Best Waterproof Air Conditioner Covers Reviews

Summers can be beautiful and fragrant, an outdoor party on your lawn deck can make it more amusing. Garden parties are quite common in today’s world. Many households install outdoor air conditioning units to combat the heat that summer entails. But what about the units in winter? They remain unused and unkempt for almost half the year. Dust and leaves will accumulate on the machine if it is not regularly tended. Therefore, to keep in unharmed, you need to get air conditioner covers. These are designed with the sole purpose of protection against adversities that nature can bring upon.

For a clearer perception, it is important to study the products. Therefore, buy air conditioner covers online only after studying these thoroughly.

10. Classic Accessories Ravenna Square Air Conditioner Covers

Air Conditioner Covers

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Classic Accessories has a solution for you. Just cover it up with their brand new Ravenna Cover. The woven polyester fabric does not allow UV rays or water to pass. As a result, you can enjoy numerous summers with your loved ones without having to worry about the machinery and devices. The cover has straps on either side which keeps it latched on to the machine even in the windiest weather.

They are customizable and fit right onto the body of the air conditioner. Although the cover keeps the machine protected, it does not suffocate it. Vents on the sides allow air to pass and padded handles make installation easier.

Key Features:

  • The square cover measures around 30-inches x 34-inches that can accommodate big-sized machines.
  • On using the cord lock system, you can adjust the fit to suit your AC size.
  • The patented WindLock Secure attachment helps to keep the cover in place with the belted hem plus straps.

9. COSFLY Waterproof Fabric Air Conditioner Covers for Outside Units-Durable AC

COSFLY Waterproof Fabric Air Conditioner Covers

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This square air conditioner cover not only protects your air conditioner but looks dashing at the same time. The people at COSFLY do not want your lawn or garden to lose its glamour and beauty because of a dull cover. That is why the brand crafted this product with tones of nude, keeping in mind the layout of any deck or garden. Having a construction of 600D oxford polyester, the fabric is water-resistant and adds to the life of the cover. The product is characterized by structured vents which allow air to pass but do not let moisture settle inside.

Whether it’s the scorch of the sun or the hurly-burly of the sky, the COSFLY cover will remain intact and ready to face all obstacles. The cover has a slit on one side which allows the wiring and the tubing to pass easily. You do not have to go through the hassle of slicing open the cover by yourself.

Key Features:

  • A cord-lock drawstring gives you the liberty to tighten the cover as per your needs. Your AC will remain perfectly cozy in this cover.
  • Having the click-lock closure will smartly keep the slit locked in a position.
  • With the help of the padded handles, you will find it much easy to install and remove the cover.

8. KylinLucky Air Conditioner Cover for Outside Units – AC Covers

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The KylinLucky cover not only soothes your eyes but also the AC lying within. This is indeed a perfect companion for your outdoor AC. Next, this cover will protect the machine from forces of nature and keep away dust and dirt at all costs. The fabric is of Polyester oxford which prevents water from passing through. However, an added waterproofing undercoat helps the cover in being more powerful and sturdy against storms and rain.

Your outdoor unit will be in safe hands with this AC cover. However, the structured vents do not allow water to settle inside the cover while allowing air to pass. Lastly, the air conditioner cover’s padded handle helps to grab it easily and firmly.

Key Features:

  • The insides of the cover are cushioned which keeps the AC cozy.
  • The cover has a slot on the side that lets you pass the wiring and tubing through it. It has a buckle on one side that allows you to adjust the fit of the cover according to the size of the AC.
  • Comes with Velcro and drawstrings keeps the cover in place and AC clean.

7. Jeacent Central Air Conditioner Covers for Outside Units AC Covers

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The Jeacent Central waterproof air conditioner cover is a product that will never fail your expectations. This premium cover is ideal for protecting the outdoor machine from dust, dirt, or any other accumulation. Next, the fabric resists sunlight and water, thus minimizing any damage to the machine. As a matter of fact, polyester fabric which is woven in texture does the job perfectly.

Besides, the cover is lined with mesh material that keeps the air flowing but does not allow any moisture to build up inside. The black color of the product keeps it simple and chic while doing the job it was actually assigned for.

Key Features:

  • In fact, the cover prevents the metal body from rusting or corrosion.
  • Ahem, cord and Velcro attachment allows the cover to stay put and fit the AC properly.
  • The straps on either side let you tighten the buckle and fix the cover onto the AC.

6. Sturdy Covers AC Defender – Window Air Conditioner Unit Cover

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Window-mounted Air Conditioners may seem to be problematic during the winter seasons. The unit that needs to be exposed to an outdoor area may not work properly due to dust accumulation and forces of nature. However, with the AC defender of Sturdy Covers, you can do away with problems like that. Crafted especially for window ACs, this cover does not allow cold wind from entering the house through the unit. It is of 600D high-quality polyester that protects the unit from snow, sun, rain.

