameter and 50 ft length. Thus, it offers complete convenience of usage. Plus, it features SRB rubber construction. Thus, it has superior strength and complete resistance against acid, abrasion, and oils.

Due to its incredible construction, it can easily operate in extreme temperature conditions. In fact, it operates in the range of -20°F to 212°F. The reel comes with a heavy-duty steel frame along with a flange structure. Thus, it is heavy duty and has corrosion-resistant too.

Key features:

  • The solid swivel joint of brass along with drag brake as well solid shaft ensures fluid flow without interruption.
  • It also features a four-leg frame that offers excellent stability.
  • You also get a special handle on the hose for a marvelous non-slip grip.

1. Milton 2780-50D – Steel Dual Arm Auto-Retractable Air Hose Reel

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This reel from Milton is truly the best one that you can get in the market today. It comes with a dual-arm along with a rugged steel frame. Thus, it can easily resist twisting and offer better kinks than any single-arm hose reel. Moreover, it provides you with keyhole mounting slots. Thus, it can easily be mounted on walls, ceilings, trucks, and benches.

So, complete convenience of usage is one of the few things that this product assures you with. With an enclosed spring drive and ball stop, it makes sure that you get completely automatic rewinding.

Key features:

  • Certainly, the EPDM rubber hose offers high flexibility and can work easily in extreme temperatures while offering abrasion and chemical resistance.
  • Besides, it can easily support the transfer of fluid at high pressure up to 300 PSI.

From garages to workshops, the swivel air hose reel will let you work with it freely. Choose the one that will ease up your job and do not limit yourself.

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