So you can enjoy the lazy winters with your family without having to worry about the AC in your house. The product covers the unit on all sides. It does not leave open any part of the machine, thus keeping it safe from any sort of precipitation.

Key Features:

  • Two straps are present on the cover which you can buckle up to make sure that the unit is perfectly confined within.
  • Will keep away snow as well as rain from coming in close contact with the unit.
  • If you purchase this product you will get 3 years to guarantee on the cover. Although you will hardly need to see to it since the product is designed to provide 100% satisfaction.

5. Foozet Central Air Conditioner Covers for Outside Units

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An air conditioning unit for the outdoor can enhance your summer experience. But you need to maintain the unit which can otherwise malfunction. The Foozet Central AC Cover will allow you to take the burden off your shoulder. Has construction of the water-resistant polyester fabric, the cover will keep away all the dirt and debris brought in by the wind or storm. The product is sturdy and will maintain its color for a long time as it is fade-resistant.

Its mesh outlet allows ventilation but does not let moisture settle inside. Hence rusting is prevented. Even during cold winter months the cover will remain intact and protect the unit perfectly.

Key Features:

  • The fade-proof air conditioner cover not only protects the machine from dirt but also keeps the air flowing.
  • With the help of the hem-cord and Velcro attachments, you can tuck the unit perfectly inside.
  • The product is sturdy enough to protect the machine from falling icicles, branches, and leaves. It won’t tear at all.

4. Foozet Window Air Conditioner Cover Winter AC Unit Cover

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A window AC may seem to be protected from the inside of the house. However, from the outside, an enormous part of it remains exposed to harsh winter weather. If the exhaust is not cleaned properly then the entire unit can show fault and eventually malfunction. This product is perfect for houses in harsh weather conditions. The overall cover does not allow any part of the unit to remain exposed as it covers all sides. As a matter of fact, the fabric is water-resistant fabric. Therefore, it also keeps the unit protected from harmful UV Rays.

Above all, the buckle straps on the sides of the cover help you to fasten the cover tightly onto the unit.

Key Features:

  • The cover does not allow any cold draft to pass through and enter the house.
  • Any unit of 12,000 to 15,000 BTU can easily accommodate under it.
  • Once you keep the exhaust covered you will not have to keep changing the AC units.

3. iCOVER Outdoor Air Conditioner Covers

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The iCOVER AC cover is the one thing that your outdoor AC has been missing. Crafted entirely for such units, it will prevent any exposure to dust, dirt, or debris. The Oxford polyester fabric is water and UV-ray resistant. It also features a RIPSTOP material that keeps the cover from ripping or tearing. Moreover, the double stitching also helps in maintaining the cover’s durability and keeps it intact for a long time.

An elastic-hem cord provides you with the liberty to fit the cover according to the size of the AC. The unit does not have to match the size of the cover entirely.

Key Features:

  • A slit on the side of the cover allows the placement of the tube and wires to be proper.
  • Apart from giving a snug fit, the heavy-duty air conditioner cover has comfortable handles that you can grab for carrying.
  • Guess what, you get a 12 months warranty along with a 30-day money-back guarantee if this product doesn’t please you.

2. D Walk Heavy Duty Waterproof Durable Air Conditioner Covers

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The forces of nature will have met their match with the brand new AC cover from D_Walk. Firstly, the cover owes its strength to oxford polyester fabric. As a result, keeps the unit protected from unwanted water and harmful UV rays. The compressor will remain intact even in harsh winter weather. Plus, you will not have to keep changing the unit at all times.

The cover does not entirely suffocate the unit inside. However, the mesh lining allows air to pass and thus creates a space for the machine to breathe. Therefore, no moisture will be trapped inside.

Key Features:

  • The buckled straps and elastic cord lets you tighten the fit of the cover.
  • With a simple wipe of a damp cloth, you can clean it spotlessly.
  • A snug handle makes it easy for installing and removing the cover.

1. ZNCMRR Waterproof Winter Outdoor Air Conditioner Cover with Vent

ZNCMRR Waterproof Winter Outdoor Air Conditioner Covers with Vent

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A blessed companion for your Central AC and a dashing addition to your deck, this product will not fail to meet your expectations at any cost. With the 210D breathable fabric, the product is wind and water-resistant. Also due to its TPU coating, it does not wear or tear that easily. As a matter of fact, the mesh lining allows air to pass and the machine to breathe.

Finally, the sides of the cover have Velcro lining that you can attach for a complete fit. Also, the tubing and wiring can pass through these openings as well.

Key Features:

  • The hem cord along with buckle straps allows you to fit the cover perfectly onto the unit.
  • Its TPU coating keeps the scorch of the sun away from the AC.

Every machine has the risk of getting damaged when sitting ideal. So, to keep your air conditioner functional, cover it with an outdoor air conditioner cover. Thus, the unit will certainly remain harmless.

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